.It was then the long barreled pistols came out. Highly accurate, yet small enough to conceal. Some even had collapsible -extendable extra-long barrels. Accuracy was critical. During the entire time that lead up to this point the shorter barreled guns were the most practical for people to carry and employ. Their popularity soared for several decades. But once the threat of just how easily a drone could be armed was realized and how deadly the threat was then the so called underground "gun re-evolution" slowly began to take shape. At first some firearm company's  were hesitant to embrace this new genre of weapon. It was too edgy. The gun production houses that did make drone-guns often copied early prototypes of homemade street versions. They production versions were smoother and more reliable than the homemade versions of course. And once the wave caught on, and the ATF didn't have any major objections with this decision the big business of specially made "drone-guns" really took off for many years! 

A resurgence in the gunman's art of aerial "Quick Kill" took place. Training in this instinctual method was ideal for the anti-drone movement. The antiquated method was seemingly made for the new drone-guns and vice versa. The sport of skeet shooting became a new in-sport for thousands of people, bird hunting also became a means to acquire aerial based defensive shooting skills. In these ways the shooting industry in America was revitalized. Like many things the dreaded drone plague brought about some bad things and it also brought a few good things too. Learn to "snap-shoot" or be "snap-shot" was the saying back then. Whether armed with gun, camera or explosive, the drone (like an actual terrorist itself) cannot be bargained with. It must be de-animated at all costs. 

The drone-guns fired a variety of rounds. Some were shotgun-like, firing a sabot round w/ lite-weight plastic pellets and nylon netting mix. A few unique one's fired a magnetic pulse up to 300 yards rendering the drone helpless. These have issues of overkill. Power line transformers, wires, nearby utilities etc could all be damaged by such an anti-drone weapon. These sold for less than two years before they were banned in most states. One of the all time favorites and best selling drone-guns in history was the "TiH Smart-Kill". Every time the trigger on this weapon was squeezed two rounds were projected out of it's .30 caliber barrel. Consider if you mated a classic Thompson Centerfire Contender kind of frame with an extendable police baton for a barrel. Or a Broomstick Mauser with a long, extendable barrel. That's the look. Then couple it all with a 2000 feet per second dual round mechanism! The first round is the decoy, if the drone does not react to it, it strikes home followed by the second round. If the drone does sense the round and has ability to react to it, then the second round being magnetically charged to a reverse polarity will track the drone and kill it no matter what. The rounds were hellishly expensive though and were difficult to make. Back to simpler is better for some -

One of the handiest drone-guns had a feature that allowed you connect the gun to your smart phone platform. This arrangement then allowed you to attach it to your own small drone. Project "Own Drone" was also part of the earlier "Drone Alone" part one and two. These online tutorials launched the anti-drone revolution in garages and workshops around the world. On Youtube alone "Own Drone" racked up an impressive 75 million hits in three days! Googles servers were served piping hot on those days! Once people took it into their own hands to fight back against the drone plague the government also began taking notice and do something about it. Of course that too grew into an issue unto itself. 

The final tutorial on building your own drone killer gun was banned within weeks of it being posted on Youtube. This left only buying a registered & monitored class IV drone-gun weapon (system). From deep in the heart of the Soviet Union came the brilliant "Drone be Cruel" drone fighting gun plans & drone-kill tactical program from notorious hacker and rebel gun maker master machinist Telvis Wesley. The "Drone be Cruel" gun is a highly prized possession to have today. The early versions can easily bring over a million credits to your KritCoin account if you are to have it passed as Ok for sale by the Tactical Antiquities Council" of the Unitied Nations in New York. Good luck on that. A three year wait is normal, most do not pass the clearance phase and give up trying. There are still renegades out there making "devices" like that. They live in past times. Move on, move on! The military in many nations have taken steps ahead of time to quell any drone related "issues". A life in off-planet prison satellite is too severe and drone opposition is a thing of the past. They have won. The drone war of the past is long gone. But we remember, we yet dream. Our collective consciousness waits.

Know the value of these old Drone Guns, you might be setting on a fortune. Drone-guns have a special history in the shaping of our current world. Let us never forget why the drone-guns were first invented. Freedom was the call to arms and to the air! At the root of this technological rebellion was found mankind's unerring resilience to any kind of techno-tyrrany or otherwise! 
Hail to the Foundation and it's Kingdom Council of control!