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Looking Up / Gazing Out
Today the skies were unreal. Such colors as one only see's in some classical paintings! They were a feast for the senses. From sun up to night fall the skies have taken on a mystical blend of coloration, content and odd shapes. This usually only happens a few weeks in fall. One learns to watch for it. It's an ideal time for those called the mystical dreamers to practice their "dreaming" power. Similar to remote viewing and trance state power true purposeful dreaming can serve many purposes in the physical world and the spirit world as well. Skies such as I describe can appear as vast portals into a beautiful kingdom or hidden world. They can inspire, they can silence the minds chattering noise with a mere glance. Watch the skies into fall, there will be signs. 

Ad Blocker Bullshit
Questions about the pro & con of adverts online rage on. I use ad blocker. If I don't some aggressive ad pops in to my life and literally takes over my surfing experience. Now, I get the purpose adverts and I am not against a page making some $ on the side from advertising. But the problem is that the so called "AD" isn't an ad, it a heavy dose of java script with tailings of ruby or python intertwined that makes a mess of your online surfing time. Sometimes to the point of having to reboot. A simple ad could appear and no one would protest, but the ad's these days are not simple. The ad's themselves are fucked up bullshit based intrusions of greed and other peoples wishes - (not yours). Fuck them! Your wishes and plans are every bit as important as theirs. They knew the rules when they came online. But now they want to hijack you into their way of doing things. Obey us, do what you are told. FUCKING NO! Bully bastards pushing the agenda of control ever further. If you do not see things in this way so be it. Opinions are free. But I hate it. I have even seen websites that offer you "free" movies. When you click on the link it takes you to a page where you are made to whitelist them or no movie. BUT - (here's the killer) if you do whitelist them the link just takes you to a public Youtube page! Nothing special, more bullying with a fake bait to get whitelisted to see a page that isn't even blocked or owned by them!! (Open Culture.com is a prime example). Any thing, any story can be found elsewhere, the web's a big place. To be so pushy as to always demand something from your readers and patrons just for that same patronage is fucked up thinking. And more and more places are demanding you enroll, sign up, whitelist, reveal your location, follow orders and obey or else we won't let ya see our shit. I say to these sites "KEEP YER stink'in SHIT" - I don't need it. If it's so damn secret, so special then they'd best just keep it to themselves. I can find the same story more or less in a hundred other places if I simply search for it. Why be hijacked and bullied every time you go online? Fight back goddammit! Ad's should be brought back into control, a regain of perspective. The advertisers need to take heed of what people like myself are saying and change for the better. If not they will continue to fight a losing battle. To block those who use ad blockers is to lose entirely! It further fuels the desperation that got'em into this mess originally ~~ Grreeed~ / The freedom of being online is being challenged. It begins by giving in to any bully bullshit of any nature what so ever. Learn to say no! Surf away fast and stay away until they do what their readership says not vice versa. Then it will be equitable and fair. Wired.com tried that shit too. Dint work so hot! More and more pop ups try to lock the browser window until you obey their prompt. They say they don't, but they do. Truly evil. If you want change, then make shit change! Otherwise bask in your own daily rape and victimhood, enjoy being fucked with by every bloody program, website, stranger and advert that happens along. // Do ya Remember Al Capone in Costner's version of the Untouchables? - Yep there it is, that moment of zen: "If you fuck with me, I'm gonna fuck with you". And lo, so it is written, so shall it be --


