Keris, Kombat & Khodam ~
The finest made blades are thought to possess a magical or spiritual force. This is known to Indonesian’s as “Khodam” or Servitor, Khodam is a spiritual force or intelligence which “lives” in the Keris. In this regard the Khodam provides guidance and offers protection to its owner.
Ilmu Saka Harimau (Tiger Guardian)
This tiger guardian spell will give you a tiger khodam and it is originated from Banten, Western Java. Locally this ilmu is called “Ilmu Lodaya Belang” or in Malay “Ilmu Harimau Belang. According to the source, if this spell is fully accomplished and bind into a practitioner’s flesh and body, then he/she can turn into a tiger.
Stones, thrice blessed scarves, jewelry for 
Khodam, Jinn & Spirit!
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Having a genie in real life is unlike the genies portrayed in Hollywood movies or in fairy tales. If you would like to depend on genies to solve your problems without any effort on your part you would be totally disappointed. Genie items are not for the under-aged or the immature.
Hand Signs: Kuji-In, Mudra, Hexes, many names, many cultures. Tie a string about your finger to correct forgetfulness. Many reasons and methods.
Mudra 1. 
Mudra 2.
Mudra 3.
Mudra 4.
Mudra 5., 7.
The word Mudra means “sign” or “seal” in Sanskrit. A Mudra is a symbolic hand position or gesture. Its purpose is to evoke specific concepts
The gestures performed by the hands of a Buddha have specific meanings that refer to some event in the life of the Buddha or denote a special characteristic. There are six main hand gestures of the Buddha in Thailand
Magnetism: Video of Javanese Magnetism 
Brother Rahman: Djinn Manuscripts and Data. Martial arts and Djinn have often been found to be co-habitors of the same being. Then what eh?
of the west
Buddha Magic in Motion – some interesting Video Clips
The pamako (crucify) is meant to paralyze the opponent. The tagabulag (blind) can make one invisible to the enemy. Kabal at kunat can make one invulnerable to bolo cuts. The tagaliwas can cause bullets to deflect.
From the forgotten city of Ubar in the Rub al Khali, a trackless expanse of desert in southern Arabia, to the mystical and long-abandoned stronghold of Meda’in Saleh in northeastern Saudi Arabia, and its sister city, Petra, in southern Iraq. Across Afghanistan, Iran, and Egypt, ruins of ancient sites are still believed by many to harbor realms of the djinn. It is in Ubar that the primordial dwelling place of the djinn purportedly originated — a city once known as Irem of the Pillars and which has carried forward in time as the unseen djinn kingdom of Jinnistan.
The Shaman or medicine man still plays an important role in the life of the isolated villages. In 1987 the author visited with the Ka-ren in one of the more remote areas of the Triangle. There he was fortunate enough to spend an evening with a Shaman and witness his spirit dance. It was there that the connection between this tradition and that of the Chinese martial arts seemed to meld. 
He was showing us the movements taught him by his Shaman, which had been passed down through the tribe for generations. The Shaman moved strikingly similar to a Tai Chi master.