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Even old Tesla had a spirit box and claimed results! 

My father said that both Edison and Tesla broke through the veil that separates the living from those passed on. Those two inventions worked TOO well and the Government forced them off the marketSpeaking with the dead has always been VERBOTEN! If we could speak with the dead, holy shit history would change. I mean who knows what is really going on behind the scenes right now eh? Tesla himself says: "My first observations positively terrified me as there was present in them something mysterious, not to say supernatural, and I was alone in my laboratory at night."Nikola Tesla 1901 

Modern Wonderbox from HUFF! Wow, the work of the two master inventors goes on even today by modern men. Very mysterious! 

Listen to some footage on Youtube of this device at work. Obnoxious Storms, lasers, spooky sounds. Crazy shit LOL - and ya gotta absolutely love the availability of things - Buy "spirit box" kit here! From beyond the veil old master Tesla smiles, nods approvingly!

In my own case we I have no spirit box. Just the "gift" I was given. To listen closely, to understand the spirit voices. Naturally and with no spooky business. Personally we believe that spooky stuff to be bullshit. Keeps people away from the truth about things. Anyway, back to my yarn. 

We came unto a "device" out in the middle of nowhere about 12 years ago. Seemed dangerous to me for some reason. I stayed away. It was two stories tall and about the size of a pickup. Tatanka did not stay away. He wished to look this thing over closely. I soon followed. Nothing out of the ordinary noticed at first. We stopped there, took a break, ate a bite and smoked one. 

Well there it was! Once we inadvertently blew smoke on the "device" everything changed. As the smoke enveloped it, the sound of ten thousand voices came forth from it. I mean all at one time! A hellish garble of sounds and words like ye never have heard in all your life. Chilling, it was truly fucking chilling. A true WTF life moment of freakiness was had by both of us at that moment! I ran for it, just got the hell away. Tatanka soon followed. We stayed back until the voices ceased. We crept up on it again real slow like, blew more smoke on it. Once again, loud voices of all kinds and of all languages blasting forth as one sound.We did that four more times. Each time the same effect was had.

Later we both felt ill and vowed never to go there or near that device again. My first instinct was correct, the device was unhealthy for a human. God knows what it was or why it was there. A few years ago, we think a fire may have destroyed it. A big burn raced through that very spot. Odd how such shit happens like that isn't it? But we are unsure. Perhaps a drone flight is our next move, just to see if things have changed any. Was it the dead we heard that day or were those voices something else altogether? Speculation can run wild.
At this point I just Don't know! Too weird fer me sez Jimi K -


YoutubeMighty THAI SWITCH KICK improvements: Guy knows his shit. Power kicking in our classes right now is the thing! Learnt this first training w/ Master Chai in 88-89 - KERBANG! Deceptive and capable of stopping the fight for good. Power kicking is an art and if you train for it, you'll never regret it. A big surprise for anyone seeking to do you harm. I go for the thigh to ankle area in general. (It can affect the breathing and morale of an opponent). Kerbang!


Cool stuff from the master artist


The Winged Hussars: It must of been quite a spectacle to see these cats in action. Such a creative - beautiful approach to slaughter and battle. The history tells many stories and exploits of these mighty men. 
This song by Sabaton is simply great


 Sharing a Fun Resource
(if you have not already accessed this) 
This place has some neat books, magazines and more on whatever you'd like to research. Here are a few topics I have played with. 
This is "Knife Fighting". And look, here is Raymond Thorpe's 
great little book "Bowie Knife"! The "Lion of Whitehall" is also available. Even more Here - Many hours spent, so have fun. Learn some good stuff!


In Kung Fu to issue forth a blast of energy (force) from any place on your body is known as "Fa-jing". It is what Bruce Lee employed in his now famous one inch punch demonstrations. It uses a quick-twitch muscle flex which in turn is based off of a "body-ripple" type action. The skeletal system delivers the force more so than the arm and hand. In this way the arm-hand merely act as struts, not pistons. Much like American football's lethal (and banned) "stiff arm". In another example Maestro Peter Urban (USAGOJU) named his version of Fa jing the "shock-shove punch" (and aptly titled it was)! If you have not felt fa jing type energy blows it is difficult to believe or understand. When you do experience such energy it is shocking and impressive.Theory swiftly becomes reality!