Sorcery: the systematic cultivation of enhanced consciousness or non-ordinary awareness & its deployment in the world of deeds & objects to bring about desired results. The incremental openings of perception gradually banish the false selves, our cacophonous ghosts--the "black magic" of envy & vendetta backfires because Desire cannot be forced. Where our knowledge of beauty harmonizes with the ludus naturae, sorcery begins. No, not spoon-bending or horoscopy, not the Golden Dawn or make-believe shamanism, astral projection or the Satanic Mass--if it's mumbo jumbo you want go for the real stuff, banking, politics, social science--not that weak blavatskian crap. Sorcery works at creating around itself a psychic/physical space or openings into a space of untrammeled expression-- the metamorphosis of quotidian place into angelic sphere. This involves the manipulation of symbols (which are also things) & of people (who are also symbolic)--the archetypes supply a vocabulary for this process & therefore are treated as if they were both real & unreal, like words. Imaginal Yoga. The sorcerer is a Simple Realist: the world is real--but then so must consciousness be real since its effects are so tangible. The dullard finds even wine tasteless but the sorcerer can be intoxicated by the mere sight of water. Quality of perception defines the world of intoxication--but to sustain it & expand it to include others demands activity of a certain kind--sorcery. Sorcery breaks no law of nature because there is no Natural Law, only the spontaneity of natura naturans, the tao. Sorcery violates laws which seek to chain this flow-- priests, kings, hierophants, mystics, scientists & shopkeepers all brand the sorcerer enemy for threatening the power of their charade, the tensile strength of their illusory web. A poem can act as a spell & vice versa--but sorcery refuses to be a metaphor for mere literature--it insists that symbols must cause events as well as private epiphanies. It is not a critique but a re-making. It rejects all eschatology & metaphysics of removal, all bleary nostalgia & strident futurismo, in favor of a paroxysm or seizure of presence. Incense & crystal, dagger & sword, wand, robes, rum, cigars, candles, herbs like dried dreams--the virgin boy staring into a bowl of ink--wine & ganja, meat, yantras & gestures-- rituals of pleasure, the garden of houris & sakis--the sorcerer climbs these snakes & ladders to a moment which is fully saturated with its own color, where mountains are mountains & trees are trees, where the body becomes all time, the beloved all space. The tactics of ontological anarchism are rooted in this secret Art--the goals of ontological anarchism appear in its flowering. Chaos hexes its enemies & rewards its devotees...this strange yellowing pamphlet, pseudonymous & dust-stained, reveals all...send away for one split second of eternity.    /X\


It's really about Control on many levels
Turning the tables on an opponent during an altercation is a true art unto itself. It is in essence "pulling victory out of the jaws of defeat". When some bastard has gotten the drop on you just "turn the tables" on them. A true "table-turner" is in all fact a "counter fighter" of sorts. A highly developed form of counter fighting it is to be sure. Surprise is an element of this type of table turning. It may even be a plan, consider ABD or attack by drawing. You let them take the lead, but as they commit you snatch the lead away from them. Counter fighting is one level. There is also "counter for counter" fighting. Another level entirely. One up from just counter-fighting. There are not too many good counter for counter men anymore. They exist, but the real skill is rare to see in public. Think of it as being a means to "turn the tables" on he who "turns the tables". Heh heh, say whut? Well yeah me too, I know it's all kind of confusing. Contemplate it until clarity and stillness replace the indiscernable restlessness of your mind. A good table turner must have a calm confidence on their side. As I have often said, "skill banishes fear" and this is true. But the skill must be real and on tap, on command, on duty, on point, on your behalf! It's not about violence or bringing harm to others. It's about CONTROL / control of the situation, control of the opponent, control of your inner self, control of you words and thoughts! Sometimes harm comes from the violence of trying to control someone who will not be controlled. This is why real skill establishes real control with a minimum of violence, damage and liabilities. Setting out to fight or possibly harm another person is a far different road to travel than to set out to simply control a person (neutralize the aggression). Skill is why we train, to just smack the piss out of someone takes no training at all. So to pursue skill in areas and ways that others cannot grasp is part of what we do. That is skill, dealing with shit in a better way for all involved. Dousing the fire, adding no fuel to it. 


Using a knife, any knife in close combat is a bloody, dangerous affair. It's a fool's game and a brave man's bane. When two tigers fight both can die! Beyond the obvious legal ramifications there are moral issues to consider. There are grievous injuries that come from knife fighting. Unlike anything that the gun world or empty hand methods can produce. Horrible injuries and death are the end products of proper Bowie knife use in a close quarter fight. I mean what else could you expect when plying such a weapon as the Bowie knife? There is no glory or romance in any of this. Blood and pain is the plan. Once you begin this game it will not end until someone dies. You better have your shit together or the Bowie knife dream can rapidly turn into a full blown Bowie knife nightmare! Good judgement and discretionary behavior will take you farther than the sharpest Bowie knife ever could. Common sense is a check point that a Bowie man often employs when the topic of knife play arises. 


TAI CHI CHUAN: Attract & Yield 
Skill at "attraction" leads to victory via submission. By this I mean that "yielding to his force" is the pathway to winning. By leading the opponent into infinity (the void) he becomes "lost". You lead his energy by causing him to attract to what is presented to him. Once he locks onto that action you may then neutralize his force. Like a magnet attracts metal, you must use your abilities and energies to completely understand this principle. ExampleThink of how an attack dog goes after a dog handlers bite-sleeve. Not his face or body, but right at the arm and sleeve. By shaking that sleeve the trainer "attracts" the dog. It then becomes predictable, let loose it then attacks the sleeve as per plan. Most men in their moment of anger are no different from the dog. Learn to attract and then neutralize that energy and line - just a few ounces of pressure is all you need. Push Hands explains attraction and neutralization very well when it's fully understood


