The Spirit of Things: Jianghu Style
(Learning by Touch) 
By MAA James Keating aka "Tarim Kim"

It seems that so much of the time when we hear of hauntings, possessions and walk-in's it involves re-occuring themes. Haunted houses, spirit-swords and animal totems. Weapons of various types that have a thirst for blood and mayhem are handed down over generations of killers. Knives, swords, axes and spears are more likely to have some ghostly residual energy about them more so than older firearms or used clothing might. Haunted tools do not have to be evil you know. That "evil" stuff is the fare of fools. As easily as a bad energy can effect you so can you be effected by a good energy. Some energies carry over from another time, they may contain emotionally charged particles that are somehow transmitted into your mind. Be careful when touching old things of any kind. At the sub-atomic level all solid things are seen as vibration. (IE: stillness in motion) The normal man see's a table top, the shaman see's a fuzzy horizontal plane of infinite shimmering motion. A nervous activity fuels the aethers naturally, as reality shimmers in and out of being so does the shaman's contact with the two worlds. Rather than control it, he flows with it as needed. He is both here and there at once. In Jianghu one creates an energetic "double" of themselves that serves many purposes. In a later update I shall detail the "double" more. It's purposes, controls and attributes. Remember there is an energetic shield we possess in this clan. I spoke of it earlier. A genuine talisman (Jimat) made from Gingko wood. Sometimes inscribed. Let's get on with our topic at hand!

Of Retro-cognition, Clairsentience and Psychometry

The ability to touch something and to then know about it's past is a psychic skill the western nations have called "Psychometry". If the tool or weapon is a "gift" (not a haunt or bad thing) then it is very important that you discover it's true meaning. Why has come unto your sphere of consciousness? What is the "gift behind the gift"? Look deeply and intuit the path. Here's the trick: Learn to use psychometry in order to shorten learning times. By having this skill you can literally touch a masters weapon and then be noticably "better". You'll also know things that you never knew before as if they had always been with you. This is a form of "transmission". A high form of passing along vital skills and knowledge that masters have employed for centuries. When the transmitter is powerful and the vessel (receiver) is worthy then the transmission is automatic.  

 The Past is entombed in the Present! The world is its own enduring monument; and that which is true of its physical, is likewise true of its mental career. The discoveries of Psychometry will enable us to explore the history of man. Although some believe that psychometry is controlled by spiritual beings, most modern researchers suspect that it is a natural ability of the human mind. Why not embrace both and just be on the safe side? You don't have to understand the gift to benefit from it. Take it, use it, run with it!

I Share A Personal Story of Reading Residual Energies 

Let me explain further through a story. I had no skill at carving wood. But through inheriting a famous masters tools he used for carving and creating his masterpieces I found an untapped reservoir within myself. And was able to produce some very nice pieces via the energy contained in those tools. It was me most certainly, but me with an energetic spirit boost that taught my mind and guided my hands at an unconscious level. I merely flowed with the power those tools were imbued with. The steel blades, the wooden handles, they even smelled like the master when I used them! My senses reeled under these revelations! In so many cases of creating something I would first produce it upside down. Not even knowing what it was I was shaping. But then when turned or uprighted it would become clear as to what was there. Mystic and magical, an act of faith which built trust in my inner self. Since then I have had several instances of "gifts of power" occurring through hand me down objects. Accidental time-traps of a sort left there by past owners and masters of the objects so empowered. Just waiting for the right one to come along and unlock the energy. This is a true treasure hunt for power. It always has been. Like a harsh father, Jianghu world will teach you one way or another.

Energy Waves and Things of Antiquation 

So, in this idea of the usage of antiquated objects as a window into the past we find a time machine of sorts. Fleeting images, impressions and emotions - a winsome weariness of warp wasted past life feelings of another in an uneven orbit of life eternal. "We live once again through these objects" the spirits whisper to the shaman in the depth of the night's dark ectoplasmic embrace. In kung fu tradition there are many reknown sifu who deal in antiquities. In the regular world even the great Bruce Lee portrayed an antique dealer in the short-lived series "Longstreet". Do you really think this was an accident? The great Cobra Chang (spectacles) was an antique & spirit collector. He died in the great rebellion of the boxers. It was said that when his time had come he was as "hard to kill as a snake" and that his headless body did not stop moving until long after the sun had set. 

