Contemplations for the Neoteric Warrior
Beyond the Obvious
The Ten Transcendent Challenges of the Neoteric Warrior:
1. He converses with the higher powers. He cultivates the voice within.
These powers number in seven. In some disciplines they are known as the
hierarchies of the air. The ancients "music of the spheres".

2. He has become dominant over his fears and afflictions through the power of his person.
Self study, introspection and self observance comes first. The power is built slowly.
Exercising the power is called the "Flexing of the Force". It resembles a flame over the head.

3. He disposes his own health and life. He can equally influence the lives and health of others.
His glance carrys weight. His actions command and can influence from afar.
He is practiced in the ancient methods of "eye-catching".

4. He can neither be surprised by misfortune nor overwhelmed by disaster;
nor vanquished by his enemies. A cosmic durability envelopes him. He glides.

5. He learns to reign with the higher powers and yet is served by the lower powers.
Balance in all things. The chariot, the charioteer and the horses all moving in accord.
He wins the race ....... his sleight is such that it does not exist. His luck never fails.

6. He perceives the reason of past, present and future. He flows in life, he disappears in death.
He fights the good fight in all regards.... if he fights at all. He is able to sense all things.

7. He holds the secrets of the invocation of the dead. He may command their
legion through the power of his bond. The spirit flame flickers dimly over his head.

8. To possess the secrets of wealth. To always be it's wise master and never it's slave.
     To know how to enjoy even poverty, to always be at peace and to never-ever fall into abjectness and wretchedness.

9. He must be capable of speaking learnedly on all subjects without preperation and without study.
To fully grasp the universal way is his life, his life is living universiality. Free of hinderances.

10. To understand the secrets of animals. The four legged, the winged, the crawlers and the swimmers.
He must know and be able to pronounce the words of the tru-man. He must know the words which charm the serpents.

Thus the Neoteric Warrior Prince goes forth. Higher ideals and loftier goals guide the gifted one through the tight passages of youth. From the boy-cocoon emerges the neo-man. The man of today, soundly seeded survivalist floating above the turmoil like a hawk catching an updraft.
As a warrior you have the gift to do anything. Why some remain doggedly on the field of blood
I will never know. Where one does not exist, they will create one. Worthless exhaustion of power. The martial arts, the tru-life experiences and all the rest are meant to build and conserve power. Not expend it. The true goal of all kung fu is wisdon, health, immortality. The warrior is meant to move on, he is not supposed to take up residency in the glow of eternal combat. He is meant to steal the glow from his warrior experiences and then apply it to other, higher aspirations. The healing of others, mind control, self betterment,
spiritual matters and thanatology. Seek out the voice within initially. Listen for it, counsel with it, trust it. It is a beginning and all things begin someplace. All of the "true" sciences are somewhat remote from one another at times. They cannot be extended without bringing them nearer to one another.
Forming points of contact between them is crucial.
Here is the formula:

        To Know---To Will---To Dare---To Keep Silent

FIRST: Knowledge of the ways and means to accomplish must be won.
SECOND: The intention to perform & the willingness to foreswear.
THIRD: Courage..In defiance of all objection, to execute your plans.
FOURTH: Silence... A cardinal principle. Common amongst all secret teachings.

"Man is what he lives in his daily thoughts"

Observe, analyze and feel only when something is to be learned which will be of interest to the self or for the betterment of mankind. Thus is laid the cornerstone of many things.
The powers of observation are cultivated at first. The lessons learned from such a study then set the stage for the next level of awareness. This level is the phase known as blending. A valuable skill is being formed. Soon an adept warrior will be able to judge the character and capacity of all they encounter. But, in time, he will so blend with them as read their very thoughts. Even more so, be able to trace those same thoughts by means of mental reflection back to their source of ancient origins (cause point). This ability must be applied without condemnation or prejudice. Seeing too deeply into the hearts of men is as hazardous as not seeing things at all.
By being aware and through clever deliberations a warrior may "catch the eye" of a passerby. Thoughts can be passed by such encounters. Like the act of yawning can be passed along, so can other more subtle elements.
Fascination is one use of magnetic influence. Magnetism is act of the mind.
The eyes play into the picture as well. It is the developed will made into an act !

