I shall embrace the darkness and make it mine. I shall sleep the sleep of the ages and return one thousand years hence. I will come from waters deep and ages past. My weapons antique and unworthy. I will depend upon you for aid, you will depend upon me for life. When called I will come.

When I come, I will bring the others and we will at last restore the balance lost. Bring the weapons of the time to place upon my chest. Place them there upon me and step away. Carry the tradition and bring me tobacco. Make the mark so that dead eye's may see.

We will thus know one another as brothers reunited and be whole again. Cool warmth. Until then the road of mankind will become the new trail of tears. Each man will walk alone
No one will be untouched, all will carry wounds and the mark of the demon will be upon us all.

But fear ye not, retribution of the most divine manner shall appear. A new gate will open. I will remedy this imbalance and return that which was lost in the far arena of tomorrow's brilliant dawn.

We are all one family and thus the darkness will not - cannot prevail. I give you my word as true.

 It has been my distinct pleasure to serve you all in this dying Kali-yuga and for now, my work is complete upon this mortal coil..