Why would I write about a cone shaped hat? Why go to all of this trouble detailing specific elements of the conical shape and the concepts behind it? Because this kind of knowledge is fast becoming extinct. And it is valuable enough to keep alive in the minds of one's such as we. It is a simple, field expedient bit of knowledge from times long past that is incredibly valuable in that it assists us in our works and keeps us sharp mentally. It also explains many things commonly found in our world each and every day that we take for granted. The cone & conical hat mysteries are still being researched and new things are constantly being discovered about them. It is a simple technology that works. What more need be said about it? 

The conical concept of the hat is a universal shape that is used in conjunction with specific doctrine to basically "change minds". The change is most often for the good when the device is used in accord with the secret teachings from the past. Today the power of this device has largely been forgotten and lost. Or it has been put away from true examination as being mere superstition. But such is the way with so many of the old things that were thought valuable at one time. The power they bestow was found to be too great, so the controllers have taken to extreme lengths to be sure we treat them as pointless rituals from another era. It is too bad for such knowledge as we speak is often a gateway to better things once realized. Let us examine further into the mystery and magic of the conical shape. Churches, caps, pyramids, shaped charges and much more throughout our world employ the crucial concepts of conical design. It focuses the power (or force) of the energy that is being used (or that is available at the moment).

Hats and Caps

The cone-shaped hats traditionally associated with witches and bishops’ mitres reflect the concentrated energy of spiritual power. The purpose of the cone, like the sacred pyramid, is to concentrate energy in a narrowing shape (to guide or harness the energy) so that it reaches an apex of power, which can then be released at the chosen moment which you sense is best suited to your needs at the moment. The pointy hat increases the intelligence and sensitivity of the wearer. It makes them more cunning, aware and in-tune to the world around them. Day dreaming and mental chaos cease, allowing a calmer, higher order to take place. Does a conical hat bring "peace of mind" you might ask? A conical hat can bring order where there was once disorder. Peace of mind can then have fertile ground in which to grow if given the chance. If thought is modified, behavior soon follows suit. This gives two bases out of three: 1. Thought (influences) 2. Behavior / this leaves only #3 the spirit. The spiritual element is also affected by the power of the cone shape and is then guided into a happier holistic state of being. One that is ideal for future growth (enlightenment). The cone thus re-calibrates and sets the balance of mind, body and soul. It resonates in a tuning fork-like manner for keeping you on the right path. The conical cap in some instances activates the chakras (energy centers) of the body. Read some books on "pyramid power" - plenty of them, you'll get the idea!

Dunce Caps of Paper and Cloth

Dunce Caps are not a form of punishment from the school days of times past. They are not meant to embarrass the person wearing it. Nor was there a purpose to single out the so called stupid kids and garb them in silly headgear. Such thinking as this comes from the more modern viewpoints and misunderstandings of those ignorant of the conical hat's true meaning and purpose. The Dunce caps of old were originally meant to help a student. It is a word that derives from 'dunn' or 'dune' meaning 'hill' or an 'upwelling of energy'. Some say John Dun was the creator of the Duns cap. Whatever eh? By thus focusing attention (i.e. energy) on the chakra vortex above the head, it was believed that the wearer of the Dunce cap would be granted more 'brain power' or intelligence." It did not directly involve physical methods of learning. It was meant to act as a device that would facilitate a calmer mind, create better concentration and as a character development tool. All very subtle things. Isolation was a part of proper conical hat application to get the fullest effects from it. Think of hermitage, vision questing, being alone in your ivory tower, meditation time, etc. In the case of schooling and the use of a dunce cap the student wearing the dunce hat was always told to sit upon a high (long legged) three leg stool. It was usually in a corner of a room, facing toward the wall away from distraction and influence. The effects of the hat (cone) can then "take shape" and the benefits can be realized by teacher, parent and student alike. Imagine that, satori from a hat ! I encourage you to experiment on your own and to log your observations in your own journal. Be attentive to small details! Plan to Keep this data to yourself. The results will amaze you! 

The Wizard (Or Priest) Hat

The classic "wizards hat" is an icon of fantasy and history lovers worldwide over many generations. But is it just a bit of archaic clothing from days long gone? My personal answer is a flat "NO"! Because the dumbed down masses of today cannot grasp (or accept) the conical cap's potential power they deny it's existence completely! An absurd decision more likely to be made by a frightened child than a grown adult. But such is the world now. 
If we understand the unseen waves of energy the cone provides it would look something like today's "fresnal zones" of the satellite feeds to millions of computers and smart devices nationwide. (Learn more about the cone to cone effect of a "fresnal zone" here). The etheric knowledge can then travel more freely between points of origin and the receiver on the other end. Many inventions, many beliefs have sprung from the great akashic store of universal, etheric knowledge that continuously flows through the aire. The conical cap helps the wizard to communicate with fellow wizards afar and to monitor the energy waves of the cosmos. The cone or conical shape is a large factor in the secret internal design of the NOOSCOPE device the Soviets have recently created. In this particular case it is a machine that is the "wizard" instead of a man of power. Tapping in to the universal mind is the goal.

The wizard of the classical kind is always depicted wearing a flowing gown. When you "get it" the robe or gown itself is an upright cone - like a Christmas tree shape topped off by the conical cap. That is why it is a one piece garment. To capture the cone shape and further enhance the wizards abilities. Wow, yet another piece of the pyramidic peaked puzzle of sacred geometry comes together in such wonderful wizardly outer wear!

