About The Tai Chi Chuan Seminars:

All levels of interest are welcome. Please feel at ease and join us in a relaxed, informal setting. Casual wear is advised. While this is serious study of the art there is nothing preventing us from having a bit of fun also. You can enjoy the training & share knowledge in a positive environment. 

As we know there are many, many versions of "Tai Chi". There are the big five styles. Sun, Chen, Yang, Hu & Wu. Plus there are many unique family systems of Tai Chi Chuan. There is also little know esoteric sub-systems of Tai Chi Chuan that defy description. This makes the teaching and understanding of this martial art a real challenge at times. Some of you know what I mean.

To get around this issue we shall focus our attention upon the original 13 postures. All styles of Tai Chi Chuan incorporate the original thirteen postures at some point in their curriculum's (and in their forms). The 13 postures are the common ground which we can all agree upon. They existed before Tai Chi Chuan even had styles. Putting aside the worn out idea of "styles" also alleviates confusion and separatism which so often plague the study of Tai Chi Chuan. We can all learn better and faster through unity. All things are one.

There is no agenda, there are no constraints. We will work at a comfortable pace to insure everyone learns and comes away with a sense of accomplishment. If you have a question, then please ask it. We shall flow into the art and go where it takes us. Mind, body and spirit in motion. Below are some rough ideas and thoughts about the direction which our training might take us. Everything is flexible, including our agenda and goals.

Tai Chi Series / A Duo of Qi

October 9th and 10th.
Understanding Tai Chi long boxing concepts and body lever applications is a start. Then the magical "exchange of hands" & secrets of timing & touch will be discussed (and shown). This phase of skill building is ever so much fun! We will flow freely using the common ground we all share to explore the ancient teachings of Tai Chi Chuan. "Jing" energy will be closely inspected. Ways to train in Jing will be shown. You are going to enjoy this if you enjoy Tai Chi Chuan. Open mind, good heart and good attitude / nothing can stop us.

November 13th and 14th.
We might be able to discuss and practice "Raising the Shen" in this seminar. One of Tai Chi's important facets is raising the spirit (shen). Plus learn abut sticking energy and why Tai Chi players value it so much.  One and two hand versions of the art will be shown. But like always we value free form teaching and it will still be the way we all can advance as one. We allow the training and the art to guide us to the place we each need to be in life. All levels are welcome. Join us! I want to meet you.

These 2 Tai Chi Chuan events (above) will be four hours long each day. For each of the  events I shall require a total of $120.00 per person for both days. That's sixty dollars per day. I need to limit group size so Preregistration is REQUIRED. You cannot just show up, I need to know before the event whether you are coming or not. I require no money down, we can hold a place for you if we know you are coming. Payment in cash at the door is best please. Sweats, track suit, tennis shoes, loose clothing advised. Bring water and appropriate snacks. No kids, no pets, no smoking, no excuses - just learning & trainingQuestion? Call me 541-938-3451



NOTE: (Kali, Silat, JKD Training)
 All Stick, Knife, Sword, Bowie, Firearm Training will be done on a personal basis. Small groups and individuals may also inquire about private weapon training classes. You must ask for such training this year and then be cleared for such activities which involve the use of lethal force tools. Contact me - Let us discuss options!

 The political and social climate of 2021 have dictated this path as being the best choice for sharing the lethal force material that I can offer you. All weapons based training will be done in private settings.  No cameras, no visitors, just training! ASK me about this if interested - Otherwise I'll see you at the Tai Chi events.

Contacting me is easy - 541-938-3451 or comtech@bmi.net  
I am your Instructor James A. Keating 
Six Events are planned for 2021