Spring is upon us! Things are awakening from Winters spell. I see mushrooms appearing here and there. Various fungi also have made their presence known. Here at the ranch mushroom hunting has always been a thing. It seems many people follow the tradition of mushroom hunting. It was done by the native peoples hereabouts long before the white man ever appeared. 

We do find Morels once in a while. Since the flood, things aren't near as good as they once were for mushrooms. They are still about, but much of their habitat was destroyed by the waters. We are in the Blue Mountains of Oregon. Here is an article on mushroom hunting hereabouts. 

A pandemic yarn of mushroom hunting and awakening the self.
I learned fungi’s third lesson: Cultivate humility before attempting to understand anything — or anyone.

At one point in the past I had designed 2 mushroom knives. Nothing too special, just clean lines and good cosmetics. The mushroom knife array is great. Designs and opinions vary. Some like the little brush at the butt end. Others feel that it is an unneeded and looks cheesy. Women mushroom hunters like the little brush. 

Of course the recent trend in medical circles is the use of "magic mushrooms" for a variety of ailments. I believe this thinking is accurate and needs further affirmation and disclosure. Amma needa Amanita ~ // Liberty Caps are less heavy duty experience than the Amanita in my humble opinion. I have seen people cured by Liberty Caps. Cured of both mental and physical ailments. Personal experience counts too. Magic Mushroom grow kits are available.

Below are a few pictures of some big old sumthins I saw growing on a log. I just let'em be. I do not know what they are - perhaps some of you may know. The flood brought us many strange new plants, bugs and fungi. We are still adapting. The animals also are learning how different things are now. 

Mushrooms are MUSHROOMING!