  In Tai Chi there is a concept taught as "severing the root" - it is comprised of two opposite energies, push and pull. To sever the root is to shut down the opponents ability to respond-react. They sort of stall out mid-attack, it is then that you strike back. To pull this off you need the "listening energy" as is taught in some styles of kung fu. It receives, it does not oppose. You accept first, then you repulse. They enemy gets sprung violently between the opposing forces. The effect is done in perfect timing with their actions and reactions. If you cannot sense and read the energy of the person before you, you cannot pull off something such as severing the root. This is energy work at a high level, to practice under a good sifu who is willing to teach this level of combat awareness is a priceless find for they are few. Time, patience and determination will help you on this quest. Relax, let go of the rocks you are clinging to and let the current take you, go with the flow my friend -

Energy can go beyond the physical barriers. It can become a catalyst for certain intuitive feelings. This type of energy can be passed between people through the eye to eye contact. It can also be shot outward through the plexus chakra in a blast of psychic energy. In the Book of Five Rings Musashi calls this force "vigor". He advises to "instill the vigor" from your feet right up to the top of the head. In the art of Tai Chi Chuan one is taught to keep the head erect, like it is floating above the shoulders. This is for the purpose of achieving the higher energy flow throughout the body for healing or for personal defense. There are many names for this energetic effect. 

Each culture recognizes this energy, each giving it a name that best describes it in that particular country or culture. Chi, Ki, Pneuma, Prana, Vigor, Inner Fortitude, the list is long and going through it is pointless. Whatever name this energy is labeled it remains the same. Most of the time this energy and the command over it are deeply connected to the breathing processes and will power over the inner self. So irregardless of whether we speak of the physical manifestation of it or the more aetheric psychic forms of energy one of the big tricks in dealing with energy is to possess the ability to control it. To have it at one's beck and call is the ultimate goal, but t'is easier said than done. Such skills or gifts must be earned through long years of study and self discipline. 

Since most people assume such talk as we pursue here is naught but sham and scam. It is an overlooked and misunderstood element in the vast pantheon of modern fighting and defense methods. It helps a bunch if you actually know someone who has this ability. They can show you (in person) something relating to tactical energy. To experience it is faith building in itself. It becomes a more "real" goal to pursue in your training regimen once you experience it. 

Those people who can sense the energies of the opponent correctly can actually "read" the intent of their adversary. They seem to have a mysterious fore knowledge of the aggressors actions. Through the awareness of "exchanged energies" one becomes a most difficult subject to victimize. Counter and riposte become natural after a few years of cultivating such abilities. Kali, Kung Fu, Aikido and other arts share this trait in common. Each recognizes the flowing energies of the fight and touch pressures therein. Other arts are in complete denial of them. People bound by those arts will call such sensitivity training as I am speaking of as false and worthless. Hence the eternal struggle of the "haves and the have nots" in it's most obvious form. Some arts and practitioners are so ignorant they don't even know that they are that ignorant. Darkness and cultism unfortunately comprise a great deal of many martial arts styles and their underlying philosophies. Often what they lack in ability and skill they adequately compensate for through anger and sheer toughness

For you and I "energy" (NRG) is a word which describes the effects of a force or pressure that is felt in the practice of certain martial arts. In kung fu it has been described as a feeling similar to a "spring under tension". It can also be used to define the lack of presence or "no energy" during an physical encounter. These forces or pressures are part of the close quarter combat experience. To be unfamiliar with them is to court disaster. To know of their ways, in other words to know the meanings of specific pressures is to have a big advantage over others. Awareness and sensitivity figure in heavily in the correct interpretation of these myriad pressures felt during a physical exchange. Anger and callousness run counter to this idea. Those sort of emotion based effects work to block one's sensitivity to physical situations.They are lower based skills and appeal to those caught in the common conundrum of "what should I do" syndrome that normally occurs when violence strikes.  