Night training at my Temple is surely an unforgetable experience. We make the joke of calling it "Ghost Boxing Temple". But in all truth it is an accurate name. While training many phenomenon can be observed as those from the other side join us in our pursuit of martial mastery. Who is the one who is always in the transition corridor? He is called the guardian, he watches that without and that within. Who lives above the main hall?  It is a rather secret room, (with those coffins I showed you earlier) sealed off for decades in the alcove above the temple ceiling. It has became a portal, a place between worlds. Many travelers between the two worlds can be heard (and seen) going to and fro from the ghost headquarters above. As we reside within one another's worlds, they respect us and vice a versa. (I no longer enter their areas of control after being punched in the face by a spirit so hard it knocked out a rear tooth. I got the message loud & clear)
There is no point in going into their lairs. Only the smell of dry things, feathers, dust and decay is there for those of us on this side of the veil. At night that dividing veil thins a little bit and spirit activities begin to be felt and noticed more. Our world effects them, their world can now effect us. Some can cross that bridge, that is why there is a watcher of both sides, to keep things balanced. Noises from empty rooms in the far recesses of the temple can be heard. No one is ever there. It can be a summer hot day, but when a master of the ghost lodge makes his entry it becomes cool as a fall day. Mind you I did not create this place, I sort of just inherited it thru some of odd twists of fate. In times past (late 1800's) the first masters of this lodge were all required to have a sword. Odd isn't it how time and fate swing things about? Time is not linear, time is not circular. Time is a spiral. (there it is really). An energy line that goes beyond the very physics which support it's existence.


Shihan Ken Smith has a unique and exciting menu of deadly skills that he shall be sharing with you in his upcoming martial arts venues. Guro Ray Bonsteel and Sifu James Pointere (special guests). Check out the info below and the dates. If you can make one of these events you'll gain insights into both sides of the arts IE - destructive and healing. Learn how to fit your personal scope of endeavor into this wonderful matrix of motion that Shihan Smith will be sharing.  
On Location, August 5th and 6th.
2 sessions daily at nearby outdoor Northwest locations, 8-11am and 3-5pm
Enjoy the area and great energy it produces and that we multiply x 10 by doing the work we do and the passion we put into it.
LIMITED SPOTS AVAILABLE, Cost: $100 for the weekend and $75 for (1) day / Lunch is available at both locations, either buy purchase there at the beaches or with Us... Contact: trblmakr@netzero.net or call 206-707-2889


Bruce Lee's BAKU Bamboo Whip
The thin, reedy whip that Bruce Lee used in Game of Death has been called a "Baku" by some sources. Honestly, there is not too much out there about it. Of Bamboo construction (coating?) - And here is a nice bit of footage from "Game of Death" not often seen in the movie version. See the Baku in action. The Baku is somewhat like a crop, buggy whip or Filipino buntot pagi (stingray tail). Whip-like devices such as the one in the movie are not uncommon in martial arts. But that particular version is not often seen. In America we call a weapon such as that a "switch". And a "switch" is nothing to laugh at. You might have heard of going after a bear with a switch, well it's no joke. Getting switched is a stinging, painful experience. No broken bones, but it can cut you and make you bleed & damn it HURTS! And talk about fast! Wicked welts are the main damage from this speedy spanker. (Yes, I've been switched by a school teacher years ago. I was being a bad boy). "Kubo rattan" is kind of whippy and light like a Baku's composition. A modern Sjambok (Cold Steel) (tm) is a similar weapon no doubt about it. Not quite as reactive and alive as the Baku, but still a deadly device. At home here I use thin natural whips for training. They grow nearby in the Walla Walla river area. I think these are the young shoots from a "Tree of Heaven". They grow really straight and have sections (joints) like bamboo. Since I shall not be engaging in any life & death struggles with these, they are more than strong enuff for my solo work and light partner training. Although darker in color these hold up well and can cut like a whip when properly played. I really like them. I thought about using the green colored Tool Dunk (tm) to get the green grippy effect I want, then a final spritz with clear laquer to get some shine on it like the original. It's an ongoing project, so time will tell. 


