Do ancient walls found around the world all share something in common? If so what would that common element be?
The picture above is one of many rock wall clusters and structures. We have been studying and documenting these rock walls for years. There is no evidence as to who did build these walls in the PNW. The natives here about say perhaps farmers and settlers did. Yet the settlers and ranchers say they figured the natives built those walls. Hmm. (In the pic notice an X and a circle and a center stone that Tantaka is standing upon.) The stone walls and geometric shapes stretch for miles. Across plains, up and over cliffs, down through steep valleys and across small rivers and creeks. Amazing! The stones are BIG. The smallest are pretty darned heavy. And the bulk are beyond what even two or three men could move. Even with modern equipment you'd need a large backloader to move such a stone. But it could not climb near vertical cliffs and place such stones. Who DID then?
Odd shapes and big stones set as to interlock. Some stones are oddly marked. By nature or by man - the marks jump out at you. Numerous caves and enclosure (rock shelters) abound. This is massive work, even w/ a horse team. It makes no sense to build these walls way out in the middle of no where. WAY too labor intensive for anyone in any time - These Walls are found in Washington, Oregon and Idaho. Always in some hell foresaken spot that no one would attempt to do anything of such titanic proportions. The so called "Indian Pits" located near Lyle Washington are prime examples of which we speak. 

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