Message: The last few weeks have been a whirlwind. I apologize for being so behind in the emails. Been swamped actually. As winter has come upon us here the many duties of ranch life have taken on a more challenging spirit. This aspect has kept me away from my normal duties online. Uncle Jim hauls ass and makes shit happen but there is only one of him! It is almost as if the higher powers were attempting to remove my eye's from seeing the internet so much and return them to seeing the real world around me in a new, more powerful (rewarding?) way. While at times difficult this new duty shift is also seductive, appealing to me in my gut (the place where guessing  is replaced by knowing). The shift: Be it a "breakthrough" or just self-illusion? No illusion mate .. heh, I think I know how it happened, pretty damn sure. I've slowed up some and allowed the shift to occur.  Soon I'll be back at it, in tune w/ the new shift, re-energized. Let us all decide to make that decision to live like a Boss, train hard & enjoy life! Strength and Honor! 

Build the fire high
Flames unto the sky 
A winters night 
A warriors might
A soul sets forth to fly


Are people in big, modern societies more or less violent than our forebears? The answer is neither, according to a controversial new study: People who lived in small bands in the past had no more proclivity toward violence than we do today. The finding—based on estimates of war casualties throughout history—undercuts the popular argument that humans have become a more peaceful species over time, thanks to advances in technology and governance. But some critics aren’t convinced. Learn More .. ..


Most styles of knife fighting have some sort of footwork as part of their overall instructional format. For the most part knife men are ambitious, active and always on the move. It's the nature of the game. To some observers a knife man's footwork when seen in action can appear to be "nervous" or "flinchy". Well, duh... it IS a knife fight after all! So indeed one gets a little jumpy and reactionary in such a situation. The price for being too complacent could be serious injury or death! We hear such ancient axioms as "a moving target is harder to hit" and "attacks made while in motion are harder to detect by the opponent". Yes, all true. Most men fight this way because it comes naturally, it is all they know, instinct and fear are their mentors! It keeps them alive and that's what counts. The trained knife man uses advanced principles along w/ his natural instincts!  This makes a truly impressive package of defense. 

The footwork and body mechanics of the long range methods are different from the footwork and body mechanics of the close range fighter. Long range is mostly a side-fighting method like fencing (little physical pressure). Close range is head on, squared up to the opponent like a football player (American football) (heavy physical pressure). Learn to shift in and out of ranges. Adjust body mechanics and footwork accordingly. Be able to click in and out of the "killer instinct" mode that Vu used to speak about. He wrote a book too. Be able to adjust to that path of behavior as part of the range changes.


There is Li Yiyu’s “Five-Word Formula”, which expresses concepts in the boxing theory and is also of vital importance. 
It is faithfully reproduced below:

    1. The mind is CALM. If your mind is not calm, it will not be focused, and each movement of your hands, be it forward or back, left or right, will not be in any definite direction. [Therefore your mind should be calm.] At first your movement will not yet be able to come from yourself, and so you should clear your mind and let your body intuit, going along with the opponent’s movements. Bend and then extend, neither coming away nor crashing in, and do not expand and contract on your own. When the opponent has power, I also have power, but my power beats him to the punch. When he has no power, I also have power [have no power], for it is my intention that beats him to the decision. (These couple of sentences may have some faulty wording. The meaning ought to be: Regardless of whether the opponent has power or has no power, my intention is always ahead of him.) You should constantly pay attention. Wherever the opponent nears you, your mind should go there. You must neither come away nor crash in, and then you will be able to analyze what is going on. After doing this for about a year or so, it will become natural. This is entirely a matter of using intention and is not a matter of using strength. Over time, you will reach the point in which you can say “he is under my control and I am not under his”.

   2. The body is LIVELY. When your body is sluggish, advancing and retreating cannot be done smoothly. Therefore your body should be lively. When moving your hands, there must be nothing resembling hesitation. When the opponent’s force hinders even the hairs on my skin, my intention instantly enters his bones and my hands are bracing him, all as one event. If he puts pressure on my left side, I empty my left side and my right side goes forth, or if he puts pressure on my right side, I empty my right side and my left side goes forth, the energy like a wheel. Your whole body should be coordinated. If there is a lack of coordination anywhere, your body will then be disorganized, and you will then have no power. Seek for the problem in your hips. First use your mind to command your body, and follow the opponent rather than yourself. Later your body will be able to follow your mind, yet this moving from yourself will still depend on following the opponent. If you act from yourself, you will be sluggish. If you follow the opponent, you will be lively. If you can follow the opponent, your hands on him will detect in finer detail, weighing the size of his power and being accurate to the smallest measure, assessing the length of his attack and not being off by the slightest bit, and you will advance and retreat always at the right moment. The more you work at it, the more perfected your skill will be.

