Since July 1rst of 2023 I have not had a training studio proper. In the interim I have had numerous inquiries asking if I am going to do any more events. The answer is a big YES! Scroll down. Lets talk a bit more! 
So I am contemplating an open end event. No limits or barriers - just training. On anything we wish to cover, an on-demand format. Whatever I have will be also yours. If you have something special you wish to train in or to sharpen up just say the word and If I have the ability we will go there. No tricks or stupidity, just good stuff for all. Together we'll flow through this journey like mighty martial rivers of knowledge and skill. This event will take place at the ranch (probably). 

You should bring Sticks, Training knives, Kerchief, outdoor shoes and clothes, a hat. This stuff will get us going in the general direction of the warrior-shaman.

I am looking at the dates now - Thinking that sometime in early October will be the best. We have had many great Riddle of Steel camps at this time of the year. Still nice enough to function outdoors, but yet void of the smoke, heat and headaches related to summer time. If this idea appeals to you on any level, then please let me know. CONTACT: (and I am on Facebook also - you can message me.) 

So, think of this loose gathering as a form of "martial shamanism". I am excited to see this happen. We will cover so much critical infra-structure of the warriors journey that notes should be made. Bring your gear, have no fear. Off to the mountains of Maajak we go. OK, thanx and blessings 2 YOU! 

Thinking that $200 per person is right. Limited to Seven (7) people. Two 5 hour days / training, talking, walking and hunting power. Anything can happen, anything will happen. Close out the 2023 seminar season w/ a epic journey of mind, body and spirit.