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All 2024 Events will be a Pay at the door only ~ Private classes before or after events are still available. Inquire to me directly if interested - 

Studio Location is the OLD Oregon Employment Office: Look here for details of our Location >


August 10-11, 2024 (Cost: $100.00) / Sword and Dagger / The why, how and what of this magnificent method of development and protection. All levels and ages. No background needed. Lets have fun with this one. Appreciate the genius of the past Masters who created this material. Sword and Dagger are foundation skills for other methods to be based upon. I hope you can make this one and join your thoughts with mine to create an environment of ability to get to that next level you seek. A long stick and a short stick will suffice. 26 inch long and 16 inch short. Or close... This stuff is so cool. Join us and have fun, learn a ton!

September 21-22, 2024 Cost: $150.00: FOOTWORK Spectacular! Two full days of exquisite FootworkThe secret behind so many styles of martial arts is Footwork! It is the start and it is the end. This in-depth, immersive duo of days is going to be a stunner! Cool, fun, challenging and growth oriented, this is the Comtech Footwork paradigm. Learn this material while you can! Be proactive! Do what you can, learn this stuff now! Have the knowledge and skills for the future. Refine as needed. Make this footwork package YOURS! Bring sticks and gear, we will cover footwork from many sources. Prepare to dance and flow.

October 18-19-20, 2024 Cost: $200.0 / Open Super Session Event! Any and all things in the Comtech Curriculum will be reviewed, considered, trained inshared and given unto you. This will be so fun, and so valuable. I'll try to bring it all under one roof, a massive dump of whatever you might enjoy or wish to master. I am ready to help you accomplish your goals. This quest is an amazing journey, you will remember this event I promise you. It will stand the test of time. This is a final chapter that many of you will not want to miss. Enroll now, gather your self and let us flow together! Time waits for no one. Especially us! I will include a big chunk of whip work also, for those interested. Bring dat whip ok? Lets have fun! One last item, a bonus segment on point shooting. To do this part, you will need a cheap little laser pointer. Buy one now homie! See ya there, lets flow and have fun, therein growth happens and we attain the next level of skill and destiny we seek!

November: 16-17, 2024 (Cost: $100.00) Six Hands Method Review. Tai Chi Extreme. Rounding out the 24 season we come to our last event. Try to make this event before Bidens Fury, winters hurry and holiday scurry take away our chances! Ha Ha / We will flow with what life sends our way!  / Things we shall cover: Rarely taught six hand Principles", the quietness of activity, compression of time, illusion and the senses. Breath control, meditative states (trance) and kuji-in methods that give you the upper hand, plus a lot more. Ok, call me if you need more explanation. In short / I'll just SEE YA THERE!

Ask me about more discounts on training and if private classes are desired then lets talk about that too!