The small pocket pistol is the first to lead the charge when engaging a violent, lethal force aggressor. A good small knife (4in. fixed blade) is the backup to the small (surprise) pistol. And it’s a logical follow up tool of choice since small pistols have limited ammo capacity. This simple combination of weapons when applied correctly in personal defense settings has been found to be highly effective . One can always lead with the knife first and then the small pistol. The reason I prefer the pistol first is that it takes the edge off of the opponents attack. Even a professional multi-man kill team can be thrown off by such CQB abilities as one learns in this particular method of armed close quarter mayhem. Let the pistol lead the way into them, let the knife make the way out. This is attack training mate, get it right. This is inner city stuff, urban crawler combative’s.You know, counter-the-creep, make’em sleep. Apartments, hallways, subways, small areas. Kitchens, shops, buses and trains. Confined space like these examples are easy to make yours! It’s the big open spaces, real warfare – that stuff is uncontrollable. This tight space stuff, confined places, restrictive movements – aye, these places are where the small gun & knife can work their magic most strongly. These tight areas are a gift to someone as myself. I make them work for my needs and tactics. And you can do this too, be quick & decisive, don't lag. Own the room and all within it. It’s do or die time. Muevete (move) amigo!