This page is a handy resource and reference for those students who training in Tai Chi Chuan with me. Taking this opportunity to say THANK YOU to you all of you for your support and understanding (and dedication to the art). I post these videos and text links only to help you gain a deeper understanding of the art you are practicing. The Tai Chi art (way) is a broad path. It encompasses so much it defies description. There are aspects to the art which must be experienced in order to be grasped properly. It is my sincere wish that Tai Chi benefit you in wonderful ways. Therefore you must study outside the studio. Take responsibility for your own advancement. Be open and non preferential. Listen to what is inside you  -

THE FIVE (5) Loosening and relaxing Tai Chi Chuan Exercises with Master Huang Xingxiang / < you know this. So do it > 

This link is a translation by Paul Brennan. It is an in-depth look at the Tai Chi art. And gives insights which are useful guides and reminders. I value the text over the pictures. Styles of Tai Chi interest me less than do the principles (concepts) of Tai Chi Chuan. (basically "good reading").

Yoke Chin with Grandmaster Huang Sheng Shyan (Master Huang Xingxian) / Simple chain of developmental partner exercises. These are the stairs to skill, they are meant as experimental devices as well. Relax and they'll take over, let the drill do you. 

A really good link! Simple, motivating and helpful. Basics done right in a fun lineup. Some philosophy - some fun! Eight Point Tai Chi Guide!

Even a few lively Tai Chi tunes for helping get into the mood of doing your Tai Chi practice. There's the rule, practice. Do it. 

A great book on the form, philosophy and function of Tai Chi Chuan.
Written a long while back by Herman Kauz. THE TAI CHI HANDBOOK.  

About the art and our last seminar in August 2018 
Further look at being a happy, healthy martial artist.

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