Sailing upon a golden sea
Just my horse and lil old me
Both caressed by a golden sky
By all which meets my tired eye

Was the last day of a colder fall
When winters might conquers all
When all I am I truly be
Adrift alone on a golden sea

A day so wild, so incredibly fair
Like wind a'blowing through my hair
Whatever it is it's meant to be ...
It will surely happen on the golden sea

Mountain rolled the waves of gold
The vital crops that must be sold
So flat and even - not one tree
Just waves of grain, a golden sea

The Light reflects into my eye
What do I sense, what dare I try?
Like the wind so wild, so free
The horse, the man, the golden sea

The rush, the crush, a surreal dream
The mind falters at natures scheme
A scene so real it just cant be
Reality ripples on the golden sea

Tranquil peace from places high
Lofty veiws and a golden sky
Prayers sent forth from a bended knee
I'm glad to be in the great gold sea

By JAK /  2010