This guy has it right when teaching Tai Chi - Good Article !
From Jesse! Great Episode on Karate and Kali / Bravo!
Master Ravi Shankar / RAGA JOG / Sitar master piece
Suppressed History of America..Lewis and Clark and the Journey West.
Suppressed History of America... Giants in Ancient America.
Kazushi Sakuraba a man which single-handedly challenged the powerful Gracie clan for which he later received the nickname "Gracie Hunter". In this video we will recall the series of events surrounding this legendary confrontation.
The Killer of Giants //  Ikuhisa Minowa who single-handedly decided to exterminate all the giants who entered Japanese land
Cossack-Sorcerers: The Secretive and Magical Warrior Society
The Saguache STONE SNAKES / Good Reading / History
Welcome to SubTropolis, a Giant Underground Industrial Park
What? Spy Hubs? Yes in your town - more likely than not -
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True Classic design / Bark River / Tactical Fixed Blade / MACV-SOG
The History of Magic // from Dark Art to Pop Entertainment / Enjoy!
Montana: Pugilism on the Plains // More Box'in from the past !
Marvin Cook: He Teaches You about BOXING! Some good lessons await
Historic Colloseum to be refurbished w/ all the original bells n whistles
Alexander the Great, Prester John, Strabo of Amasia, and Wonders of the East
Try again // more on Prestor John // The holy kingdom of the east -
A neat, well designed Knife / Longship is Clever / Respect! (me like)
A 1938 Phantom Corsair Coupe' / Bold and sleek / An awesome car!
Reality Shifts Can Happen // Cracks Between Worlds // New Dawn Magazine!
America Turns Commie // Armor Law Looms Lethal / No Dragonskins fer U!
How effective is the Ice pick as a weapon compared to the knife?
Cuda Ice Pick is Built Tough / A "Multi-Purpose" Camp Tool -
A Virtual Bevy & Bounty! Best 15 Backpacking Ice Picks Of 2021
 ----------> 8 Veils to Pass / Read Worthy
Cloud the Minds of those who track you / Faraday Bags / Protect you
Never Forget / Everything Around Thee is Alive / Plants Know ...
Master Shi Heng Yi – 5 hindrances to self-mastery 
Driving school / heavy emphasis on visual scanning / drivers will learn on the asphalt. 
Mounting Evidence of Dimensional Portals? (Stargates in Caves?)
DRIVING! A word or two about tactical vehicle skills - Wynne
A "Deadly Anticipation" in the Air: Acetylcholine again / No Vaccine!
Timely! Words from Master Hock on Today's Knife Awareness / Yep!
That Time "Boxers" got Political - They called it "Rebellion" / Yep!
Science of People analyzed thousands of hours of TED talks and found one striking pattern: The most viral TED Talkers spoke with their words AND their hands.
Signs of an ancient horror lie buried in the southwestern desertAnd with them lie hints of a complex society caught up in turbulent times.
Good Reading: Electrum Magazine // Artifacts of Material History
It's notoriously challenging to apply science to spirituality — to quantify the mysterious or explain the supernatural.
The main structure formed a magnificent silver tree, wrapped in silver serpents and complete with branches, leaves, and fruit
A look at Ibaden Forest of Horror! The Dark Continent just became Darker!
The Bowie Knife Will Soon be Officially named the State Knife of Texas
Knives and Daggers of the Pacific Northwest Coast / Tlingkit Daggers!
Philistines ya say? Sumthin like them today perhaps? Samsons Answer -
This is NEAT! Coffee in pouches (think Skoal bandits) / check it out!
Here is more w/ the ongoing study of those called Djinn / Fire beings?
Some Great Pranyama Breathing Advice / Easy and EFFECTIVE!
Some very Curious Moon Trivia: From the "I dint know dat Dept."!
Illusions and Misdirects w/ Blades / The Combat Consciousness Collection -
Maajak World
Good Tutorial on Coin Vanishes // Ten tricks explained. Now go to work!!
A Blast From The Past – The Master-at-Arms Discontinued BSA Merit Badge
Angelos Highland and Hungarian Broadsword / Great old Plates (pictures)
A one hour documentary of Silat: Well worth watching! Cross comparisons
Neural Based Training, Paradigm Busting & Principles of Training Design
For your edification: Army Manual Article (from DRIVE) & The Manual Itself
JAK talks about the hand drum / 9 min / The why and how Of the Drum 
The CERN Revelation / 14 Min. / Summoning Demons via the Computer
How Marijuana came to Jamaica / And then became "Ganja" / Neat Read 
Anger Fuels Machete Fight in UK / Blade version of Gunman's "Spray & Pray"
If a man succeeds in understanding the significance of speech, if he learns how to speak, when to speak, what is gained by speech, and what happens when he speaks, he is well on the way to achieving his goal. The person who regulates his speech rightly is the person who is going to make the most progress. This has ever been realized by all leaders of occult movements. That most occult order of Pythagoras at Crotona, and many other of the esoteric schools in Europe and Asia had a rule that all neophytes and probationers were not permitted to speak for two years after entering the school and when they had learned to keep silence for that period, they were given the right to speak, for they had learned a specific reticence.
Mighty .45 long Colt / Many models to see / Pietta / Single Action City Awaits
Ah but to have a pet CROW / Me & Birds / I love'em all / Bird power amigos!
MMA isn't real ?? / Video / Grand Experiment Ahead / Knife x MMA ~~
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