The bladesman who enters into the higher sciences of the sword takes on a sacred journey of surprising proportions. Before long he realizes he must lead a double life. He leads the life of other men. He behaves as other men do. But, he leads a secret life known as the concious spirit. Which through his efforts is always being developed. The concious spirit is the fruit of years of study & training. In todays world I have observed that man is unknown to himself until he begins to conciously make an effort to discover the real self within himself (and that which links or allies him with the unseen agencies of the ethers.
After some duration of study a warrior begins to sense a power. That power is the other self coming forth. Some faiths call this the "double" or doppelganger. The warrior light will flicker over him. This is a life giving light. His usefulness to other creatures becomes ten-fold due to his higher abilities blending with his common traits. For the warrior this means the power to avoid conflicts. To see far into the coming days. The American Indians relate this power to Wambli, the eagle. He see's far, he's see's first. This is the power you create.


In the parlance of the secret teachings, it is commonly taught that there are four elements,
four principles, four manifestations and four expressions of life/death.
Those 4 Elements are:
Fire (Oxygen) -Water (Hydrogen)-Air (Nitrogen)-Earth (Carbon)
The 4 Principles are:
These principles are the cornerstones of life. They relate to the 4 points of the compass. In life & death encounters the spiritual-mental-physical strengths depend upon the divine, alone they are not enough..... Manifestation is the outer / physical. Expression is the inner / mental-spiritual.
The unique expression of the warriors soul is to the spheres, what the manifestation is to the plane of life. The soul is one form in all essences and manifestaions in all things. This is the secret of why respect is taught and stressed throughout your training. It is not for the seen, but for the unseen....

1. He converses with the higher powers. He cultivates the voice within.
These powers number in seven. In some disciplines they are known as the
hierarchies of the air. The ancients "music of the spheres"

Conversing with higher powers reflects the idea that once one becomes attuned and the silence within is developed you will automatically receive some form of guidance. Be it through omen, a sign of some type, a religious experience, a voice or an actual encounter with animal, man or elsewise. The trick is for you to be able to recognize that sign. Your perceptions must be right on the mark or it is all too easy to miss a sign, so much depends upon YOU.

The "Voice within" is spoken of quite a bit by Ashida Kim in his books on the dark art. The books are FAR more accurate than their detractors want you to believe.  The voce within is taught in yoga also, it is called a form of higher conciousness. The voice never lies. So, when it speaks inside of you, never disobey. Even if by following it you are lead astray from the path that you thought you were on. This is an ability to work on, allowing the voice inside to speak by stopping your internal dialogue. Hermitage/fasting/sweatlodge helps in this pursuit. The "voice" is different from those others squeakings and mumbles the inner self produces. The true voice never partakes of things negative. When developed it becomes a friend and counsel like no other.

The seven powers have relationship to the seven chakras of the body. The chakras must be aligned & functional (no big deal) to get the higher teachings. Like tuning your radio or scanner to a specific frequency in order to filter out the noise and get the station you want. Certain exercises, breathing patterns, rituals and positions of the body help to align those chakras. Again, this is done automatically if you are doing the correct things too ! (IE: Eating properly, specific rituals or exercises, visitation to places of power--known as the "hunting of power"...questing, etc.) These all begin with physical things that require time, money, planning and more for their correct execution = beneficial effect. These elements when successfully played are a form of sacrifice. If you don't get it now, you will once you've done it a few times. Seven are their number, like a family or race of creatures... seven is their lineage. Like Djinn, like ally, like faery or fiend, they've always existed. One can either be at peace with their neighbors or at war. The lonely places will tell you what I cannot. Use the high ground, protected-sheltered... avoid the wadi's, low spots, depressions and low energy spots.  

The spheres are known now to modern science. What the ancients knew, we had forgotten. The Amerind know of these "flyers" or spheres. I have pictures of them as do thousands of other people. Indeed they are here. Indeed they have work here to do as part of their duties to their fulfillment. You must offer to help, work with these spheres, then they in return will grant you not a wish, but a "gift" of some sorts. Probably a gift beyond your ability to undestand it or use it. This happens all too often, the gift-elixer of knowledge is shared by the spheres, it is poured out in fine form, but the recieving vessel is unfit-unready. Thus, cannot contain the gift. Nothing changes. Power is freely given, capturing it, being worthy of it, ahhh... there is the crux of this equation. The music of the spheres is the direct, almost maddening communication with them.
Not something to toy with, these units which the old ones exist as are serious about their needs. No novelty, real-raw power. It can in all truth, flat out kill you, destroy you. Do not seek a pact with these bargainers of the aethers lest ye plan on keeping it. They will forever be your ally if you forever be theirs, but act the fool, or not keep your part of the deal, then will visit upon you the hardest of days. The ancient irish knew of the Sidhe (Sheee) and their ways. They too took great care to please and be-friend them. The spheres will do your bidding, they can assist from from afar. When I fly, two spheres always accompany me. They protect, they relay data, they keep me one step ahead of the game. The spheres are the instantaneous global communication of the ancient wizards. they are the reason that a thought can travel all around the world at the same the same idea to thousands who are in tune.
2. He has become dominant over his fears and afflictions through the power of his person.
Self study, introspection and self observance comes first. The power is built slowly.
Exercising the power is called the "Flexing of the Force". It resembles a flame over the head.

