Midnight Soldiers
The Ninja, Spy, the super-man
The stealth, the lie, the unseen hand
Techniques quite rare, their secrets hidden
To penetrate the lair and places forbidden.

Cross Step walking in uniforms dark
Creeping, stalking over landscapes stark
Your art means all - a martial way
Your enemies fall - in death they lay.

Jump in the air - kick his face
Alight on the ground with a leopards grace
Curling, spinning, never stop
Fight on and on until they drop.

Enemies weak, with weapons strong
Knowledge absent, technique all wrong.
Fight on steady, your victory is there,
Floating, ready - in the Dragon's lair.

Attack, retreat - strike and block
Be like willow, be like rock ...
Know yourself without a doubt, 
To control your ki, send it out.

A Midnight moon is high above
Time for men with cloak & glove
The Shinobi know which way to go...
When the sky is dark and the foe is slow.

A Lucky star - astrologers say
Guides our path - A warriors way 
As a tale of old, the myths unfold
Just leave the pain and take the gold !
The Nightbirds song has an erie tone.
On silent wings, it flies alone .....
JAK - 3 / 07
Thanx Harald S. !