Did someone say Cool Posters ?
Yes, I did
, check out these colorful, artful renditions of commissioned work.

As our planet edges closer to the apocalypse, the escapist, fantasy world of cryptids is suddenly coming to life
Star Wars: JEDI-FICATION Assistance:
I like this device for kids. I like the message behind it too.
I like the potential it stirs in the young & old alike.
Yeah, concept worthy - can you Grok this toy dudes ?
FRAZZETTA: Rough Work ---
I own quite a few books about the art of Frank Frazetta, but Rough Work just might be my favorite. It's such a treat to see pages from his sketchbooks, as well as roughs of his most famous illustrations.

FEAR !!! Afraid !!
Hmm, solar storms have potential to wreak havoc on puny human "bugs".
Wudang Kung Fu is one special internal martial arts form in China and enjoys the parallel position with Shaolin Kung Fu in the field of Chinese Kung Fu. Therefore comes the popular saying "In the north respects are paid to Shaoling Kung Fu; yet in the south honor should be given to Wudang Kung Fu."
Another idea comes from my tai chi style YangJia.
What you need is a Waxwood staff thats about 9 to 10ft long, tapered with one end close to 2in in dia. You stand normal stance, holding the staff horizontal in front of you, shoulder height with arms torso width apart. arms straight, but not completely locked. Then...you use your hips (in a rotational/twisting motion) to make the end of the staff vibrate.
This is not as easy as it may look.
Holliday was searching for caves on a 4,200-acre tract in a remote part of Fentress County on the Cumberland Plateau. It was winter, and he heard water. Thinking there might be a cave nearby, he hiked down to the base of a bluff, where he discovered a rocky alcove bisected by a 10-foot waterfall.
NEW YORK: Pics from the past of the big apple
Viking Swords
Vikings' bleeding-edge tech came from Afghanistan
Unknown to most of the world, satellites can perform
astonishing and often menacing feats.
Nasty Knife wound to say the least. But, he survived !!
Enigmas and
Hail Obama:
Commander and Chief -
The American beacon of hope -
Long Live the King
Goro meet Maajak:
Goro Adachi - a deep website !
Hey hey, look up: Millions see
in middle east.
Compact Fluorescent Bulbs are Making People Sick ~
(You were right Kev!)
For curiousities sake:
World's largest
hanging basket