He has become dominant over his fears and afflictions through the power of his person. This refers to a healthy, clear thinking person who is capable of some astounding things when they are on the mark. If they are motivated and truly want to succeed in their quest, they can do it via will power. I don't usually speak of this one too much. Mainly because this level is something that most are already aware of. It involves the basics of what your betters have always told you. The flexing of the force occurs on all levels of existence... the force is not apart from life, it is rather a part of life. It occurs through your voice, through your thoughts, through your actions, through your writings (in my case), through your zest for life. Flexing the force comes through confidence in the self.

In most all religious paintings, whether Christian or pagan, the subject will have some type of halo, flame or haze over the head. A spirit flame, even in Kenpo the symbol of the three flames has meaning. The Irish "fire in the head" also has relativity here. To learn to see this flashing, auric display you can employ the sign which so many have already in their matrix. That is the sign (kuji-In) over time and space. The triangle, yoga, Kenpo, Taoism, Sufism....all use the same mudra. Yes, it is about time and space, but it is also a means of creating a "portal". (Duh... how else to create a union with time-space?.... And even more reason for you to grasp the essence of sacred geometry thru your studies.)

Lie quietly, be in a semi-dark environment, be at peace. To see your aura: Form the triangle with your hands. Look into the center, the area around the fingers (forming a triangle). You should see a faint haze-glow inside the triangle formed (a hazy triangle). Keep your eyes semi-closed, breathe regularly, if you lose visual focus---don't worry, allow it, it'll probably work. Give it time, if things don't pop out immediately, it's ok. Keep at it, be patient w/ yourself. It will happen and it is a start. Next, attempt to see the aura of others.
Practice turning the flame on and off, see who and what notices your invisible light show. Be observant.
Listen to the voice within....
3. He disposes his own health and life. He can equally influence the lives and health of others.
His glance carrys weight. His actions command and can influence from afar.
He is practiced in the ancient methods of "eye-catching".

Some heavy things are said in the short passage. The Aikido master Uyeshiba said something similar about health & life in general. It is known that throughout the ages many of the best warriors were also healers.
They had the ability to make those about them "feel better" somehow. On the flip side, when angered or threatened the warrior in command of this power can make those around him deathly ill. Voice is a key augmentator to this level of personal power. Having the large muscle groups of the body in good shape is important. (those muscles are the power generation units--they create a field of influence)  Knowing their combinations of use (application-what muscles to flex in what order etc.) and their effects is key in the influencing of others from afar. Allys.. spheres can aid in this if they are in league with the warriors energies.

The catching of the eyes is nothing too new to most. Hypno-experts have long used the eyes as the gateway to control another. Flirting is an act of the eyes. To commit a willfull act of the warrior via the glance is rare today. Skeptics will raise their eyebrows and mutter words like fraud and fake. But, the same energies and abilities are used daily for flirting. Around the office, over the net, w/ your better half and even over the phone. Who as an adult has not experienced that tug of power when someone good at flirting "catches your eye"? Yet, the same skeptics will be nodding their heads that yes, thats true, I've felt that feeling. Oh yes my friends, the "catching of the eyes" is not new. But using it, employing it for more than quibble quabble and novelty, ahh, there lies the job of the neoteric warrior.

Take off the soft shell of flirtatious behavior and see it for what it truly is. Now, saddle the same energy with the harder shell of the warrior. Clothe it in deeds-goals of a more serious nature. Experiment some, how else can ye discover your path? can you catch an eye and make someone give you money  or a job ?
Using your eye catching skill can you link it with a sign and the breath to create a triad of power to control another from afar. Can you distract them, entice them or frighten them without overtly being bizarre ? If so,  
you are probably tracking on this. So, use the eyes like a weapon, be specific, shoot the eye catching flickers of light at their target when you wish, where you wish and for the effect you wish to create. Then shoot.
(HINT: I have always admonished you to study "magic eye" books. This skill, while not directly linked to eye catching is an excellent means to refine the abilities of the existing visual processes. There are at least three different ways to see beyond the way we are all taught. Magic eye books help get command over the pereceptual abilities and the visual abilities. The "eye catching" will come easier after some play w/ magic eye).
4. He can neither be surprised by misfortune nor overwhelmed by disaster;
nor vanquished by his enemies. A cosmic durability envelopes him. He glides.

