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October 5th, 6th and 7th 2018 / 3 days
 - Bowie Knife Use $225.00

Come Learn the Ways of the Big Steel!
There is nothing like a Bowie to defend life & limb. Learn why. Three days of magnificent training in the American Bowie. You can learn, you can fight. No more victims. Just Victory! Are you one of the chosen few to make the Bowie your path? Then by God, come see me and let's set your feet upon the path. 

When using the big steel it is advisable to exercise caution during the initial phases of training. Perform the actions of your choice slowly and deliberately. You should not worry about speed, it will occur of it's own accord as by-product of proper training. This advice I am giving you not only provides a safer training environment, but also allows for proper neuro-muscular development to occur. If you think about it, neuro-muscular programming can be perceived as being the "reason behind the reason" for any type of training in any given field . 

The methods of close quarter knife combat which are peculiar to the dreaded American Bowie knife are outstanding examples of that unusual cosmic-amalgam known as "sophisticated simplicity". It is a descriptive term which captures the deadly, but relatively easy to learn movements of the Bowie methods. The result is a clever, deceptive, means of fighting one or more opponents. The next component of this combat equation is the Bowie knife itself. Several of the better knife fighting techniques that I personally recommend can only be accessed if you are using a real, honest to God Bowie knife. So, with that in mind, choose a good one for yourself.

Many people think that there is only one backcut. This is both true and yet not entirely accurate either. Indeed the backcut is always done with the swag of the bowie knife. And it is always reticulated. So in that sense, one action does dominate. But when using the backcut action one can apply it on any of the diagonal, horizontal or vertical planes of motion. This aspect flings open the doors to creativity and offers us a wide array of options on how to make the backcut into a technique that can answer any attack, any time. To get even more sophisticated one must seek out Comtech Bowie Knife training. In this training you are shown how backcuts work in pairs or teams. This simple, yet very critical aspect of combat can bring victory to your door. Remember, properly done backcuts will always work in pairs. It is via this double-up method that one can immediately begin gaining the upper hand. There are eight backcuts taught in my Comtech Bowie methodology. They follow a “logic chain”. They work in harmony for your defense. Survival is primary, bringing harm to others is secondary to overall survival. 


November 9th, 10th & 11th 2018 / 3 days $180.00
The FMA Spectacular / A Taste of the Tribal 

Break away from lesser arts and study an art of substance! Learn why so many have chosen the FMA as their main art.Study and learn the exercises and drills that change & save lives!
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