One Day Training Events 2019
One Shot / One Thrill
All 2018 One Day Events are $80.00
APRIL 20th
Learn the methods of using a small folding knife for personal defense. It's one of the easiest and most commonly found items you can employ in a time of life & death crisis. The small folder is with many of us more than a pistol or bowie knife. By combining sophisticated hand and upper body skills along with the attributes of the small knife it allows us access to the authoritative application of the small knife in lethal force encounters. In just one day you can learn to turn the tides of fate to your favor! Serious, simple self defense for those individuals who think "Wolf" instead of thinking "Sheep"! 
Join the pack and jump start your inner predator!

MAY 25th
The Comtech Spear / King of Weapons!
This one day spear blowout will leave you feeling like a battle wise warrior! A workout you'll remember! This is the best of long weapon training. FYI: You'll need a spear. It's up to you to figure this out. Supply your own training weapon. Learn more here and remember space is limited - nothing longer than seven feet OAL! The spear for modern times is different from a battlefield spear. Come prepared - leave in high spear-its!

JUNE 22nd
"Naked Kill" 
Desperate Times call for Desperate Measures! 
Looking deeply into alternative means of personal protection is our goal.
 Being able to employ everyday items as weapons of self defense. Having the where for all to remain calm and survive. Tapping into intuitive concepts during times of immense stress is the goal and the gift! Learning to think, act and pull it off. Weapons all around us, fashioning weapons from scratch, classic non-traditional weapons and weapons found in nature. 
Knowledge is power / come share the wealth! 

Over the years many have asked about Saber. My instinct was always for knives, but many know I studied Saber long ago. They wish to see if I know shit about this venerable weapon. Understood and accepted. I may be too old for competition, but my basics of the Saber craft are still solid. This will be an entertaining, (but brief) look at the sword side of Comtech. You'll need a training Saber of course - and a 3 game mask and a protective glove. 
Savor the Saber our Sword and our Saviour!

Training sabers can be found here and here

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