The Dirty Truth on Empty Hand versus the Knife - 
By Master at Arms James A. Keating

There is a growing trend in the martial arts and in the tactical community that a knife attack cannot be defended against with mere empty hands. (I mean who ever thought ya could in the first place eh? Its an act of desperation in a deadly moment. Better than doing nothing) First of all we must define what the expert-author-master THINKS that a knife defense is. And also another critical piece of the dialog which is never spoken of is the part about just WHO it is that is wielding that knife (it makes a difference). And then please remember that this is merely THEIR interpretation of how things should or could possibly go. The so called experts opinion is only as good as their training, their experience and there courage allows. That training they base their "expertise" around may or may not be adequate compared to what others know about the same subject. There is the first failing - most of these "experts" have no real life experience in such matters. 

Yet they put forth what they THINK is the most reasonable and adequate way to deal with an edged weapon attack (according to their background, style, teacher or belief). (One must be discerning in what they accept as being valuable in today's world). (Warning sarcasm ahead) After all if it is on the internet, then it MUST be real right? And we must adhere to its wisdom right? Of course? Of course! Obey ye sleepers to the masters voice!

 The part about YOU having no weapon for yourself to use is a key element in their doomsday knife defense sales scenario. How'd that even happen anyway? Did I not I tell you to always carry a god damn knife? (Even when you are not supposed to) WTF #1? Where is YOUR knife? Lets see, on with the story - so how does that un-expert expert advice always go in today's fucked up world? Something like this I think is the repeat dialog: "Empty handed against the knife? Then you are already dead" - hey that is the new tactical message being imprinted in the minds of those seeking advice or help in this most deadly of encounters that a human can have. Plus, they usually add that anything you have been previously taught in that area of personal defense is bullshit and will not work. And this is the experts so called  "good advice"? WTF #2? I don't think so!

Invalidation of any training you may have is not a sound way to approach the issue. When you see, hear or sense such well worn rhetoric it means ONE thing. It means they (the expert) are not concerned with your well being at all, it means they are trying to sell you on something. Usually THEIR version of knife defense or their gadget they are selling and so forth. Scare the sheeple enough and they will buy your product whether it be good or bad. That is the goal. "Beware of Greeks bearing gifts" is an old axiom. The adage is now used regularly as a warning when a supposed gift, advice or act of virtue is thought to hold a hidden agenda.

A Closer Look at the Problem

Facing a person armed with a knife is intimidating at any level. No matter whether you have a gun, a knife or a club yourself, the KNIFE is still a BIG factor. There are no easy answers! The issue is further compounded when you DO NOT have any weapon at all - trapped in the empty hand mode. One teacher I had told us that when you face the knife and have no weapon then FIND ONE if you cannot run away! Get used to spotting items which might be able to be used as impromptu weapons. Chairs, brooms, bottles and everyday items. Learn to throw accurately. Get yourself something to strike and jab the attacker with. Small items that have weight can be thrown with great effect. Learn to "think on your feet" and use surprise as part of your game plan. Fight back! When you cannot run, hide, fly or find an equalizer then you must do what you can to survive. Surviving IS WINNING in this case.

I see an advertisement on Youtube a lot these days. Some big goof with a face full of stubble and his homey (salt n peppa) pounding on each others arms and saying "See, it don't work. Knife defense doesn't work"! I have even seen Filipino masters now jumping on this bandwagon of woe and sadly they too now bark the same so called defeatist "truth" IE: KNIFE DEFENSES are WORTHLESS. Wow, some fucking expert that is! Piss off! I recently watched one video on DIGG - a Youtube link where this frantic guy in black trousers was all over the part about how dangerous KNIFE attacks are - wow, what a joke! And thanks for the enlightenment! Such profound revelations! I am so impressed by such a vast amount of DEEP knowledge! Fuukkk off eh ya dipshit! Next up? How about - did ya know that drinking gasoline as a beverage is not healthy? Another wonderful tid-bit of advice I desperately needed to know! Here is another gem: Sucking on a Rattlesnakes tail could get you bit!! Fuk, the stunning revelations just keep coming! - and lastly Water is wet! (imagine that!) Bet ya dint know that did ya? Sheeesh! And yeah, like I wanna train w/ this great guru of the frightened masses. 

I hear not your weak words my angry young billy bob. And if I were trapped where no other options exist I WILL FIGHT. Knife, no knife, gun or club. I will fight. The flip side of this is? Freeze, freak out and as a lamb to slaughter so shall thee go. WHY? Because the experts you believe in are NOT experts or warriors. The advice they offer is no advice at all! They are salesmen, limited thinkers, defeatists or losers simply trying to make a buck off your fear. May these liars and fakes someday face a real knife man and be carved to pieces for putting forth such evil shit as they constantly do for others who seek help! The depths of their stupidity has no limits, the inadequate level of their advice is dismal. May they all rot in the seven hells of Shaitan!

YES- facing a knife empty handed is fucked up - I don't need someone to tell me this most obvious fact! And if my options are all out, then what next? You FIGHT! I knew of man trapped in his own house by a killer. This was in Walla Walla. His escape was cut off and the bad guy was armed with a knife who chased him down and killed him. What if he had not ran but FOUGHT? What if he sprinted to the kitchen, grabbed a chair, another knife or a cutting board etc and fought back? There are times that running away is not available as in that case - so then should we all just roll over and die as these knife defense experts tell us too? No, not in my makeup, you might get cut up, you might even be killed, but FIGHT back DAMMIT - fight back and find that chance, create that chance to live by being being bold and ruthless enough to turn the tables on the fucking attacker. It quickly then becomes "Surprise motherfucker - ya dint think I'd fight back, but I did and now YOU are dead instead of me"! (Just watch Scarface a few times, you'll get the concept of which I speak).

This is the mindset you gotta have after all other options have been tried. To think otherwise is to lose before the fight is even began. And this is the end result of what these people who are putting this crap out wish you to believe? Fuck them, fuck their products and fuck their ill-fated logic of certain death or injury. Not as long as I am alive is my death certain, and if it is, then by God I'll do everything I can to take my killer with me right into the grave! We both die then. Shazam weaklings, Zip-a-dee-do dah losers. Keep your weak advice for those who seek such worthless weakness. They wear their stupidity like badges of honor! Babblers, pants shitters and traitors to all that is good, reasonable and strong. Piss off - I will heed no words from thy evil shit filled mouths! Just pathetic scared monkey sounds of defeat and fear cleverly couched as "common sense" and sound advice for marketing purposes. OMG what a curse this plague of cowardice & greed has become! What has happened to my beloved country and its once brave people ?