These are words for the book PLACES, POWER and MAAJAK. 
They are my words alone. Take them as you will. The stories in this book are true experiences. Some stories can defy logic. They can defy common sense. I know this and I accept that the non-reality of such events flies in the face of some people. They have every right to be curious, skeptical and cautious in believing such tales as these. So besides the book, I write this in the good way.

If you have a question as a reader of this book you can always email me. Pose the question, allow some time to compose the return email and I shall answer you as best I can. There are no secrets - just mysteries and the power which goes with these mysteries. It is an energy and we can connect via that energy. 

A quick look at each chapter of PPM. Perhaps I'll throw in some behind the scenes information that could act as an explanatory supplement to what is in the book. In some instances I (we) were mere witnesses - nothing more. No answers can I give, no cause and effect did I see. No whys, no how's - just us watching, experiencing. Witnessing the impossible in a roaring silence.

A Look at Chapter One: "Sleeping" - (sleeping with the spirits). This was early in my life. My babysitter benefactor was a bold woman. She took chances, she lived on the edge. She taught me to despise grave robbers of any kind. She was friend to the Gypsies. They were often about her every bit as much as the tribal people were. I guess she had her reasons and goals. She was determined - she was a woman of power. This book is dedicated to her and her family. The Cubik family / Crystal (Juanita), Dale and Dale Jr. Without Crystal there would be no Jim Keating as we know him. She gave me the keys to a universe. I am grateful. 

In Chapter Two technology helps: "Iphone to the Rescue." In this story we had been out all day. And had been in the area sensing energies. We had been in top form all day. Once we determined that something was indeed nearby us. We took to an Iphone to contact these wayward spirits using a spirit-radar app. (do they work? this one sure did friends). It turned out to be an amazing afternoon. We learned a lot and made some new friends from across the veil. We did our best to help them. This was a miraculous exchange between good beings.

A little bit on Chapter Three: "Invisible" - This is an odd yes or no story. It has to do with being in the second attention. The things that can occur in that state are myriad and mysterious. When two poachers walked right up to us on an open plain and then went on by without seeing us. This was a memorable thing. Especially since we had been told before hand that on this journey we would be made invisible. Coincidence? Not in our minds. We were living the dream. This experience gave us confidence. We offered tobacco. 

And now Chapter Four: "Tomb Raiders Caught" - On the site protection committee / We had been on their trail for months. They were just one step ahead of us until one fateful day a random choice in trails brought them right into our hands. Kismet. And it was epic I must say. We had such an element of surprise going for us. It was hilarious actually. Sneaky people having the SNEAK put back upon them is always a choice game. Got'cha! It was our job!

About Chapter Five: "Rods / Hidden Fliers" - This was five years or so before Jose Escamilla brought the knowledge about RODS into the public domain. Other cultures (asia) knew about them. Yet in the western countries they were no more than myth and mist. We had been dealing with these things for quite some time. Time enough to learn their habits and how to detect them - they are FASTER that the eye can follow! They are aggressive and bold. Rods R us -

The Story of Chapter Six: "White Triangle of Silence" / On another sensing and recording journey we encounter some odd anomalies with the land. Where sound and even weather was distorted - it was shaped in a cone or triangle. The more we goofed around with it, the stranger it all became. We recorded, witnessed and experimented. We were amazed. Many sacred places have acoustic anomalies, this is well documented. We figured this was once a sacred place. The earth energies never left it. Still functioning to this day. 

Powerful time Chapter Seven: "Tomb Tale" / This story is an Oop-art (out of place artifact). This was another accidental find of sorts. But alas, we got there too late. The rock tomb had already been looted of its contents. It was such a powerful, wild feeling place. We visited it several times during the course of other days of exploring. This is tale about how a man we thought might help us in our duties. But instead he leaned away in fear and clung to the lies of his profession. Fear does this - after that he changed and so did we.

Chapter Eight is great: "Tales of Tiny Horses" / The original companion animal. This is about an ancient tribal legend I was taught. And of the discovery of the remains of these semi-sacred beings. About their ability to communicate with men, their sense of humor and their code of ethics and a prophecy they made thousands of years ago in a time of magic and hardship. 
Myth in the wind to some, but not to all. Some say they will return in some manner or another. If they do, we'll know them and they know us.

In Time for Chapter Nine: "Sage - sacred plant that remembers". There are plants that have great power. They remember for generations. They help mankind behind the scenes. They are just like any other animal - more so than a plant. They have the ability to house a spirit. They become more alive than other plants. This is their trait and we always wish to have these beings on our side. The sage is wisdom, hear it's voice, let it guide. Make it a friend as did we. 

Chapter Ten Yogic Lore: Yoga - special time in my life. A short story about yoga and it's many branches and virtues of each. Yoga had a profound impact upon my early days. True growth that few children are able to experience. I was fortunate and open minded. Holy men were common to me. Miracles were normal. Ancient science walked beside my every move for many years. Knowledge of this ancient path may someday serve thee well. Learn a little eh?

About Chapter Eleven: "Oregon's Blue Mountains" / high country strangeness. Tracking magnetic anomalies, Sasquatch and the UFO connection. These mountains are chock full of strange stories. No matter what the subject is there is always a tiny amount of the weird involved if it's in the Blue Mountains. Time distortions and vortex energies can be easily located. Even the dullest of men can feel this energy. It frightens some men. These mountains are loaded with power. I live in the heart of this power for now. Perhaps not much longer and we'll have to leave our home of 16 years. Sad, sickens me. Such are the times though. A world out of kilter, mankind losing it's way to darkness.

Talking About Chapter Twelve: "Whats the Point"?  Being a POINT Man on any level is usually a rare position to occupy in this world. I've been the point man on many different assignments for nearly all of my life. I just grew into it by circumstance and situation. I did not seek this spot out. It found me. If you find yourself in such a position then tread carefully, yet be bold and brave and trust your inner self. The voice will guide you. Being in touch w/ yourself is the first step. Then you may be in touch with things unseen at some later date. 

This is Chapter Thirteen: "Warriors / Winds" - how does air and wind figure in to a warrior-mystics path? In this story I'll break it down for you. Try to show a few connections and suggestions as I go along. A truly marvelous side to attaining "power" is to learn to work with the winds. To mold time and change the course of events when possible. Air is so powerful in esoteric teachings! You must never discount it's importance in every aspect of life.  Flow with time and study the universal truths that await your higher self.

Words -Chapter Fourteen: "A new time needs new words". We are in a new time as many of you are aware of. Terminology awareness must increase - descriptors should describe. Looking at new terms for new situations. A call to contemplation of a new way to describe what you are feeling. Trying to make sense out it all. Words are power. Harness words and you have power friends.

Of Chapter Fifteen: "Breath and air revisited" / The Shaman's examples of air, breath and wind. Magical to it's core is this material. For man and beast alike. 
We spoke of wind prior to this. This chapter adds more to that path. Perhaps enough to make some sense of it all. 

Who? Chapter Sixteen: A last blessing and prayer goes out. Taking name of mentor and myth as name. Changing from young to old. The trail grows dim. Last words from the heart. A lifetime - no words - crude attempts to do the right thing before it's too late. Sharing the energy of light and love. They can take you far O'student of the lost places of the heart and soul. Much Love!

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