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Private training with James Keating is truly the best possible way to go if you can swing it. The one on one experience is rewarding on many levels. Small groups are also welcomed, private group training packages are available. A wide range of tactical subjects are on deck to meet your training goals, your defensive needs  and your overall training & personal developmental goals. Come train with me now. Learn some of the unique skills that have helped me on this path of self perfection. They will help you as well. Two or three days with me is an ample amount of time for most people. A sincere heart and an open mind are golden ingredients for success when seeking the higher self within. Call me today. Let's discuss your training and discover the life connections we share in common. They will have brought us together for a reason. We must discover why. Let us begin the journey. The DATE? Anytime YOU choose! I fit into your time frame(s) and needs to get our goals accomplished! 

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 Seminar Schedule 

March 2018:
The "Laying on of Hands" 
(We did "Counter-Knife last October 15th & 16th. That was part one). This is Part two of the planned double seminar set. Fleshing out the past skills of phase one counterknife and connecting the more advanced pieces for phase two "tactical triad" training!
* Counter knife, Lockflow and Knife to Knife!
* Learn why this deadly tactical triad exists
* It is one of the great cornerstones of the FMA. 
* True skill can be found here for the devoted one's


April 2018:
Three Weapon Set: A Triad -
* Single Stick, Double Stick, Stick & Dagger
* Three days / Three Sets of Weaponry to Learn.
* Three ranges and Triangular footwork methods
* Traditional and modern applications will be shown.


May 2018
The Advanced Hand Skills Program: 
Simply Awesome Content! For anyone seeking to advance their abilities, this is the ticket! A well balanced curriulum of the finest methods and skills available. No joke, no lie, this stuff is martial arts "rocket fuel" of the highest grade. Nothing else compares to this program. This will make a difference for sure! You will learn to take care of business like a boss and have a blast doing it!


June 2018
Sumbrada: The Secrets of the Box Pattern Revealed:
The venerable "Box Pattern" exercise is famous from fencing to FMA. It goes by different names. It has many different forms to it's credit. It is not well understood. In all truth is an over looked gem! Come learn why. We present this seminar to show the incredible truth about Sumbrada's value. You shall gain depth and development through sumbrada and it's variations. Knife, sword, stick or dagger - Sumbrada Training makes'em better!


Early June 2018
Only One Time This Year. Effortless Power - The Basics:
I often speak of this subject. Here is the chance learn more.
Some of this material is taken from the ancient "Priest System".  An ideal method for older men, injured men or those people seeking a non-violent means of resolving a physical conflict. To hell with fighting hard, fight smart and come out on top! No matter your art or age - you can learn this and do well!


Late June 2018
Bowie Knife Use - Come Learn the Ways of the Big Steel!
There is nothing like a Bowie to defend life & limb. Learn why. Three days of magnificent training in the American Bowie. You can learn, you can fight. No more victims. Just Victory! Are you one of the chosen few to make the Bowie your path? Then by God, come see me and let's set your feet upon the path.


July / 2 Days
Flexible Weapons 101:
 Intense Study of the Rarest of Weapons! Understanding the conceptual genre of "Flexible Weapons" arsenal! 
Spanish Whip & Dagger, Bandana (Panu), Sarong, Battlescarf and more! Each weapon has it's own path, a wave, a ripple and engulfment. Once you learn this material you'll never be unarmed again! Hidden ability. Ropes, reins, leashes, bootlaces, tie-wraps / Stock whips, crops, Manriki. This will be entertaining and educational. Need: Kerchief, Whip or 6ft. length of rope. A special presentation on the Golden Rumal of the Thug. 
Call James or Norma Keating: 541-938-3451
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