Each man's "power" is different. To lump us all together is a big mistake. Some men's powers are greater than others. To believe or not believe is also a power of sorts. I have chosen to believe. I have seen things, felt things and experienced things that have allowed me the ability to understand and believe. I was/am fortunate in such regards. For that which I took for granted at one time in my life as being "how it is" turned out to be NOT how it was at all. Upon this realization my perspective on reality shifted dramatically. A profound effect was upon me that was to last an entire lifetime. The difference between vastly separate realities is truly just a very thin veil.

I have seen men catapulted across the room by a mere flick of a finger. I have witnessed men who could not stop crying, laughing or vomiting until they were "released". The effects varied and were diverse in nature it seemed. Other times men were sent flying backward into the wall by a sharp piercing scream (ki-ai) and little else. I too felt the touch at age forty when my heart was stopped from 600 yards away as a demonstration trick of mind intent. (similar to the Russian Colonel's "mind strike") I was then revived - IE: brought back to life. Many of you reading this already know of whom I speak. Some of you knew this man too. He affected us all in some way.

One energy can do a thousand things. The thousand things originate from the sun source of the one. The honest  skill lies in manipulating energy in ways that manifest their effects in the physical world. This is done mainly through intent. Power of the will is first applied, next a focused intent as the spirit is awakened and rises upwards from the heels.  A laser-like concentration of body, mind, spirit into one force directed by the mind through the gaze and hands. Once this is realized many doors will simply open before you. An old saying teaches us this:
"expect a miracle every day"! This is not too far off from the truth my friends once you set your feet upon this path.

Internal martial arts, Taoist yoga, Aikido, Silat and many other disciplines recognize the "force". It is the universal bio-energy of all things. Call it ki, qi, chi, prana or what have you, it's all the same in it's primordial state.  Some people heal others with it, some have tapped into the destructive side. A few people have specialized their energies and are focused upon singular goals. Psychokinesis (from Greek ψυχή "mind" + κίνησις "movement"), or telekinesis (from τῆλε "far off" + κίνησις "movement"), is an alleged psychic ability allowing a person to influence a physical system without physical interaction. Psychokinesis and telekinesis are sometimes abbreviated as PK and TK respectively. During the sixties and seventies the soviets made some huge gains in these mysterious areas.

The ability to push or pull objects is often seen as "ling kong jing" from internal kung fu methods. But in the west we have similar things that are dubbed "psychokinesis" -  

A Brief Primer on Kung Fu Telekinesis and More
 For the most part my martial arts career began with seeing demonstrations of "distance energy" and the effects that it brings. Often these demonstrations of energy were accompanied by secondary lessons in a type of ki-ai jitsu. The martial art of sound, vibration and breath. Sometimes gestures were employed for theatrical effect, but all effects could be produced with only mind power by an adept. There were many people who witnessed these demonstrations besides myself. My teachers that I speak of here were alive until just a few years ago. What I am sharing with you is fact, not imagination or bullshit. Because so many people have never experienced such skill for themselves they claim it as fake. But for those who have experienced it, we know it is real, that it is fact for us.

 Open your mind, this is the first step to breaching the walls of ignorance that shackle your consciousness. The  trap of the modern world is based upon each of us smugly knowing everything about life by bowing down to the god of science and psychology. But all the while actually knowing nothing at all about the real (mysterious) world that is constantly around us. I'll share a few more things with you in order to clarify the subject further.
The case for proof of Ling Kong Jing ability does not entirely rest upon the Kung fu methods of China. In the journals of the explorer David Thompson he recounts seeing the Indians of Columbia Plateau make sticks, feathers and small objects hop about the lodge. This was done by a medicine man, it was a form of entertainment. An accepted ability much like the dancing Keris blades of Indonesia. A keris will stand, spin or "walk" and will also drink when thirsty. In old Japan there were many stories regarding blood thirsty blades with a hunger for death. All of these cases directly involved the animation of a non-living object. Whether by spirit imbuement or by a controllers distant commands (ling kong jing) inanimate objects can or appear to come to life. They move. 

I post this material as encouragement for you to seek ever greater skills through out your entire martial arts career and lifetime. A higher level is always possible in kung fu and life. Don't doubt it. Seek it and conquer it. These few links that I have compiled are rated good to great. There is a lot more out there if you seek it. This is a mere starter kit to build momentum. Believe in yourself. Even if you do not believe this stuff right now. Remember this article. Because there will come a time that you will "get it" and you can recall that I said: "Told ya so".....

Here are some links on Fa Jing and Ling Kong Jing for your enjoyment!