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Below is the "Rock Garden". Encircled are two engraved stones and a pincer/crab-claw like object. The engraved stones appear to have a similar object that looks like the Eygptian artifact on the right side / lower. The pincer-like design is seen in both engravings. Cross bars of some kind are evident too. From another angle the cross carving in stone can easily become a tibetan swastika. The entire area is littered with fascinating debris. Scroll down to see more !  Two pages of UMS await your exploration ! Thanx for visiting !
Part of a statue ?
Fossil ?
Two Engravings
Closeup of the Engraved stones. Notice their close resemblence to the Eygptian artifact .
What else can you see in this pic. Click the picture to go the original source. It's much larger than this. This was "TWIN PEAKS" You can download the picture from the source, full size by clicking right/mouse.
StarJim has some really cool things to look at from both MARS and the MOON. An excellent place to begin a super surf of Martian anomalies !
ANOMALIE HUNTERS PAGE. Friends discussing MARS, sharing discoveries and intelligent theories.
BULLIT: Bullitspage is full of curious things. Part of the webring and always looking. Bullit helped me as I was getting into the study of MARS.
eWARRIOR: Insights/Cydonia !
Always something slick about MARS and the "Face on MARS". Surf on...
The MARS SOCIETY: Goals similar to "UNDER MARTIAN SKIES" (UMS) (tm). That is to prepare now for the journey to MARS ! "COLONIZE NOW "!
Holger Isenberg's page. A neat resource and some advanced thinking regarding MARS. A class act other experts look to for guidance.
Dowsing Mars:
These are interesting times. You have the all of luxury of Kings and Queens at your finger tips. You can travel upon a magic carpet of technology to points distant and unknown. This magic carpet doubles also as a time machine. It is capable of going forward or backward in time with astonishing speed. Recently the Computer has taken many curious explorers to the mysterious red planet: MARS. Some people go to MARS just "take a look", others are more specific in their quest,..they go to see the face at Cydonia for themselves ! The interest in that particular Martian anomalie has run deep and wide through the American conciousness for many years now. This is largely due to news of it being spread by web pages on the internet and the work of Richard Hoagland. I do believe that as Malin (MSSS) and NASA release more pictures we'll see even more evidence of a past civilization on MARS. Exploring the red planet is truly fun, be as scientific as you want or as wildly imaginative as you wish ! C'mon go for it, you'll have fun !               James Keating

More Captures from MARS
<..............Vas Ist ?
Here is an odd object. Trough-like and sitting next to a square foundation (on the right of the trough). The clouds have obscured most of the structures. This is a future target for my RV work.
Ongoing Research Subjects:
Two uprights....>
RccD ?
Who could have built this message in stones ? What desperate, last survivor of some event gone terribly wrong tried to get the attention of someone from above ? What does it mean ?
This was a base or some type of compound. More on this as results flow in from Remote veiwing & study. There are definite time and spatial anomalies associated with this Martian oddity.
More about Mars:

   The diameter of Mars is 4,217 miles, half the size of Earth but twice the
   size of the moon
   Mars is about 10 light minutes from Earth, so it takes 10 minutes radio
   signals to travel one way
   Mars is 1.5 Astronomical Units (1 AU=93,000,000 miles) from the sun
   A Martian year is 687 Earth days, or 670 Martian days
  A Martian day is 24 hours, 37 minutes
   Mars gravity is about 3/8 that of Earth
   The poles of Mars are tilted 25 degrees to the solar plane, giving it
   Olympus Mons is 52,000 feet high and 370 miles wide, about the size of
   Valles Marineris is 2,500 miles long, and on the average 6 miles deep,
   and 12 miles wide.
   Mars has two tiny moons, Phobos and Deimos. Phobos (fear) and
   Deimos (terror) were the sons of the greek god of war Ares (Mars in the
   Roman mythology)

Ruby2zDays: A fantastic site for many things including some excellent Martian studies. Go and enjoy the surf.
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