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SAPE' music from Borneo: Such pleasant sounds + NSFW ! 
Neuroscience Says Listening to This Song Reduces Anxiety by Up to 65 Percent
The Master's power is like this.
He lets all things come and go
effortlessly, without desire.
He never expects results;
thus he is never disappointed.
He is never disappointed;
thus his spirit never grows old.”
― Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching 
Fudo Myo Mantra
Youtube (Acala) / listen - learn intonation 
Green waters flow through the creek, Jackals and wolves have seized the streets & Howling tigers answer crying apes.
  Transferring Cognitive Expertise to Novices  Podcast #4: 
 This is a great Podcast from Maestro Wynn! 
How To Learn From Old Guys And Not Get Shot In The Face
 It started out a dreary day, weather wet, cool and grey. 
But soon the mists, rain and spray turned about in a wonderful way.

The sun came out, there was no doubt, it was an ideal day for a buffalo scout.
So I wandered far and I wandered wide, hunting down that buffalo hide.

Now in the desert there are no buff, it's slope and plain and country tough.
I was riding along a dirty old road. And there he was - "King Horny Toad! 

It was cactus and sand, shimmer and heat. WTF did I just meet?
Giant toads of horns and goads, rough tongues long, a hunger strong.

I found a cave to make my stand, plans of panic, t,were nothing grand.
The Bowie knife was in my hand, an only friend in a deadly land. 

It was slice and poke and underbelly stroke. Flicker and dash, a desperate clash.
The toads were big, the toads were feral, OMG is St. George in peril? 

The edge sought bone, the point struck home, the bowie knife - a devils comb!
Havoc and hell, through dirt and dell, soon the toad king finally fell. 

The horn toad pack began to scatter, our war ground littered with gore and splatters.
My finest shirt now torn to tatters, I survived the fight that's all that matters.

So There's the story of the lizard king. My deadly duel with an ancient thing.
A bowie knife and a buffalo scout, a tale of fear there is no doubt.

Life is tough down Mexico way - oh don't believe these words I say?
This is no lie, this is no goof, here my friend's is the living proof!
The "Manchette sequences" have long been a part of my Bowie work interpretation. Anyone who has fought me knows of their implicit effectivenessScroll down on this page for Burton's work!
The New system of sword exercise - More from Burton
The Mystery of Real Destreza lives on! Reverse system cutting!
The Indian Sword Techniques & other Weapons Methods !
The Podcast about Advanced "Mind's Eye" Shooting Skills
Marcus Wynne / Mindful Mastery
The WIM HOF Method of breathing - A Gateway to Higher Performance?
This Documentary Explores the Possibility of Gaining 'Superpowers' Via Meditation and Focused Breathing
Working with omens and signs shows us that we are in harmony with the flow of life. Physics uses the term “a unified field” to describe a state of oneness. In indigenous cultures the term used is the web of life.
5 Ways Micro-Dosing With Cannabis 
Will Improve Your Life
Straight talk on micro dosing magic Mushrooms.
The Sal Glesser Bowie Knife is here - pre order now.
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 This is the Tan Tui 10 road Muslim Set. Well Done sir!
Good staff work. Fast and connected - Youtube
Extreme social experiment: "Stab me if you can"! Wow -
Getting caught in a stampede can easily be deadly if you don’t know what to do. And you can avoid being one of the people who doesn’t make it out.
The SECRET SCIENCE which RULES CrowdsAdvanced Dynamics Revealed!
World II
Hey, people on Street - Knock me out (if U can) -
World II
This is BETTER POSTURE in 4 minutes! Youtube -
Good Reads & Entertainment
James Keating Sr (My Dad) and me James Keating Jr. in 1971

This is about unusual knives! Here is a knife for golfers
In the Walla~2 Valley a Vinter's Knife is a Popular gift! 
Look at this short VDO on making of Mushroom knives. 
This oyster knife is elegant in design simplicity!
There's more Unusual Knives ahead! 
"A Magicians Workings" Black Handle Knife - 
Invincible blades and invulnerable bodies: weapons magic in early-modern Germany 
The Great List of Magical Weapons
Specially constructed blades hum when a poison is present

The Valley of the Kings? No, SNAKE RIVER! 
The Treasure Trove called Marmes!
Tae Kwon Knife Throwing: You won't believe this! Bam!
 3 reasons why learning to "horribly injure someone" isn't "self defence"
Study Shows How The Human Body Can Detect Events 1-10 Seconds Before They Occur! WARRIORS have Known This for Centuries: But inside you must learn to "listen". “There seems to be a deep concern that the whole field will be tarnished by studying a phenomenon that is tainted by its association with superstition, spiritualism and magic.”
Las VEGAS on strike: Heads Up if yer headed that direction -
The entire scheme (Facebook included) has been to get to this point. - Switch to "zero" (no) privacy setting!
Great discovery. Can you put this all together now? Grids?