A hill with no name, is constant, all the same 
Others come and go, walk it's paths, 
create the flow And as the winds turn, 
seasons change, we learn 
That the hill with no name, will always remain

Before undertaking the study of these modules & methods the pupil must know the Tai Chi Chuan Form. They must have mastered the Boxing manual of our school. They must have learned the ways of weapons and the counters to them. Knowledge of the joints and their articulations must be certain. The Five ways must be known. Physical limitations must be defined and dealt with prior to this undertaking. Any and all gaps in your abilities must be first addressed and corrected. Of these things is the Master's way defined and clarified. 

THE 15 METHODS of the MASTER: The Empty Handed Dynamics of Defense Defined
Presented in sets of Three - As Complimentary studies - Modules for the Master! 

ONE: Dexterity - Movement - Timing - Deception, Advanced Principles of Strike, grasp and lock - cleverness in combat (faking) are taught in the HANDS of the Magician module. The "Exchange of hands" is first, followed by the "One Hand" method as second and lastly "The One hand Exchanges" as the third and last in this module and this level is called the "Hands of the Magician".

TWO: Excellent Defense, Iron Body, Doubles, confidence, courage, absorbtion & repulsion - The green grass principle, vertical control & purpose, push pull trembling. Coordinated attacks. The First in the series called "Lions Mouth" (or Lions Gate) is the mastery of the many forms of "Tight Boxing". Second is the double sets of "Keylock Hands" - the interwoven attacks and defenses art. The third of this "Lions Mouth" series is the unmoveable (Fudo) resolute methods. Pillar boxing is another name. 

THREE: Limitations, extremes, continuity in thought & deed, following & sensitivity, listening energy, a learning & practice function, Simplicity yet high ability.
Learn of the one and two trick master's game. First comes the "Push Only" - just what it says. Second is the "Pull method". Pull only, period! Third is combining the two forces in the "Exchange of Hands" again, but do the two things as one thing!. 

FOUR: Unknown Quantum. Since this is your choice of study the details of each come into focus once you are into it and moving. All Animal styles, choice, you pick three to study. I chose Crane, Eagle and Snake for mine. This is the way of your spirit guide, seek that animal and it's associated styles that call out to you. Combine them, make each yours.

FIVE: Calmness, fluidity, a smile, The flowery hands, Deception, circular energies, Big actions, timing, baiting and waiting, lightning speed and authority in touch and through mere presence of being at this level. The last in your studies is the Esoteric module of high skill where effortless ability, power and intent are manifested. First is the "Levers of Control" methods, touch control and trap. Second we find the emptiness of "Evasions like Air ", space and movement are your relatives. "Deity Style" is third and last. Like a scale to weigh - long boxing and touch sensitivity. Changes galore are in store once you pass through the thresh hold of the Deity door.