Hello and thank you for taking time to read some of this. I'd like to say a few words about the up coming sword seminars in the Spring 2020. A list of a few things to consider and keep you informed. 
(if you do intend to come to this particular event). 

APRIL 4-5 2020 
The Many Faces of the Sword Seminar 
Saber, Rapier, Barong, Machete, Wakazashi and Katana. 
This will be one seminar to make if you enjoy learning about the sword & it's brethren in their many incarnations. The lure of big steel is never out of style. Western and Eastern sword sources will be drawn upon making this an informative and diverse training opportunity. Master Peter James from Perth Australia will be conducting the Katana and wakazashi classes! This will be a limited enrollment event, so hurry and reserve a spot. Contact us early if you are serious about attending. comtech@bmi.net
(With large blades personal space and safety become a priority

This is a unique opportunity to learn about several methods of using a sword. Come learn what makes each method and weapon different from the others. See what they all share in common as well. 

- GEAR -
This is a list of things you may consider bringing. This is in order so that you have a successful seminar experience. All weapons must be training versions. No real (live) blades on the floor. A few suggestions for training weapons will be at the page bottom.

For Shihan Peter James Katana and Rapier Classes
* A wooden bokken or a shinai and wooden short knife - tanto

For Master at Arms Keating
* A training machete or bolo (or pinute or kampilan)
* Two 26" Kali sticks as always at these events
* A training saber or straight sword 33" or more. 
If you have a fencing mask bring it, eye protection mandatory - 

I have quite a bit of gear and weapons at my studio. Plenty to go around. Before you spend a bunch of money on this gear, call me and lets see what you'll need. I might save you some money and headaches and you can just use loaners. Easier than flying with big weapons too. Ok, it's your call though. 

Options: You can train the entire event - everything! Or you may also choose your event. Train only in the Katana or Rapier with Shihan James. Or you may train only in the Comtech weapon methods of bolo and saber. Bolo (FMA / machete) is close range and saber (European) is long range. Private training after the event is also available. Just ask! When you enroll just let us know your preferences. Questions? Ideas? Light Sabers? Call us or email us!

Stay in touch, watch for another update soon!

WEAPONS for Safe Practice






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