I Closed my old studio upstairs July 1rst 2023 and I Opened a New Studio in a better location on July 1rst 2023! Presto Change-o! It's a Beautiful place, in many ways it is the place I've needed for years. So happy to have this facility! I have a new name for my studio / it is "Lighthouse Martial Arts". Anyway, this new spot allows me to conduct fall seminar training as I usually do. My limit on these events will be ten (10) people. No more than that. (The new place is a bit smaller ya see. Nicer, but smaller). The seminar schedule and curriculum are listed below: Thank You! See you soon!

October: 14 /15/ $180
The Art of Trapping / Limb Immobilization's! The best from Red Boat Wing Chun, JKD, Kali and the Six Hands Method. Will you conquer the world with this stuff? I doubt it! But you will be amazed at the abilities and knowledge you'll come away with! Do it now, learn to trap and watch your skills grow! This is a learning thing, not a competition thing. 

Bring your good guy hats and act like professionals. It's time! Lets learn how to Trap limbs together in October! Like minds together!

November: 11/12 / $150.00
The use of the Defensive Blade / The Why, The When, The How and the WTF? If you decide the blade is for you then these elements will be a part of your path. To construct a rock solid - defensible skill it will take some practice. We will address the small and the large blades. Learn the tactics that create victory in the street, in the courts and in the hearts and minds of the public. Win / win / win! The triad of victory. Ability, jeopardy, opportunity and sometimes presumption (court room poker). If you carry a "backup blade" or any knife for EDC or edged "tool" then please make this'un cousin! Ok, Let's Talk soon Huh - Bring yer trainers -
Fall 2023
"A Guiding Light" 
Lighthouse Martial Arts