   3. The energy is COLLECTED. If your energy is scattered, then it will not be stored, and your body will easily fall into disorder. You must cause the energy to collect into your spine. Inhaling and exhaling penetrates and enlivens, influencing every part of your body. Inhaling is contracting and storing. Exhaling is expanding and releasing. (The form of innate breathing is to expand when inhaling and contract when exhaling, whereas learned functional breathing contracts when inhaling and expands when exhaling.) Since with inhaling there is a natural rising, take the opponent up. Since with exhaling there is a natural sinking, send the opponent away. This is the use of intention to move energy, not the use of exertion to force energy.

4. The power is COMPLETE. The power of your whole body is trained to become a single unit, distinguishing clearly between empty and full. To issue power, there should be a source of it. Power starts from your heel, it is directed at your waist, and expresses at your fingers, issuing from your spine. With it there should also be a rousing of all your spirit. When the opponent’s power is about to come out but has not yet issued, my power connects with and invades his instantly, neither late nor early, as if my skin is a burning fire or as if a spring is gushing forth. I advance and retreat without the slightest disorder, and seeking the straight within the curved, I store and then issue. Thus I am able to be effortlessly successful. This is called borrowing his force to hit him withusing four ounces to move a thousand pounds.

   5. The spirit is GATHERED. With the four above prepared, finally spirit gathers. Once spirit is gathered, then energy is tempered, and this smelted energy then reinforces spirit. Energy is ready to move and spirit is concentrated. Expand and contract are decisive. Empty and full are distinct. When left is empty, right is full. When right is empty, left is full. (These words have to do with emptiness and fullness in your own body.) Empty does not mean you are in that area completely weak (“weak” as in without intent), but that energy should there be ready to move. Full does not mean you are in that area completely stuck, but that spirit should there be concentrated. [It is crucial that changes are within your chest and waist and are not external.] Force is borrowed from the opponent. Energy is issued from your spine. How can energy issue from your spine? It sinks downward, going from your shoulders, gathering in your spine, and concentrates in your waist. This energy going from above to below is called contracting. Then it goes from your waist to your spine, spreading to your arms to be applied at your fingers. This energy going from below to above is called expanding. Contracting is gathering. Expanding is releasing. When you can understand expanding and contracting, then you will understand passive and active. When you reach this state, then daily work will yield daily refinement, and gradually you will reach the point that you can do whatever you want and everything will happen as you imagine.

   There is also “The Trick to Releasing” in four sentences:
    1. Raise: I get the opponent’s body to rise up and I borrow his force. (This has to do with “lively”.)

   2. Draw in: Once I have drawn him in front of me, my power begins to store. (This has to do with “collected”.)

   3. Relax: I relax my power, but I do not allow it to collapse. (This has to do with “calm”.)

4. Release: When I release, it comes from my waist and legs. (This has to do with “complete”.)


Well here we go once again, into the chute of holiday horror and faux happiness. I've kept it simple this year. Simple as hell. Everyone that should get a gift will have gotten something. I had a plan, some foresight, etc. to save me some headaches during this "trying" holy-day time and by gosh it has worked! It's a lame, tame consumer game we are forced to play in many ways these holidaze. A cultural whistlestop of the human soul. A place to get off the damn train for a few brief moments, to stretch your legs and look around some. But not for too long my weary pilgrim! At some swiftly born post-bullshit date we are then purged from the holiday mind, squirted back out into regular daily activity mode and left for dead soon after by one & all. Sometime later we are reanimated by some deceased genius's insane invention - of techno-tiger blood intention and sent off to the not so merry salt mines of "make-a-living" town for "re-education" and re-habilitation all around. So it's back to work or better put - it's back to sleep me pretty's. Stack those ZZzzz's high and close thy tired eye until the slumber of the walking dead is one with your minds mirror. That reflection of the year that got ya here. The stark reality of high noon, the neon moon / the reflection is the true connection. There is NO protection, no objection. No shadow cast and no dream can last. Why want more - a masochistic core - the unlocked door. Grab your cape, make your escape. Awaken and fly you are a Superman guy! Unravel your life's Gordian knot. Your destiny can wait, but you cannot. 