Bought a Schrade "side-opener" VIPER folder. Gosh, what an innovative design! Awesomely well thought out, detailed in scope. CLEVER might describe this cool cutter best. Now in saying this I applaud the effort to get out of the "box" and do sumthin radically different. But it is indeed a radical shift from what many are used to in a folding knife. As a novelty unit this knife is great. But as a daily user, ugh. That may take some getting used to as the features that make it unique are the same features that can make it a little confounding as well. Much like pistol, there is an on and off safety switch. There is a lock release slide. The opening aspects themselves are wee wheels and axles of spindly spikes set in plastic hubs. The side-hole opening trick is slick. Poke me and I'll jump out for you! (A tiny sub-hilt effect via the index finger hole). The shape of the unit (although it is damn light) is similar to the oddly shaped Dwayne Dieter "flying bumblebee" folder of death from the now defunct "Masters of Defense". A large insectoid body, a much smaller blade as payload concealed inside. Even the cosmetic design on the handle grips is similar to a real-life Mantis egg shell case & checkering ridges they always have. Yes, "insectoid" is an apt moniker. Those same scallops ala egg cases also creates catches and tears fabric as you try to draw the unit. Solid clip, a bit too solid maybe (too much bite) - the scales and rippled grips do not help. They detract and cause secondary concerns on the draw and re-holstering. Too much checkering, too many ripples and choils have ruined more knives than have helped. Yes, they look cool and tough. But the big lie is they do not promote good grip. They chew up fingers, pants, hands and surfaces. That is what such design features really do. Sounds good on paper, but pure headaches in real life. I love this lil folder, very cute and neat. Good job - thank you. I shall mess with it for hours I am sure. But for this unit, it'll be only for ranch chores. No depending on this for my defense or protection. While brilliant in scope, it embodies the very opposite position of the K.I.S.S. (aka "keep it simple"!) principle that many warriors have embraced in order to survive w/ minimum BS. I got mine on sale for $12.00! That's the vibe on the Viper from old JAK - < 
"I love the knife life" - 


 The Drum: - particularly the hand-drum is a vital tool for a warriors journeys on the other side. The drum is an  Item of another time & place. 
Gilgamesh of Sumeria had to retrieve his drum from the underworld. Even this mighty hero could use the drum to spirit travel and alter the amtosphere of a place. Gilgamesh wrote a poem about his drum. Drum is not a tool for everyone. Drum is a bridge of sorts. It can act as a link between people or places. Drums can go and do things that nothing else can do. Drum can be made from many things you might not think of. Rocks, tree branches, bottles, escrima sticks and more. Sometimes you must use what is on hand to create the vibrations you seek to put forth. All cultures have a drum - not all drums or drummers have power. Drumming is part of what some may call lucid dreaming. Dream power and drumming work as partners to help you better understand this world of mystery in which we all reside. Drum is a shield - a catcher - a way home. Most animals will recognize the drum - they'll see it and you as a potential friend unless proven otherwise. A bullroarer has similar qualities as a drum. Vibration is the key, cosmic entrainment is the trick. The drum regulates and sets the hearbeat. It can make many feel and think as one. It can keep one safe from the thoughts and evil deeds of many - the drum is counsel and sounding board to the lone person. Know ye that the drums brother at arms is the fire element. Together this duo can make miracles occur, add the final basic element - water and life is symbolically re-created. The triad is formed thus. To chant (sing) with the drum is to become a human drum. Resonation within the chest cavity is to re-kindle the vital spark of life anew. Every man should have a drum and know it's secrets. The rest of this story will be written by you (or not). Time and fate will be witness to the proceedings. Who dares to stroll with the deities on high Olympus? We have all heard the saying: "He marches to a different drummer" (an unusual personality) - in this case you must indeed march to that different drummer. Drumming is just a vibrational form of what I normally do in my physical training in the south east asian fighting methods. (which are done to drum beats and rhythmic strikes (sounds) of the sticks (weapons). One you can see, the other (drum) you can only hear (feel). Raise the Shen with the help of a drum! 


In Tai Chi there is "quiet standing"
 It has other names too, but the practice is generally the same no matter the styles name or origin. In some some special places the practice of quiet standing is more rewarding than in other places. Moving water, waterfalls and rocks produce great negative ion baths for the weary beings of Earth to re-create themselves in. I often stand near swiftly moving water. Well back from the bank of the river, but still quite close. The trick is to allow the river and it's motion and noise to take over your senses. Allow the eye's to unfocus as when doing "magic eye" training. (see "Magic Eye" children's books). When you begin the river is moving before you, the trees and rocks can be seen clearly. At sessions end the water of the river has ceased to move at all. It has become a platonic solid. The trees and rocks are a haze, a blur. A solid blur. Now it is you while quiet standing that is moving at great speed through the air, trees and clouds. Keep inner and outer equilibrium in harmony. This is a shaman's trick, a sensory illusion by all standards. But once you do it, you too will see past the obvious manipulation of the senses and slip into the opening of the second attention. Learn to let go, cast off and enjoy what comes 
Quiet Standing -


Self improvement aka "lines of self perfection" are a huge part of any martial arts system that is worth a damn. Sure the fighting part, self defense is another big part. But too much focus on that particular area and one can lose the inner balance. Fitness is another element of good martial arts practice. Self perfection, self defense and self maintenance are the three legs of the martial tripod. They must all be kept in balance for true bliss to come forth. The balanced life is an ideal. It is hard to do in this frantic world. It is the trying, do what you can when you can. You will be ever closer to balance inside of yourself than if you had not tried at all.