As far as the pointy hats seen in various religious sects goes the story of the pointy hat takes a shift to a darker side. The men in the robes and cone hats are described as being sinners. They are penitents – people who are paying for some kind of sin. Their behavior and thinking is being modified through the ritual and wearing of the conical hat and flowing clothes. They are (so to speak) being retro-fitted with morals, ethics and respect for life. According to tradition, they are dressed like that because it makes them look like cypresses, which in turn look like candles, the traditional symbol of a soul ascending to heaven. The candle is the body, the flame is the cone or soul ascending to heaven. (IE: The flame atop a candle). This occurs from out of the top of the head at the soft spot. This is the easiest way for the soul to escape from the bonds of the earthly  body. This is a lower order of perception due to this being a case where the conical hat is worn as a punishment in public. It was mainly Xtians that warped this concept so badly.

Churches and Sacred Architecture

In the design of sacred houses such as churches, temples and in some cases military fortresses the conical shape is seen in spires, parapets and guard towers. Every culture on Earth embraces some form of conical shaped structural design. Open your mind and your eye's. Look about you and spot these ancient effect bringers in your own community. Big or small, see them all. Learn to feel and sense their influences. Yes, you can. So try. In some instances the material of which the conical covering is made from is also a big factor in it's overall sphere of energetic influence. Copper is a commonly found metal that cones are purposely made from. A high energy conductor, copper is the magic metal of the ancients. The wand of the magician often has copper in it's theme of rare gemstones and ash wood combined. Crystals, copper and cones are a magical triad whence comes a myriad of positive results from the use or exposure to them over a period of time. Conical shaped objects and mirrors also have a connection that some institutions and churches employ in their construction to secretly influence the minds of it's followers. Remember, conical objects that you send power through will work slightly differently when they are placed in the vertical position (hat, spire, etc) than they will when placed into the horizontal position (spillways, side mounted (lateral) rocket boosters, ram jet engines, trumpets, etc). A church bell is a rounded (modified) cone. When forged properly they offer a unique sound (tone) unlike any other tool or object of similar nature or size. Gabriel's trumpet itself is an elongated cone. 

Cases of Abusing Conical Power

The Spanish Inquisition, the Catholic church, The Ku Klux Klan, Vigilantes, 
Bullet Bras and Pyramid schemes

The Inquisition was a pointy hatted time for many as well as a time of terror and traitors. This also plays into the grabs at power from the ever hungry church which just happened to be another group of pointy hat people. Now the Klan came unto us in their pointy headed ways supposedly as "hero's in the night". But in fact it has not been like that at all as we know. Vigilantes would wear pillow cases sideways and cut eye holes, wearing them thus they too became part of the pointy hat dark side of the power. And lets face it, nothing say's "look at my tit's" like a bullet bra. The bizarre allure these devices put forth is quite powerful (Katy Perry). That's why June Cleaver was always so "charming" to me as a youngster, t'was the bullet bra bro! And Pyramid schemes, who hasn't seen this stuff in action eh? A group effort to build an energetically based financial pyramid and business model.

As an odd side note to all of this concentrated conical data please consider: A cone can amplify sound sending it far or it can gather sound from afar bringing it to you. The heads (skulls) of the tribes of the Columbia Plateau were purposely flattened and shaped into conical form via binding. Never forget that a bullet (the projectile part) is just a small copper jacketed lead cone. Yes, odd as I said. Maybe even creepy. Say, does wearing a conical cap on your noggin enhance your cloud busting ability? In fencing the concept (mental visualization) which you project outwardly is that of a cone or some say a box that is widest at the hilt and narrows towards the outward end of the box (a tapering - elongated rectangle). Is this a valid concept for combat? Why are so many martial arts based upon the theory of triangulation (Langkah Tiga, Houglass, Diamond)? The traditional party hat, birthday hat or new years celebration hat is always a small cone, hmm, why ya think that is? For all of these questions I usually say: "Gee, I dunno, why don't you try it and find out for yourself. Log the results you notice as I taught you to do earlier. Then you can tell me your findings and we'll both know"! You know friends, I always do my best NOT to try'n convince anyone about anything! I just allow them to do it for me, (they argue with themselves) then hopefully the controversy will end before it starts (jak). 

How Can you use and benefit from this knowledge

Well, use the direct method. Just build a hat for yourself and wear it often (in private). See the results as you see'em. Use this device (hat) to open chakras. Use it to create a protective field about you. If writers block hits, use the hat to start the flow of positive thoughts again. To hit the pressure points that increase concentration the cap should fit snug. These points are on the part of the forehead just above the eyebrows outer edges. When learning difficult things use the cap to meditate upon them and they shall become easier for thee. Your awareness will rise dramatically. You'll get sharper basically speaking. If you hunt critters, rocks, birds or perfect photos... wear the hat and see if you aren't more in tune with your surroundings. 
If you so choose you can heal yourself through focusing your intent via the hats magnifying capacities. The energies you will experience are very subtle. Some people cannot feel anything at all. Others will. It often takes years to develop the senses to the degree where you could really feel the working of your cone-hat. But give yourself time, have fun, allow growth to occur. 

Fresnal Zone 
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