Define "Diaspora? 
A mass migration of people, thoughts, customs or manners from one place to another. 
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  The aim of this ancient compilation, to quote the authority of Mr. Wylie, is to "reconcile the decrees of Heaven with the current of mundane affairs." It is supposed to contain the very root and essence of Taoism

Excerpt from: Opening the Dragon GateThe Making of a Modern Taoist Wizard
Daoist Yellow Emperor classic TEXT
Dao secrets: The "who'who" of Tao and much more awaits you.
Daoist "Min Tzu! A worthwhile look at some of the more unusual tricks of "Kung Fu" sorcery
Chang San-Feng / Taoist Grand Master
Liminality, Embodiment and the Six
Healing Sounds of Qigong
The secrets of the Golden Flower
Have you heard of this book? 
Despite the varieties of impressions, interpretation and opinion expressed by translators, the meditation technique described by The Secret of the Golden Flower is a straightforward, silent method; the book's description of meditation has been characterized as "Zen with details".
“An amazing and insightful journey into the gift of Dragon Gate Taoism, its history, philosophy, and core practices. Anyone interested in Eastern philosophy and their own profound well-being should
consider the gift of this book.”
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Hope you have enjoyed this small body of work on the Daoist Path.