How many times have I seen some corny "pie in the sky" 
dream kill off a truly healthy reality? 
Too many times, that's how fucking many! Sure I believe that hope, dreams and plans all have their place in our individual worlds. We as a culture place a great amount of emotional content upon "dreams and "potential" which are both based upon "hope" and/or the concept of "being lucky". Protip- A dream should be do-able (able to become a part of reality). Otherwise it can quickly become a burden. A personal self created package of guilt, obsession and serial failures. Why? Because the bar was set too damn high. It defeated reality right out of the gate, it was a "reality of no reality" kind of thing. Dreams should not obscure reality, but instead they should work with it as a kind of co-partner. To establish lofty goals is an admirable trait and has lead many a man to success. But if the goal is too damn lofty, too out of touch with reality kind of lofty, then it isn't admirable. It is then called an"ill founded folly". So rather than adapt to what reality is trying to tell them many men will stubbornly stay the course of their so called "dream" and predictably fail miserably. 

Let me tell you something, reality IS the dream we must master. I mean every one of us. True reality is always beyond any dream and any true dream is always beyond any false reality. Hence the two can coexist in the balanced state we strive to attain & MAINTAIN and may even prove beneficial in the long run to the achievement of those lofty personal goals. As in so many cases, balance once again comes to the fore. Balance is equilibrium, balance goes way beyond the popular image of someone simply "standing on one leg" kind of balance. To understand what I am saying, you must think big! 

Expand upon the concept of what balance actually means within the holistic context of which we speak. If one knows how to stage (set up) your dreams they can become much more attainable in a realistic manner. In effect, have a plan A and also a plan B. Flow with the events that daily life throws at you and be flexible in all areas of life. Yet all the while keeping the goal in sight! Never take your psychic eye's off of the prize. Engineer your dream quest by entwining it about reality's roots. Grafting mind, energy, time, visualization and activation into a common beam of laser-like intensity. Victory awaits.


Let's consider close up stage magic as an example. 
This is also called "sleight of hand". The trick behind most sleight of hand feats is always a simple one. A misdirect, a fast action, a visual cue and bang! The unwary "pilgrim" is thus deceived and "magic" is had! You can buy books and DVD's and learn these tricks. You will know the secrets behind the tricks. But just knowing the secrets isn't enough. Knowing and doing are two different things. Even though you "know", you still cannot successfully pull off the sleight of hand sequence and make it appear as if magic. That may take years of practice! 

In many ways martial arts are similar to stage magic and music (or anything that requires practice and dedication over a period of years). Martial art knowledge is now abundantly plentiful. Like no other time in history has so much martial material been shared, sought, disseminated and mismanaged as in this time we are currently in right now! Many advantages and disadvantages also come with this new found freedom of fact and fancy. While more martial resource data is being shared globally it also seems that the core aspects of many arts has been severely corroded by the same sharing resource. First "knowledge", second "practice" ...and third is "experience". Nothing can truly replace experience. It's a "hands on" level of learning that knowledge and practice flow directly into and help create the reality you seek. 

Many of the seekers on the path have jumped the rails by skipping any one of these three levels of "doing". Shortcuts are a myth, gain command over each of the three elements by simply "doing them". Tricks can be taught in a short time, skill takes a little longer. Tactically the tricks and the skills combine to make a deadly fighter in any theater of combat. To deceive an opponent is best. You must bedevil him with fakes and cause him fits of frustration. With point posing threat you then swiftly pass through his guard using your skill (practice-training) and dispatch him with an accurate and well timed action. This describes the bullfighter too. His art is similar to the knife man's. Their sanguinary goals are identical .... real life & death ~


The Dueling Oaks of New Orleans 
were once located on the old Allard plantation. In times past the oaks were far from the city proper. As the area grew, the oaks and the plantation were eventually absorbed into the city limits. Now the area doesn't exist any more. Storm Katrina damaged too much. Wiping out history and hope in it's painful wake - The Dueling Oaks included. Nothing is forever ~

