The "What If" of a Holy War: 
Understanding Djinn Warfare Tactics & Traits
                                                                         By James A. Keating 
Here we are on the brink of every new tomorrow. The road getting to here is just as long as the road getting out of here. Nomadic children of change in a world turned strange is what we have become. And many of us have become lost on this journey to salvation and sanity. In some cases the attempt to dodge the madness has lead straight into being trapped by the madness. Nothing seems to make sense anymore. There is no more "Modus Operandi". Replaced now by pointlessly evil acts. No gain in such deeds, just destruction and death on all sides. 

The physical side of any conflict can be understood and even dealt with given that you are of the mind to do so. But in this case, we are fighting an enemy as ancient as the Sphinx itself. Once confined to certain areas of the planet this "enemy" has now gained a foothold in every continent and city. Now there is no hiding from it. We are locked into an inescapable matrix of madness. Either you resist and fight this tide or it shall wash over you and make you one with the madness - 

​In this way, the Djinn are invisible. So if they are invisible, how do we know they exist? Many things exist that our eyes do not see, but their effects are perceptible, such as the air and electrical current. The word Jinn (Djinn) is an Arabic word meaning “to hide” or “hidden”.

The Jinn are hidden from our sight and are considered to be spiritual beings. The Jinn are mentioned mainly in Islam but also have some links to Christianity, regarding Prophet Solomon. Jinnī (Genie), is the singular form of Jinn. According to a translation of the Quran by Mufti Taqi Usmani, the father of the Jinn is called Jānn, just as the father of mankind is Adam. Jann was said to be created from a substance that was as blazing as fire, but subtle as wind. “from a fire of scorching wind” [Quran 15:27] “from a smokeless flame of fire” [Quran 55:15]

The djinn have the capacity to take many forms and to change appearance. They also have helpers that must also be watched out for. According to the Imam Ibn Taymiya, a Djinn can take a human or animal form such as a bat, a scorpion, a snake, a bird. 

When a djinn takes a human or animal form, it obeys the physical laws of this form; for example, it will be possible to see it or to kill it with a gunshot or to wound it with a knife. For this reason, Djinn remain in these alternate forms for only a brief period of time because they are vulnerable. (Remember this). In fact, they benefit from their invisibility and have learned masterful ways to use it. 

Personal Experiences

Allow me to offer more insight - in my research upon this story it was unfortunate fate to come under the scrutiny of the Djinn masters. Through their skills at Djinn magick they had detected my snooping about. They did not appreciate me being on their trail. Here is what happened in my first encounter. Each of these experiences are truth.

I had set out for a hike with one of my dogs. It was a grand day, no problems per se. I looked forward to enjoying this walk and went forth with a light heart. We made our way along an open plain. Coming to a river we descended a steep bank by way of an animal trail and stood at the river's shoreline. Heavy brush, tree's, rocks and vines were all about us. But, it was a shady spot and offered some respite from the sun. So we lingered there for some ten minutes. Suddenly both I and the dog simultaneously saw something that was truly surprising and out of place! It was a giant bat - flying right towards us. It was making some incredibly strange sounds! In fact, it was a giant fruit bat. A "Kalong".

How the hell does an Indonesian fruit bat with bright orange fur end up in Oregon's high country attacking me and my dog? I mean, "no way" right? But there we were ducking and dodging as this bat made passes at us! Detail: It was flying incredibly slowly, so slow that the laws of physics were suspended. After the third attack-pass we headed back up the embankment way from the river. Water has been known to be associated with Djinn behavior. It is said that "the throne of Jann is over water". We left that place, never went back.

The second encounter was with a serpent. A poisonous one. This encounter happened at the door of my lodge in the mountains. I had been working all day in this one area in front of the cabin. Things were strewn about and I was getting some much needed clean up work done. I was going in and out of the door all day long. I was in a good mood, having a productive day. Out of no where my "protective spirit" bumped me hard. When this occurs, I NEVER argue. I obey. The warning was not a "run for it" kind of message. It was a message of "slow and easy", be coy, play possum and don't let on that you are aware. Bingo, so I moved as told, played possum and went about my work. Within two minutes of playing this game I saw what it was that I had been warned about. A snake, a rattlesnake, hiding in the clutter. Confident that it was unseen too. (So a snake, big deal, they are common in the mountains). But in this case, the snake had came specifically for me. It had set a trap right beside the door entrance. It was a well conceived trap too. Offering it the ability to hit me or one of mine completely unseen and also to gain access to the inside of the cabin at the same time. 

At this point I looked directly towards it and immediately it knew the trick was over. My leg had been only inches from the ambush-hit when the VOICE warned me off. That snake was pissed off about it too! In magick a snake is often called an arrow. A magician can send snakes, poisonous insects and predatory creatures towards an enemy. This snake "knew" me and suddenly it all became very personal. 

Of course I quickly fetched mankind's favorite tool, a stick. I began the process of extracting this snake from it's surroundings. It wasn't happy. So now here is the Djinn aspect - the snake broke off and attempted to get away. It went straight up the vertical wall of the cabin headed for a closed window some seven feet up. It was like a cartoon and beyond anything I have seen. It did not curl or wind, it went straight up and knew there was a window up there! I had to knock it off the wall. It did this twice! It was either going to get at me or get inside the house. It's intentions were clear. I knew it was of Djinn nature, sent to kill me. It had a voice that was smooth as silk, as hateful as sin and laced with threat. It was talking to me now, and a fury welled up within me. 
Then and there that encounter ended. I took care of business.

There were other snake encounters as well. I shan't recount them because they are an exact duplicate of the story above. Same setup, same game, some close fucking calls. This stuff gets spooky!  The means of these attacks vary. But they are non-stop. They aim to do damage

For Instance: While writing this very article, real time (7/30/18 4:37pm), I came under an attack from an unknown source. My computer went nuts. Warnings and alerts from Microsoft, Mozilla etc began streaming forth. Threat of computer hard drive destruction, warnings dire and full of threats. Page after page popping up. Have NEVER - ever seen anything like this. Again, I did not panic or follow any of the fake prompts. I mentally stepped back an took a hard look. Upon then realizing this too was Djinn workings. OMG - (repeat -this stuff gets so spooky) - I shut down, rebooted. No issues so far, nor shall there be

​There will be more to come -
An ongoing study -