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Private training with James Keating is truly the best possible way to go if you can swing it. The one on one experience is rewarding on many levels. Small groups are also welcomed, private group training packages are available. A wide range of tactical subjects are on deck to meet your training goals, your defensive needs  and your overall training & personal developmental goals. Come train with me now. Learn some of the unique skills that have helped me on this path of self perfection. They will help you as well. Two or three days with me is an ample amount of time for most people. A sincere heart and an open mind are golden ingredients for success when seeking the higher self within. Call me today. Let's discuss your training and discover the life connections we share in common. They will have brought us together for a reason. We must discover why. Let us begin the journey. The DATE? Anytime YOU choose! I fit into your time frame(s) and needs to get our goals accomplished! 

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 Seminar Schedule 


August 11th and 12th 2018 
Tai Chi Chuan / The Easy Path to Wellbeing $120.00
Yes, health is wealth - come join us for two days. 
In the ancient way of kung fu one can find the positive lifestyle they seek.Health, hobby & defense all in one curious package. A happy mix. Join us in learning Tai Chi & understanding the benefits Tai Chi brings.Breathing exercises make this "Taoist yoga" regimen into a serious effort. Uniforms optional - sincere training mandatory! Yield and overcome!


September 15th and 16th 2018 
Double Dagger Training - 
Tricks of the Tiger's Tooth! $200.00
Single & double dagger training is our quest. The deadly dagger at it's best! All skill levels invited, learn what you can of this rare form of blade work. Learn the difference between knife use and dagger use / An experts choice! A "special gift" for each participant who signs up early will be awaiting them -
 Evolve your skill and reap the rewards! 
The double dagger challenge is here!


October 5th, 6th and 7th 2018 / 3 days
 - Bowie Knife Use $225.00
Come Learn the Ways of the Big Steel!
There is nothing like a Bowie to defend life & limb. Learn why. Three days of magnificent training in the American Bowie. You can learn, you can fight. No more victims. Just Victory! Are you one of the chosen few to make the Bowie your path? Then by God, come see me and let's set your feet upon the path.


November 9th, 10th & 11th 2018 / 3 days $180.00
The FMA Spectacular / A Taste of the Tribal 
Break away from lesser arts and study an art of substance! 
Learn why so many have chosen the FMA as their main art.
Study and learn the exercises and drills that change & save lives!
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