Does Water Have a Power? Yes! Does Water act as a go-between 
(a bridge between) Worlds? Yes! Learn these tricks now - This is the time.

 20 Years ago I was taught a Toltec Water Ritual that energizes the water about you. Someday we must speak of this practice. I'll have to show you. It is difficult to explain. I have chosen the links below because they have value and can get you started. Experiment some!

I am going to leave this page up for some time. This is a deep study and shall take some time. Read some and rest a few days, then return and do a bit more research. But I encourage you friend, learn about this! I can get the ball rolling for you. But YOU must keep seeking and learn even more about this mystery!

These links below echo some of the things that I have been taught. Now is the time to know of this miraculous aspect that is hidden within water. Truly the most magical part of life is found within water. Learn this and live better. Now is the time - stretch and grow dear ones - A new Tomorrow awaits us all! This knowledge will be very valuable in future days (just as it was in ancient times) ~~~~


Speaking to the Water with Pat McCabe / Quite Good / Lakota - Video

​Communicating with Water / Early Findings of Emoto and others - Article

Chris Trejo Reports on Water Talk / Pictures / Inspiring - Try it! - Article

One of the best techniques I have learnt is about how to do water - Article
"Water programming" with positive affirmations. 

This is Diverse on Word and water, but scroll down and there is a substantial amount of data on water and it's metaphysical properties. PDF Text


Section 2 / A Generic Understanding of Water Consciousness: 

Seven Lessons You can Learn From Water (Tao Wisdom) / Video

Water Shaman Music: Drums and Bells / Feel the Water / Video

"The Water Drum" / Navajo Technical College New Media / Video

Shamanism / Water Ritual / Norway / Quite good - DIY / Video 

Magic has always been there. It's right in Front of You. Unseen perhaps, but it has always been there. Learn about the Secrets of WATER and Begin a new Journey of Discovery. This is REAL magic! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~