Ramblings of the Roach
seminar is rapidly approaching.
I can guarantee you that this will be a safe, educational tour through all four levels of a violent engagement.
Learning these unique methods of control gives you an option to the raw violence that many opt to choose. 
This raw violence in itself creates seconday problems. Having another avenue to employ is simply sound logic.
The material can be used in any way you may choose. But this is specifically tailored for the street and personal defense. Bring two rattan sticks, a training knife or two, perhaps a bandanna. We MIGHT use those tools to help guide us. Wear comfortable clothing - keep cool - hydrate often. There is material to learn and rewards you must earn in front of you. I am generally working off of sets of five. There is a lot to these sets and five works well for retention and foundation skills. The sets you'll be learning are based upon the South east Asian fighting methods. Not Ju-Jitsu. Forewarned. If you already know Jitsu, then this may be anti-climactic for you / a toss up. Grappling is grappling right? OK, call me, email me if you wish to attend. I think this one will be stellar! C U There!

Suppressed Enlightenment:
Many types of enlightenment have been suppressed. There are certain factions in our world who do want you or anyone else to have these secrets. If you even get close, the game gets scary. If you really start adding them up the suppressed secrets of enlightenment are staggering. And we call ourselves an educated society. Hardly! We've embraced the lie, we fell for "it" again! The path is thus "hard" for the masses to deal with. 
What "suppressed secrets" do you possess? Should they be brought forth and shared with others? The nature of the secret is in regards to human enlightenment. Where can you help? Where do ye fit into this effort? 

Blue Mtn Sundance in Montana:
For the first time ever the Blue Mountain Sundance society will hold a Sun Dance at Fort Belknap Native American Indian reservation. This is held the week prior to the Blue Mountain Sun Dance camp above Tollgate. July 5th - 9th this year (early). 
The vision quests have already began. This is a big step in the unification process and the healing of a people. 

Knives and the Future:
Knife design was down pat over two thousand years ago! Since then it has been re-discovery and re-branding of the same old designs and shapes. In today's competitive cutlery market this has became painfully clear as more and more companies seek to win your dollar. Same old stuff over and over again. Now come the extremes, what else? The horrible (but sold as "innovative") knife-gadget combos. Or the worse of the Knife-Tool blend from the late 90's. Not a good knife, not a good tool. Now fast forward to 2017 and the grim truth is that things have came down to cosmetics and gimmicks. Adornments, eye appeal, marketing to different personality types via design, color and look more so than by anything really too cutlery based at all! Marketing to the next generation. Only show & tell, but no blood & hell eh? Imagine that "race cars that don't race"? Such an odd world - but ok! 

Wing chun a Portuguese boxing method:
Could Wing Chun kung fu actually be a boxing method derived from interchange with Portuguese traders? The method was known by a nickname the "sailors method". Remember the "Red Boat" legacy and Wing Chun's connection to the water world. Is the Portuguese method a version of classical Destreza logic and applied to the empty hand. The use of the long sword, footwork in Destreza are quite similar to the principle seen in Wing Chun. Both arts "cut into" the adversaries weapons. Both use a higher stance-positioning. Destreza proud and upright, Wing Chun also a higher stance than most other kung fu arts employ. Chance - luck?

Bangkow - Sibat:
The Spear seminar was a success! We covered a ton of material in a very short time. Chicago, California & Texas in the house! From practical to developmental many avenues of "spear-ituality" were explored. Sibat Master Kelly (Datu) Worden called in and wished everyone the best. He taught a brief phone class where he gave away much of the real deal insight of the in-fight to those in attendance. Spear and staff is Master Worden's chosen weapon and life line of self perfection so his advice is much appreciated. He honors us with such sound input via our limited means of communication. He really detailed the two handed knife method based upon the movements from Sibat. Talk about connecting the systems and universal understanding! That's Kelly Worden in action! All in all, pretty damn cool! Thanx Datu, thanks to all who came!! That's the real Spear-it of martial arts that we all appreciate! A top fencer in attendance shared and showed secrets of movement, breathing and timing. Tatanka, our Native American sun dance leader also stopped in, his partner in tow. They had been up in the high country gathering sage for ceremonies. Mahipal and his California crew made the long haul and trained like zen pro's! There was so much amazing activity in this one event that I am sure it be remembered for many years to come as a "Comtech Classic"! 

Speaking of that, don't forget we found classic footage of the Bowie material and put it forth as BITS and PIECES 3 / get yours now at 30 bucks and 7 for shipping = send me $37.00 and watch this system of back cutting - when you backcut the blow goes from being a propelling movement and into an "impelling movement". Leading with the knife, not the hand.

More to come -
Ramblings of the Roach