All events listed cost one price: $200.00
(Except for the Wonder Box in early November which is $250.00)

New - SEASON PASSYou can come to any and all of these seminars for one price! If you are a passionate player of the martial way then this money saving special is for you. $1000.00 gets you access to all Comtech 2020 events. You save over $400.00!

Each event will be roughly four - five hours in length each day. 
You may pay a small amount down ($25.00) to hold a spot. 
The rest paid at the door. All skill levels welcome! 18 and above! 
Thank you for your support and dedication.

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If you intend to come to any of these seminars in 2020 here is some information that may be of some use to you.

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2020 / Scientia est Gladio
Next Up? MAY (be) 16-17 2020
The Knife Compendium: A Knife Fighters Toolbox
This a great mix of martial art knife fighting skills. All presented in one seminar. The variety of concepts and methods will be impressive. We shall cover many components of the knife fight game that are guaranteed to step-up your personal defensive skills w/ edged weapons. European styles, Filipino styles, Fencing based methods and more. Big knife and folders - all types of knives and their use will be covered in this event. Welcome friend! Let's go train -

JUNE​ 13-14 2020
A FREE SEMINAR - 2 days / At this event we shall be working on many marvelous martial things. If you have a tactical request or favorite training topic, then let's work on that. Define, refine and make it shine! Come meet new friends. Train in a safe progressive manner on just about anything you so desire. We shall draw from the twelve areas of kalibadman that can be found here. Bring your training gear. Let's cover some ground! PLUS: For $50.00 a third day of training in the theories of advanced hand skills shall be offered as an extra. If this interests you, plan on being there. This is your chance / will you take it?

SEPTEMBER 12-13 2020
The Sword and Dagger Seminar returns with a powerful new energy. Always a favorite, always rewarding! Sword and Dagger is one of the ultimate means of self development and true fighting skill. Espada y Daga / Largo, Medio y Corto / Todo! Why not join us? All you need is a short stick and a long stick. I kid you not, this stuff is a blast to practice. It's powerful effects are life changing and life saving. Special training bonus: A segment on Latigo y Daga. This is the "Whip and Dagger" fighting method done in the old Spanish way. 

OCTOBER 17-18 2020
Three Weapon Meet: Tomahawk, Bowie Knife and Gentleman's Cane. These three commonly found tools of the trade shall be on our tactical menu.  Each tool (weapon) speaks for itself. A long history lies behind each one. Bring your hawks, axes, canes, sword canes and Bowie's, live blades and trainers. let's see how they move. Sets, drills and two man exercises will lead the way to ability. This seminar will be diverse in scope, making it fun and fast paced combative entertainment. Bring your trade or sale items too - there may be someone interested in such stuff since this is the place for'em. This will be a tactical taste of something very different in a time when it's needed the most.

NOVEMBER 6-7-8 2020
The WONDER BOX returns: Three Days Only - $250.00
This is one of our favorite seminars due to the fact that it contains so much amazing material. Think I am kidding? I'm not! This event shall lock onto the use of the stick. As a weapon, as a developmental tool, as a enhancer for other arts and weapons. Is the Stick too humble for you? It ain't like that man! The stick is the trick - the place where skill comes from. The stick is the secret method behind the secret method if you get what I mean. Of course we will work on more than just stick, but it will remain a constant through out the 3 days. Make this one. I promise you will be happy you did! Stick is everything, just connect the dots bro -

(Knowledge is my Sword)