The Comtech Golden Principles
(The "Grease" which makes the Wheels Go Around)
Herein I shall attempt to share with you some of the thoughts, ideas, formulas and concepts that make up sound business methods and successful ventures. It all begins with YOU. As you refine, buff and polish yourself to a high level of personality, performance and power you must also have a few "tricks" up your sleeve as well. This is about those tricks and how you may incorporate them into your own efforts. They will require some study, some command of the self and a will to try them. Nothing worthy comes easy, eh? We start now !
1. You must be willing to change
2. You must actively seek out self improvement
3. You must realize that self confidence is built through a series of small victories
4. You must do things "right" in order to be considered "competent" in your field
5. You must realize that competency creates more confidence
6. Pro's should always make things look easier than they really are
7. You must realize the difference between knowledge and wisdom
(Knowledge is what you know ... Wisdom is how you use what you know)
Some things to consider
as you move along this path toward your goal(s).
Below are a three simple pointers as to what you should give some very strong attention to early on
You Must Build & Create:
A. Company Credibility ~
B. Consumer confidence in your product ~
C. Demonstrate immediate benefit from product use ~
Three Factors to Establish in Your Personal Victory Formula
1. Get Excited About YOU: (employ body language, confidence, breath control & wordsmithing)

2. Get People to Do What You Want Them To: (Smile, nod your head, ask questions and look at their eyes once in awhile)

3. For every Five sentences, ask a question: (Talking with them versus talking at them) (85% over about 30% success)

You Must be able to perform theater of sorts. You must smile, nod, laugh and develop kind eyes which create trust and feelings of comfort in the client, target or mark. You must have a soft, yet strong voice that carries well. You must try to occupy the North when ever possible (position yourself at the north end of the hall, etc)
This is called in times past the "seat of control" / Occupy it and success will be easier to attain.
Are you ready for more simple tricks that make profound effects ?
How a Warrior Stalks Victory and Success in Todays Environment
Your words, the tone of your voice, your body actions and thoughts should all convey a command level effect to the client-target but without their being aware of it. This is a subtle method and requires some practice. This phase we are now entering is about discovering and using these secret keys to success. Once they are learned they can be applied to any situation because they are concepts not rules or methods. Look deeply, see what I am offering here. A critical juncture. 
You must employ subliminal signals & suggestions when possible, you must know the basics of sleight of hand and the concepts which underlie them. Remember to move your hands fluidly, yet also to have tempo changes. The hands must point, snap and motivate the clients urge to join you in your excitement. They must capture, guide, direct and beckon.

Examples below:
Tap your temples (point at your head / Look confident "like I have the answers" trust me)

Applause for others (demonstrates you are a good-caring person while bring attention to you)

Snap your fingers (at the right times / creates excitment and involvement)

Form the OK sign (smile, wink, keep head high and look happy when you flash the OK sign)

Use the classic "tossing action" to create a magnanimous aire. (like tossing candy at carnival)

Know and make the secret sign for money often (they should not see this at all / be smooth)

Employ the "teaching hands" as part of your initial action sequence (slyly establish who's boss)

Keep positive self mind talk as your goal / avoid any negative inputs as much as you can.
Learn to communicate with yourself. Listen to your intuition and instincts. These are called "hunches" and "gut feelings". I'm sure you have experienced this feeling at some time, right ?
Learn to see into the depths of matters
. There are many "powers" in the world. Approach each one you set forth as a goal and slowly learn it's ways, stalk it as you would a game animal. There is personal power, spiritual power, financial power, speaking power, physical power, legal power, FIRE power, celebrity power and more ! Mastery over these powers is not crucial, but a working knowledge of them is, so get to it ! Ok my friend I have gave you a lot to consider on this first page of the Comtech Golden Principles. On page two I detail some of the real insider secrets to sales, success and victory that have guided and helped me to real world recognition, fortune and fame. Are you ready for more ? Ok, me too, lets get going then !
By James A. Keating
     Master At Arms