Chuang Tsu spoke of the man who flows through life and death in one graceful, unimpeded arc of existence. The hands of zen depict "no mountains, no valleys"..... a middle path of understanding and tolerance. And so the Bible speaks in it's "moderation in all things" caveat. No extremes to either side. Balance is key once again. Prudent behavior, common sense and lack of ego go far in staying grounded. While one seeks self betterment and communion with higher sources, one must also remain well grounded in abilities directly related to this existence. Jobs, food, shelter and all the other things which come with life on a class III planet like Earth. Thats why we know the path of steel, we have befriended the edge and point and the power of fire as weapons. ITCB: I take care of business ! Thats the call ! Just remember: "All combat (and some survival) is a game of one upmanship, never be in a position of playing catch up". There it is, simple.

Plan your work and then work your plan. Be trained or be chained ! When in doubt, whup about !

When we speak of "cosmic durability" it is merely a slang term for whats properly called "self-dedication".
A focused attention on the goal. Such levels of dedication are often seen in martial artists, religious zealots, movie stars and career military folks. There are many degrees of intensity to this phase.... continuity is primary. Gliding is something others perceive about the Neo-warrior. He who is upon the path is unable to stop gliding. It is something that just happens. In cases of life and death, it can work for you or ag'in you.
It's the nail which sticks up that gets hammered down.

5. He learns to reign with the higher powers and yet is served by the lower powers.
Balance in all things. The chariot, the charioteer and the horses all moving in accord.
He wins the race ....... his sleight is such that it does not exist. His luck never fails.


Here we are taught about the Neo-man taking care of the life-maintence duties. Keeping a balance by seriously understanding what higher and lower powers means. You may be the grand poobah of your world. Converse with ascended masters or whatever...... But as the Great Karate Master Peter Urban has said "Ya still have to do your own dishes". There are many higher & lower rulers.... many ! It's having them in accord thats important, it's having them in control, even while they are controlling you in some cases---- You are being served by their very controlling attentions, so the control is somewhat symbiotic.

The anaolgy of the chariot-horse-charioteer is accurate. All things in any situation must act in accord and with timing to be brought to fruition. Keeping all of the elements in order, in control etc... is not the act of a madman-control freak. It is the act of a conductor leading a symphony. A gentle guidance of a vast array of elements, that when combined, make for the completion of a life work or life-dream. He wins the race, indeed. The devil is in the details. Rats head / Ox's neck........ & Ox's neck / rats head. Yes, thats from the
Go-Rin-No-Sho. Look at the big stuff as if it were incidental-minor. Look at the little things as if they were bigtime ! See to them ! Be the band leader-conduct your life-move smoothly-glide forward.

His sleight is such that it does not exist: In most cases, when a move is made it is seen by many eyes. Whether the move be financial, physical, celluloid or whatever...... the action is always seen and discussed. Hell, the National Enquirer has made a good living off that truism ! But, once in awhile someone appears and when that person "moves", it is not seen, nor perceived until after the deed is done. Like good magic, good killing, proper Kung Fu, real warfare and Bowie Knife work....  Let'em feel it before they ever see it or know it's coming. Some arts are based upon attack, others are based upon defense. Defense rarely works.
Attack is a fact of life, while publically in denial of attack-aggression, most politics, business etc are based on ATTACK. Can you do any different in life (we are outside the parameters of martial arts here and are looking at life in general.) Silence is one of your key traits.... it adds to the sleight immensly !
With such attention to detail, with such a grasp of the correct principles, with sleight leading the way  as a shield of sorts (Don Juan said the first step to leading the warrior life was to erase all personal history.
Obscure it, disinformation--lie ! ) Indeed, his luck never fails him.
6. He perceives the reason of past, present and future. He flows in life, he disappears in death.
He fights the good fight in all regards.... if he fights at all. He is able to sense all things.

There is a season for all things. The reason of the past, present & future involve unique timings, alternate time lines and a grasp of things political, social, regional, personal, financial, lives, past lives, deaths, past deaths, truths, lies and much, much more.........   So, what means to "perceive the reasons of the past" ?
It is this: Growth, constant foward movement. Where you were in relativity to where you are....compared to where you desire to be. These tell us, we must have a plan. We cannot lead our lives as if we were leaves being blown about by every wind that comes along. This is known as being a child of circumstance. Was it not Chuang Tsu who said "I lived life for fifty years, only to know the mistakes of forty nine" (Or something as such).

