The Curious Case of Identifying Things Most Martial:
Quien es mas macho, quien es mas martial? Ha Ha Ha! 
Human movement is all ANY of it is. You may call it this or that, any style or name is good. After all most of us are a polyglot of crap from all over. Longgg gone are the days of anything "pure" or original. Replaced with the mad mix of many martial methods. At times these hybrid arts are really cool. But so often they turn out to be garbled train wrecks of confused, non-related pieces of combat. Lost in the swamp of too much martial. Gone are their primary values. Gone are guts of why and how. Dumbing down has happened everywhere .

Saying this I shall no doubt incur the wrath of many men who shall think that i am belittling their efforts to create a "super-system" like none before. (Right like no has ever thought of that before eh - LOL). Nothing could be farther from the truth though. Such men are always seeking some kind of conflict to bring attention to themselves (desperate). I applaud the work of many who improve and define the systems they teach, created and respect. But not all are equal. Know that and proceed with caution.

It is mainly theory you see, theory on how one should turn, act, snap to and respond. No matter what system you may currently use or be in love with it is all predicated upon the same motion base. IE: HUMAN MOTION". So now it becomes all about the thinking and contemplating parts of the method and art more so than it’s physical components. Let's take an angle #1 downward diagonal strike. No matter empty hand or weapon, same action. Same path of travel. But then the secret philosophy aspects of the art kick in. (Are they practical for training or for fighting? Is about self development? Is simply the crushing of an opponent)? Ok, let’s add some spice!
1.When making the action draw it back as you descend
2.When doing an angle one make it strike smartly with a snapping action
3.As you strike throw your body weight forwards into it, pushing the blow.
4.To make more power add torque, just roll the strike or blade upon impact

So it seems we can add things ad infinitum in order to “make it ours”. Each time we do it then adds one more layer of miserable martial mystery (confusion). These added MYSTERIES are then what make a style. The old sales pitch of “learn these three simple moves” and win any fight comes full circle. Since there really are no three simple moves to assure you of winning anything in real life it comes back to personal theory and systemized cult-like behavior. Why is my style better than yours? That is easy to answer, because it’s better. Boom, done! Such blanket belief systems and cults of non-reality always go hand in hand. Walk proud, head in a cloud, walk on, walk on lost warriors …
There is no human being, office worker, fighter, scholar or physician that does not employ human movement each hour, every day of their lives. We as martial men merely use our HUMAN MOTION for purposes of resolving conflicts (fighting). Other men employ the exact same motion base as we: IE: Tennis and Badmitten players always turn out to be great stick fighters. Same actions but different intent behind them changes the sport into martial art simply by how we think - our intent lends to those actions (all in the intent & theory).

Styles create division, ranks create division – sometimes this is good. I know who is a General, I know who is a Private. But in our normal world we are not in a martial situation. Thus such stuff has no real bearing on us other than to create a negative type of separation between people. This divides us both mentally and physically from not only others, but most of all from our selves. It dims the voice within. We are duped into allowing it to happen. Indoctrination is no vacation, but know your place, learn your station. It is all so pathetic, so sad to see conflict growing by leaps and bounds in the fighting arts. Yet, respect and understanding are left behind, old world values have no place here in the savagely stupid terrain of social media magicians and pundits of personal gain. 
Razzle your dazzle motherfucker, LOL! 

I shall leave thee with this: Make your best effort to grow up. Become a human being. Your dedication to your style etc is mere misguided loyalty. Open your heart first. Your mind will follow. It only works this way. Embrace yourself with humble appreciation of the creator’s handy work. This world, you yourself, your pet and all you see – all part of the great architect's plan. Stop using “blinders”, see things for what they are. Avoid style, dodge the bullet of bias, be what you are. You are HUMAN. Not a dragon, cat or pony. Just accept what you do and what other species do. There is found balance. Now discover the miracles that are yours alone. See them across the spectrum of all things in this world. Recognize your original face. Martial arts are not about blindly following as some would have ye think. Nay friend, martial arts are the road to personal understanding and true freedom of the self in a world of slave-like obedience and mob rule. Fuck that shit straight up. Awaken! Once again I ask thee- yes, YOU AMIGO – AWAKEN and see clearly the world. Add a dash of maturity to your martial methods, grow up. It will be frowned upon by some children. Be the adult. Strong, patient, calm. Many of us are counting on you. YES YOU! You are the future. Many tomorrow’s await, ye can’t be late, do not hesitate. Go forth and enter the gate. 
                                                                                                                               James Albert Keating
                                                                                                                                        (Year of the Dog) 2018