Today I would like to tell you about the new Bandana (large black kerchief) that we now have in stock. For some time I have sought the best bandana's I could find for our martial arts practice and daily carry. They needed to be warm in winter, cool in summer, strong and be able to hold when applied. So instead of looking further, these were custom made. 

Kevlar stitching all around. Hidden corner pocket for easy loading of a weighted object for self defense. Reinforced stitching around the hidden pocket too. Overall, a damn good looking unit and works like charm for any and all survival, tactical or cowboy needs! Legal in all 50 states. Black cloth -

They cost me a pretty penny to have made. So I must ask $15.00 each for them. They are a unique product, one that you'll use for many years. Since we have stopped accepting credit cards I guess that Paypal will work out fine. Please remember, the 15 bucks is for the bandana, shipping cost is a bitch I know. But add the postal fee's, the paper, tape, envelope, etc. - it all add's up! So shipping in USA add $10.00. Total: $25.00 !

And international orders are ok, but email me first. Each country is different. Some places take lots of $$ to get there and others do not. Email me, lets figure this out and I can then accurately give you a cost total and get your package out to the right address as fast as possible!

Question? Email me or call 541-938-3451 
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Tasty Bandana SAUCE below:
Get one for your collection or for daily covert carry. Tactical Black Bandanas for Sale. Custom made! 

Kevlar stitching all around for strength
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