I was surprised to see how big these tree's were. Hung with Spanish moss and hoary with age these old trees have seen a lot of history in the making. One can almost envision how it must have been to stride upon the green sward of the dueling grounds at dawn. Standing beneath the limbs of these huge trees men of all denominations watched the sun rise upon the day. Each knowing that only one would walk away from this place of beauty and death. Many men died beneath the oaks, the blood of hero's nourishes the souls of these old trees. As many as twelve duels per day occurred during the heyday of the dueling craze. The reasons for much this ? Ha, the reasons are as many as the grains of sand on a beach. From small a slight to an outright affront it didn't take much in those days to rouse a man's ire and bang like that! You could find yourself smack-dab in the middle of a duel for your life, like it or not. 
Dueling was an acceptable social convention that acted as a pressure release valve on a very strong willed culture. Like prostitution and other vices the act of dueling, as bad as it appears, was still preferred over outright conflicts (war), assassination or to taking legal means of that time. The Code Duello insists that death must be dealt out or met face on with a certain degree of honor lest the whole affair begins to slip into nothing more than a tawdry murder or street brawl. 

It was a time when academies of arms (Salle d'Armes) abounded throughout many of the major cities of the south (especially New Orleans) to teach them the many ways of the deadly weapons they preferred. Many a European master hung out his shingle to take full advantage of the dueling craze (good reading) with the unique services they offered. One could receive instruction in the use of shotgun, pistol, bowie knife, small sword, colichemarde, rapier, rapier & dagger and cane (to name a few) in any of the better academies.

  One of the more notorious  Masters at Arms of the time was the invincible little Spaniard, known as "Pepe" Llulla ( Senor Don Jose Llulla ). Many tales of this rascal abound in both fact and fiction of old New Orleans. He was said to have kept his own, private grave yard for the purpose of properly burying his (many) adversaries/victims that fell by his hand in duels. He was never caught without his two pistols on him, slung shoulder rig style. Pepe could draw and fire with such accuracy and speed that few ever chose pistols to fight him with, it was certain death. This unique fact also makes Pepe Llulla one of the first (if not the very first) documented fast guns in American history. (Remember, this was way before the Civil War or the "gun fighting" days of the 1870's). It was said that Llulla was a genius with a Bowie knife. Here was a survivor of many encounters that ran a successful saloon, taught in his own training academy, participated in many duels to the death, was a political activist and was a legendary supporter of New Orleans itself, the city he loved so well. There are some rough areas, do not just go wandering around during the day or night. You can get in over your head very quickly in those back alley's. Ask around and stay alert, New Orleans is just as it was in the past and always has been, a real bad place to make mistakes. 





Technique is merely an outward manifestation. 
It's an action of the limbs or of the body. 
At some point it approaches the level of "monkey see, monkey do" for some schools. Not satisfactory preparation for any real brawling. Being overly focused on technique too early on in ones career can act as a brake to their development and mastery of the skills. Lacking in such regimens of technique reliant training are the critical components of spontaneity, flow, timing and sensitivity. Defending oneself doesn't have to be something too "martial artsy". It just has to be effective & practical. Being able to "do the right thing" in a fight is an example of spontaneity and flow at their best. It's not just an ideal to live up, mind you it can be a reality unto itself. Remember, hurting someone in an anything goes street fight is a far different spirit and game than any "match" between experts. Put sports out of your mind when you read my stuff friend. It's all sand and little fluff. 

It occurs from the relaxed mind of one confident in their abilities. 
Confidence does not come from technique, confidence comes 
from skill and the ability to fluidly back it up. 
Spontaneity is thought & motion operating as one force.
It moves as intuition and multi-sensory instinct.

------   ------   ------

The Frittering of Fighters: Talking of Teachers to Other Teachers

The situation has grown fierce! What situation is that you might be asking about now? OK, let me tell you about it. It's about martial arts "fan boys" and their less than courteous behavior when in the presence of others. I guess it has been a long time in coming, this article is long overdue. It is painful to even discuss in some ways. 
As competition in the field of tactical training has gotten ever more intense the average person seeking such training has became confused. They have no clue as to who is who or what system or method is best for their needs. Each group or teacher claims to be the "one" who has the "real method". Sadly, most of the time the training is the same as the other guys. Brutal yes, effective yes, but is it the high-art they claim it to be? No, not even close. So the combat carousel of deception continues. 

