This is a list of upcoming seminars for 2019!
All events listed cost one price: $200.00

Each event will be two days long / four hours in length each day. 
You may pay a small amount down ($25.00) to hold the spot 
and the rest of the amount paid at the door. All skill levels welcome! 18 and above! 
Thank you for your support and dedication.

March 16th - 17th 2019 
1. The Machete & Bowie Knife Combo!: How to use these tools in a fight and how to stop one from being used against you in a fight. Two of the most feared weapons together. Common to America's households more than a gun are the big knife and short sword known as a machete (or cutlass). In these violent times it pays to have a plan to survive surprise attacks. Learn to fight back and ultimately prevail. Man to man and multiple assailants training formats. Home defense training now! Plus a special session on Machete Fighting from "Lost Heads" - my 4 part DVD series!! Start your training year off right, call tonight!

April 13th & 14th 2019 
The Control, Lock & Submission Triad: Standing submissions along with masterful control tactics based upon 4 elite lockflows - not sport style, mainly for LEO's, Bouncers and Security. Talk, Lock & Make'em walk - 
Learn to control others without harming them (before they control you). This shall be a skill set that you'll use and refine for many years to come. Pick up on these no bullshit CQB modules now, anyone can attend. Must be 18 or older Men - Women. Liability reduction through skill!

May 18th & 19th 2019
Basic through Advanced Limb Immobilization's aka "Trapping": Trapping A to Z includes training in a wide range of subjects: Flexible weapons, empty hand, knife, single and double stick, single sword and Tomahawk! What an awesome array of weapons to practice with while mastering the limb trapping concepts of this unique art! All traps, all weapons - this is going to be fun!

June 8th & 9th 2019
The Healing Sword: In this training opportunity we will explore the healing and health benefits of using the Tai Chi Sword. This is meant to increase your sense of well being by learning the ancient roots of the Daoist sword schools. Not for fighting, but about getting in touch with the inner you and the world about us in general. Relaxing, 
non-threatening low impact training - a feel good safari of the sword.

September 21rst - 22nd 2019
The Path of Least Resistance: Effortless abilities abound, you must merely find them and learn them in order to benefit from the gifts they provide. This is the good stuff. I personally love this material. The skill sets are subtle and powerful. These are things every fighter should know. MMA, Kung fu, Karate or Ju-jitsu people will all gain insight and further skill. No matter your art, this material will make you a stronger, more deceptive fighter! Give it a chance - c,mon let's dance!

October 12th - 13th 2019
Hellbows and Drawpoint Combo: These two modules were meant to be together! Two of our most popular and most requested formats are finally one! This is a very dynamic tactical package! And it's also a great deal. I promise you that the material presented here will dramatically shift the combat equation in your favor! Originating from one movement base these abilities are now legendary in their respective areas! We go one step further now and bring these two weapons platforms together as one deadly, deceptive system! I'm already looking forwards to this one! 

November 2nd - 3rd 2019
Counter knife/ Riddle of Steel Combo!: Worse case scenario training! Empty handed against the knife! Before the winter comes to us. Before the enemy stalks you or your family. Let's get this last training seminar under our belts and go into winter and next year as confidently as possible. This is a most vital level of skill and knowledge to possess. Learn both the ways of the knife along with practical ways to deal with one when you are unarmed! You can learn, then teach-share this material with others. All LEO's get discount - attend at half price - Thank you for your service and bravery. I hope you make this one. Together we can make the world safe again. Be trained or be chained. 

The events listed above are 2 day seminars.

For a list of one day seminars please check here!

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Thank you!
If you intend to come to any of these seminars in 2019 here is some information that may be of some use to you.

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