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 Primal Options Custom Kydex!
Here's a quick look at some of the neat things you can find there. From the Fancy to the Functional, Primal Options has you covered!
Do you need sheath work done? Do you seek a fair price, a quality job and a reasonable turn-around time? If so then you are in luck. Melody at Primal Options is ready to jump in and make your order a priority task. If you have thought about a kydex sheath for your pistol or knife then by all means tap into this Comtech recommended tactical outfit for your gear. Check items below! 
The Deadly Dolphin - a neat hand held striking device. Easy to hold, innocuous to the eye. But hell on attackers. Striking is done via "nose' area and "tail" area. Tail is very blade-like in effect. Each one of these beautiful Dolphin Defense units is handmade from 1/4" blue and black G-10.  Please allow 4-6 weeks for crafting and delivery. 
Holding my own Dolphin Defense Unit / Get one today!
This cool Lighter Holder is made from "sprung, twisted Leather". Loop it on your backpack, slip it around the rearview mirror in your truck. Rustic and rugged in whatever setting you use it.
Hold that Bic in style with the Primal Option Leather Holder
Call the Primal Options HQ today. Tell them you saw this on Maajak World. Get one for your collection! I take the time to tell you about Primal Options because like me you have probably had a knife sent off for months while other sheath makers take their time. Melody won't stand you up like that. Her work ethic is strong and she takes her job seriously and appreciates your hard earned patronage and support. Like many small outfits today they are always looking for a chance to make a permanent connection with their customers. Give them a call, tell'em Jim Keating sent ya and get something good headed your way from the Primal people!