So same of the cliche' "madness" that some antique collectors so often display. It is evident that their wares contain a heavy spiritual content and have taken over their mind. Some may say they are "eccentric", but the kung fu shaman sense's and see's the connection between object, spirit world and the chosen "portal person". Unless a man is strong of spirit and will power such objects of "haunted nature" are restless and never cease seeking out new experiences and they can soon take over. To have these objects be useful to us, one must always remain in command of them. Such is why the master knows the many ways of good, accurate retro-cognition. It is more than a parlor trick. It is a matter of survival on several levels that few save the warrior-shaman can fully understand. It's now a time of Jiang Hu - hence "anything is possible for you". Never forget this, act immediately upon your initial instinctual intuition.

In some cases a powerful shaman can release the energy or being that has resided in the object's dimensional aura for so long. This energy when released is very fast, whip-like and dangerous. I know of a devout "water buffalo shaman" who once resided in old Siam, he can do this trick. But, in order to have the power to do it he first had to die and then come back. (That alone is a trick worthy of a chapter).

In the greater picture of classical kung fu the quality of "filial piety" is highly cherished. Ancestor worship, or better put "ancestor veneration" is the pillar of which all of asia is founded upon. To understand this, to practice this is to set in motion the proper, respectful alignment with that side of things. An attunement of the self with the spirit world is highly suggested if you are ever to cross the barrier and join Jianghu proper. We are all one at some point in this gigantic crapshoot called life & death. I believe one needs all the help they can get. The other side certainly can assist in keeping you on this side. The living and the dead both working towards common goals of interest. A novel idea no? Such is why heirlooms are so valued in asia. It's not about what they are or what they represent, but rather about what they contain within. In this way I refer to a spirit, an elemental, an energy or entity. This has always been a haunted planet, you are just seeing it better now. Learn to use this new ability or suffer. 

Dealing with a Powerful Object

When dealing with powerful objects it can be a dangerous and frustrating task. They can bring havoc to your life and family. Beware of this. Any object of questionable intention can be placed within a dark environment for safe keeping. Usually it should be wrapped up in a red or black cloth, smudge it down with incense or sage. Sprinkle a light amount of tobacco over it. Wrap it neatly, tuck it away in some place it will not be disturbed. No light must touch it. If and when it comes out of it's "sheath of shadows" it is wise to ask permission first before bringing it forth. Be cautious of whom you allow to touch this object. If they are a weaker person, the object can and will grab them inside. Watch their breathing closely for changes. Rapid breathing is indicative. Being "spirit-drunk" is not as uncommon as you may think. Anyone who deals with gems, antiques,or weapons has seen it in arise in some form. Simply avoid this by allowing no one to handle the item in question at all except you!


Begin your study slowly. There is no rush, to push energy is to have it push back. Studying energy based skills should be a relaxed endeavor. A casual manner is best when approaching things of great gravity. Keep some notes on your feelings and findings. You can most certainly learn from experience. Take an used object from an unknown source and simply be with it. Feel it as if you were listening to it through touch. Pick up on it's aura or essence of being. Trust in yourself. Dream upon it. Write about it. Listen inwardly. There are many psychometry "how to do it" pages on the internet. Find one that appeals to you, try some of the teachings you find there. Do they fit your training criteria? There are many special gifts which a man can earn or sometimes learn in this world. The door must be open for the gift to arrive properly. There is a sacredness in much of this. I suppose you knew this already though, otherwise you simply would not be here now, reading these magical words. Can you apply psychometric principle to the very letters I have used to write this? Why yes you can! If you can do this then you will feel the intent behind these words as if I were with you now. And in the energetic way of wizard-warriors we really are connected through space and time. Yes, Just like that!