Easy, Effortless Power can be found. There is a method. There is a way based upon skill and daring. It works like a charm! It is not a secret method. What it is might be termed as a level of tactical sciences which is often neglected by fighters today. Not because it isn't practical, but due to it being relatively unknown! This effortless method surprises some people. That's Good! 
Reduce liability and limit the damage that is done by you and to you! 
I can promise you that if you are seeking defensive skills and want a form of self protection that has universal effectiveness then look no further. Please give this method a chance and allow the knowledge gained to guide! From low intensity combat to high intensity combat this material has a place in your go to arsenal of tricks, tactics and survival skills!
Re-design your thinking: This stuff works with or without weapons well!
It doesn't matter if you are large or small. Older or younger. Training or no training experience - this material works as promised! Once acquired you never lose this ability. Minimum practice for maximum effect! Add this material to your existing system that you already practice and know. It will assist you immensely! Have doubts? Then just attend, come for free and see for yourself. "Test me" & the material I am offering and judge the results you discover for yourself! Only one time this year, make time & come!
You can rest easy, you can train easy, you can win easy - yes!
Use your Intelligence! Think smart and act smart! Move swiftly, get the job done like a pro! Minimum effort and the results will make you smile! Yours for the taking!
Unless you have a better plan then try this method out for thirty days. If you are not fully satisfied with the results I promise I'll give you a swift kick in the pants and call you a dirty name! But I won't have to, because this shit works! Science to the rescue once again. 
Don't make me come get you out of your little hooch. Just roll in and let's rock out!
I see no impediments for you here. The system (if any) you currently employ will only be enhanced by this material. Nothing will change to lessen who and what you are; but there will be plenty to gain. A dynamic boost of abilities that will be too obvious for anyone to deny. Skillful & willful shall be thy game. And "how'd you do that" shall be thy name. Tactical magic, sleight of hands, scientific leverage & foolproof deceptions ala carte! Mind you these encompass the "Five Ways of Attack" as taught in classic JKD.
Yes, enough "jibber~jabber". Now time to think, then plan & then create. This leads to "experience" (the most beneficial of teachers). Experience leads one to familiarity and specific knowledge. This aggregate of ability is then loosely applied in the chosen field (dojo, tourney, street fight, etc)
It's ok to call: 541-938-3451 Learn more, ask questions
Email might work for you best: comtech@bmi.net
I look forward to meeting you and sharing this data!