Training DVD Sets (2 DVD)
The second selection of DVDs are those we call "sets" of two (2) DVDs. Not a series. Just two instructional DVDs on a specific area or subject.
All Sets are one price. The Paypal button is good for any of these sets. Just let us know which DVD set you want by putting that title in the comment box that Paypal provides. Or you can call us: 541-938-3451
*All DVD Sets are $75.00 Ea. - Orders over $100 Dollars ship FREE!

Conceptual Gold Volumes I & II

Comtech Fighting Bandana Volumes I & II

Sword and Dagger Volumes I & II 

Stick Fighting (Kali basics) Vol. I & II

Fighting Tomahawk Vol. I & II

X-Cane Comtech Walking Stick Vol I & II

Bits and Pieces: Vol. I & II

The Comtech Djuru's / Advanced Body Levers Guide Vol I & II
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