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Deadly Strikes of Kali 

What is this about ? Why did we make this unusual DVD series ? Is it really about cutting off heads ? Yes, I've heard all such questions. I get it. Ok, ok, you have plenty of questions and I have plenty of answers upcoming ! So hold on ! In all truth it is far easier of an explanation than most would believe. 

Over twenty plus years I have trained in FMA with no regrets. I honor the Filipino culture and it's brave reputation. Many times from many masters I have  heard of the head taking combat prowess of the Filipino warriors. Particularly the Moro. The speed, ferocity and strategy of these fighters was proudly spoken of in closed circles. I always wondered "How'd they do that" ? Was there a special method ? How much data is already available and how much must be brought forth for historical purposes. Being a known history buff, curator at a local museum and avid explorer of histories mysteries this is a logical extention of my martial-historic curiousity. 

Coming to conclusions and sharing this material is what this endeavor has been about.Years of research, personal sacrifice and training have been spent to verify that some type method did indeed exist. In this four part DVD series I share these findings with those interested.

In Combat, a fighting method MUST be easy to learn, perform and maintain. It must de-animate the opponent immediately. In one wound the adversary must be incapacitated. Blows delivered to the neck -  head region fill this requirement nicely. But, how do you do them swiftly, accuarately and with power (speed + strength = power) and not be hurt or killed yourself --- ?

Ah, here lies the crux of this endeavor. I share the "how-to" parts of this in a way that will make sense and really work. Whether it's aquiring some new idea's for you to work on at the dojo or gaining a new historical perspective on blade work, this DVD series will deliver !

You shall be shown one handed machete and barong applications and drills. Then double machete or double sword applications and solo drills to grow on ! The Two handed method, dos manos is also shown in detail. Samurai sword, kampiln etc - 2 hand usage and patterns. Lastly a solo form "SENANG" "light or enlightenment" for you learn and practice. A sweet array of universal principles that you can cultivate with little or no effort ... you can call me to order: 541-938-3451 or email.

I feel that my curiousity in this area has lead to me some specific truths shared by many cultures in their individual efforts to survive. Thusly my work stands as a bridge between the cultures of the European Masters and the world of the S. E. Asian Masters. This shared legacy, this shared tactical knowledge will add to the greater whole of our understanding. 

These DVD are whatever you and your imagination make them out to be. For me, they are a jaunt down history-lane. A mission well done and mission accomplished ! Offering an unusual view of a taboo subject. I am pleased with this body of work I have put forth. I believe that you shall be pleased as well. It's about a knowledge that spans centuries and cultures. And now, thanx to the efforts of Team Comtech and myself (Maajak) it lies before you for the taking. Take the knowledge we offer you and run ! Transform it into skill & confidence, make it yours. A Last tidbit, I implore you, please train intelligently. This information should enrich and help your life. 
The power is now yours.

How to fight with one or two machetes 
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