Flowing in life and disappearing in death.......... ahhh, delicate things both ......... to flow, to glide thru life w/ little impediment. ZEN / No mountains and no valleys........ keep an even keel matey cried Cap'n JAK ! Model the "grey men" of the intelligence community. They can go any place, pull off amazing coups... and never ever be seen or remembered. They will know everything and yet, never act as though they had anything more on their brain than the weather. Flowing and disappearing is their art, in every facet of life. None better than those of the Special Air Service. God bless ye lads ! Don Juan Matus also spoke of blending in, assuming a watch on a public park bench... watching, gazing, disappearing while being present .........

He fights the good fight: Doing the right thing is an art too. Determining just what is the "good fight" is part of every independent warriors duties. Freebooters all, no rules save these:
Fighting the good fight requires terse, discretionary judgement (a good eye too). The good fight is fought via the proper perspective.. even if it means not fighting at all ! It is those who decide upon the incorrect course of action-thought-response that create the problems for many. Thats why we say "Be trained or be Chained".... assure your future, assure your survival by growing beyond your present shell of awareness. (It's also why this Neoteric stuff even exists, why I put it forth online, I am assuring my own forward motion, as well as yours !
I am doing my part to help others) Empty your cup.... it's the only chance you have. The Neoteric warrior path can obliterate you, your family and holdings.... It has to be fully understood at it;s highest level for it to be of any value whatsoever !  Physical training is crucial, but so are the inner teachings. Where the obvious physical-technical-neo~cromagnon shit stops is exactly where the higher sciences / studies begin. Do You savvy my words mi amigos ? Do you eh ? You think so ? Then study more until you are sure !
Human System Requirements:

* An open mind / empty cup
* Some type of dedicated pursuit or hobby
* Knowing yourelf / Critical-detailed data of self knowledge
* Areas: Physical sensing  / Psychic sensing / Intellectual sensing / Shit-filter sensing

(Understand, I apply todays terms to yesterdays teachings... Please forgive me my crude tongue, such transgressions are needed so a greater number of souls can benefit from the word. Case in point my use of the term:  Shit Filters ... ha ha ha ! This in the classical texts is called knowing about the world which is real versus the world of "Maya". Otherwise known as the world of illusion. Knowing the dfference between that which is real and that which is Maya is part of the great work you are taking part in. Tell me O' Neoteric warrior--scholars... Does it not feel good to be joined in the study of the great works ? These paths of power were began thousands of centuries ago by people just like you. They are water to the thirsty man. Indeed these words will help the widows son if that son be so deserving. One last secret for you, I lie to thee naught.... Tru-Growth for a Neoteric warrior/scholar/priest is a dimensional experience / phenomenon)


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Once the Imam is realized, the levels of Law and Path fall away naturally like split husks.
                        Knowledge of inner meaning frees one from adherence to outer form:
The ultimate victory of the esoteric over the exoteric.
O nobly-born, these realms are not come from somewhere outside [thyself]. They come from within
                        the four divisions of thy heart, which, including its center, make the five directions. They issue from within there, and shine upon thee. The deities, too, are not come from somewhere else: they exist
                        from eternity within the faculties of thine own intellect."

There are many essentially brave and courageous people, but in our present society they are taught
                        to fear, to doubt, to be cowardly. They have no means to become truly courageous.
Much has to be unlearned.

                        The sword, like the sculptor's knife, like the words that come out of our mouth,
shapes the future to come. We need to form society from our soul and spirit, not from our cleverness and evidence. A healthy honourable society will not make sense, and will not be predictable. It will make experts
                        cringe. It will be, for the self-reliant, a joyous, mysterious and abundant adventure.
Perhaps the great Musashi gave the most revealing insight for action. Just the day before he died,
                        Musashi wrote for his pupils a guide for this adventure. The first instruction was,
"Do nothing that will oppose your Splendid Future." The best known exponent of ritual magic, Aleister Crowley, defined magic as "the Science and Art of causing Change to occur in conformity with Will."

Dion Fortune revised this definition to that of "causing changes in consciousness at will." The object of all magic, according to Crowley, is "the uniting of the Microcosm with the Macrocosm." Stated another way, "the Great Work is the raising of the whole man in perfect balance to the power of Infinity