Golf carts on steroids:
 Now I see that every man that lives a mile out of town and owns an acre of land has one of these four-wheeled embarrassments. It has gotten so bad around here that you can't go anywhere without running into one of these simpletons pulling some kind of roadway stupidity in their survival, go-anywhere golf cart. For shit's fucking sake, these things are notorious for rollovers and smashups. The tiny wheels, the stupid lil bonnet tops, the open sides & short wheelbase - wow, a deadly concerto of bad design and over priced dumbassery. And unlike a golf cart proper these fuckers can do fifty MPH! I watch'em going from their front door to the mail box in their carts - a distance of maybe 200 feet. I see some of the yokels trying to round up cattle with them too. Hardee har har - those worthless lil fucks can't do shit. But the bonehead owners are determined that the little vehicles are "just the thing" for the modern rancher! These camo painted slicked out golf carts are another gizmo like Honda's now infamous three wheeler. It took years, but finally after deaths and countless injuries it was determined that 3 wheelers were "dangerous". No shit Sherlock! I saw one guy driving across a semi-leveled field in his survia-cart. OMfG, he was bouncing like a motherfucker, neck snap, pants crap and slow the hell down clown! It dint look comfy or four wheel adventury at all! This is yet another silly (costly) trend in bullshit marketing to manly men - nothing about these lil pecker-mobiles is manly. Just more pointless toys for boys who cannot grow up. Those kind WANT to BELIEVE in the marketing crap the companies put out. It's the excuse and purchase prompt to buy as commanded all in one! I am sorry fellow men - this is how I feel. The sport-survival-hunter, rancher- Ponderosa and Skywalker Ranch paradigm vehicle is worn out. You don't need your surviva-cart! Trade that fucking go cart with guns in on a gym membership. Start eating right and start thinking like an adult again. Stop embarrassing yourself and your family - you own a house lot and a half, not 2000 acres of prime wilderness. Certainly there is a place for such vehicles. But like so many things of modern times it has spun outta control. ("and lo, this is why we cannot have nice thingz") I am calling "SHENANIGANS" on the entire wilderness cart trend! Hope it leaves.

Evolution in Action:
More knife to knife encounters are taking place! Yes, real knife fights between people who know what they are doing! They train like you! Folding knives are everywhere these days. The interest in knife use, knife combat and knife sales are at an all-time high! This increases the odds against you if blade comes to blade. No longer do you know something (tactics) and they do not. Now this type of tactical knowledge is thoroughly disseminated into our popular culture. We've entered a serious time, it would be best to leave that cutter holstered than risk the chance of getting caught up in some shit storm that could have been avoided in the first place. Think lawyers, guns and money - oy vey ya don't need'em! But, if the terrible time of close combat calls you then by God do your best and show'em who's boss. Teach them a harsh lesson from the "maim & lame" school of close quarter combat! There is no second place winner! Fight or run swiftly! Fighting for your life is a God-given right. Never think it isn't! Do whats right, no more - no less! 

Knife design was down pat over two thousand years ago! Since then it has been re-discovery and re-branding of the same old designs and shapes. In today's competitive cutlery market this has became painfully clear as more and more companies seek to win your dollar. Same old stuff over and over again. Now come the extremes, what else? The horrible (but sold as "innovative") knife-gadget combos. Or the worse of the Knife-Tool blend from the late 90's. Not a good knife, not a good tool. Now fast forward to 2017 and the grim truth is that things have came down to cosmetics and gimmicks. Adornments, eye appeal, marketing to different personality types via design, color and look more so than by anything really too cutlery based at all! Marketing to the next generation. Only show & tell, but no blood & hell eh? Imagine that "race cars that don't race"? Such an odd world - but ok! 

Wing chun a Portuguese boxing method:
Could Wing Chun kung fu actually be a boxing method derived from interchange with Portuguese traders? The method was known by a nickname the "sailors method". Remember the "Red Boat" legacy and Wing Chun's connection to the water world. Is the Portuguese method a version of classical Destreza logic and applied to the empty hand. The use of the long sword, footwork in Destreza are quite similar to the principle seen in Wing Chun. Both arts "cut into" the adversaries weapons. Both use a higher stance-positioning. Destreza proud and upright, Wing Chun also a higher stance than most other kung fu arts employ. Chance - luck?