To help sort out some of this combat confusion people often ask me about other teachers. Some of whom I know and others I do not know. I usually offer little insight and try to steer the conversation elsewhere. It reminds me of one guy who just would not stop talking about this one particular instructor he had trained with. Oh my god, this guy would not shut the fuck up! Everything I said, taught him or mentioned he would counter it with a yarn about this other teacher and his wonderful ways. Finally I told him "I do not wish to speak about this guy any more. If you like his way so much why are you here? Why not return to his studio and learn more? Why come here and blabber nonstop about a competitor of mine as if I wanted to speak about such horseshit?" Yeah, well that went over like a fart in church and that stupid dude left all butt hurt. Indeed, cruel old uncle Jim strikes again! Heh Heh... And ya know what? There are people out there that I've never even met that use me to harass other teachers. Surprised? I ain't, I hear about it all the time. 

Why not just call me up, talk some over the phone? Get to really know me in person? Oh hell no.. that'd be too fucking easy! So instead, these type will corner one of my friends, fellow teachers or such and begin grilling them about me relentlessly (as if they my friends wanted to do this). How rude, how fucking rude to keep speaking to teacher or master about some other teacher (me) and telling them how great or how shitty I am -- huh? They reverse the process when at my camps and run one of my friends or fellow masters right up my ass all weekend (like I really want to talk about that shit). This shit is intolerable! No one wants to talk in glowing terms of a competitor or even a friend while at their own camp(s) that is except "Fan Boys". I mean c'mon have a clue you! These type are called "butterfly" in Thailand, they flit from flower to flower. In this case its flitting from teacher to teacher, camp to camp and spreading shit. Similar to an internet troll in a forum setting but in this case its a live action exercise. And just like a true troll, it's all done in passive aggressive "helping" mode to keep things fucked up and uneasy for everyone. 
Fucked up people do fucked up things. 

When speaking with a respected Instructor keep the conversation relevant to the situation at hand. Do not start talking about one of his competitors. Resist ranking him to his face in relativity to the other great teachers you trained with. Avoid offering your fanboy advice or opinions about those other teachers and systems that you find so cool. Why? Because the teacher before you doesn't want to listen to that shit! If he is already a known teacher, years in the arts... he already has his path(s). He is not searching any longer. He is famous because he has found his "path". The Fan Boy however has not and drones on about his wonderful experiences at camps etc . Nothing more than dabbling and babbling.

 Some Fan Boys actually carry an official Fan Boy scrapbook of famous people they have trained with. Its an ideal item for hands-on trolling and harassing of others in attendance at the event. They rub these meager accomplishments into the face of any and all that they can. Like waving a pair of stinking socks about the dorm during their frat boy days. Sad! The word "Humble" is not in their vocabulary. No sense of etiquette seems to plague these type. Their agenda is chaos, the goal is to make those around them as miserable as they are! Most often they succeed! Social skills within the fighting arts is a separate art within the art. Try to think twice before speaking, compress ten words into one, then speak. In this realm silence speaks more of a man's character than does the endless banter which some fellows put forth.
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New !
New !
Here are the plans for a PVC Mook Jong. Like the one in my studio. I'll get a pic of that and put up here soon. That way you can see the goal complete. Makes a pretty nice, durable dummy. No slam sets of such, just normal practice and this baby will last for years.
Do you want a Mook Jong to Train with? These are plans for a PVC Mook just like the one many of you have seen in my studio. Well worth the effort. Durable and easy to train students with. Lighter than wood, yet heavy enough to do the job once anchored. Customize as suits your spirit. Make one and they get easier and easier to make after that. More to come soon - watch for pics!
Ramblings of the ROACH
A study in Transcendental
in the Apocalyptic Environment of the New Roaring Twenties! 
Ramblings of the Roach
Roach Spirit Box / Hello Atlantis, come in?
Hello Spirits? Whats yer 10-20? C'min Over?