“All courses of action are risky, so prudence is not in avoiding danger (it's impossible), but calculating risk and acting decisively. Make mistakes of ambition and not mistakes of sloth. Develop the strength to do bold things, not the strength to suffer.” 
― Niccolo Machiavelli
The World is but a Stage 
“Changing Times / Changing Tools

The violence seen in these times is unlike anything we have seen prior. And mind you, you are only being shown what is socially acceptable. If you think the horrors you are seeing on TV and social media are bad, you should see behind the scenes. Shit that is too tragic, too graphic and too frightening - the REAL bad stuff is being suppressed. Stabbings, slashings are common these days. For no apparent reason people are being savagely attacked (shanked) in broad daylight. Law enforcement has faced down multiple knife attacks from demented weirdos just this week alone. No one is safe. Women, kids, old men, young men, pets and property are all fair game for these sick monsters to go after. Sure, clubs are being used. Guns too. But knives and edged weapon based crimes are skyrocketing!

If you choose the knife they make no noise, easy to come by, might carry a lesser sentence than a gun crime. There are many reasons criminals choose edged weapons. Trying to figure out why they are acting out is pointless. There is no WHY - there is only action. An old Kung Fu adage goes like this: "Trying to reason with a tiger will not pull it's claws nor dull it's fangs". We are at that point friends. There is only ONE THING the tiger understands. And that is swift sure pain and fear based upon explicit VIOLENCE. The language of all men, all times, all beasts and gods understand the universal language of raw violence. 
My steel tongue speaks it fluently. 

The End of the Tactical Folder?
For many a year the tactical folder has been an item which men of this era have taken into their daily lives. The EDC of choice varies from man to man but we all have them. We depend upon them being "enough" if things were to turn ugly. And in the old world that many of us came from they were enough by all standards. But in this new world of unending violence the good old tactical folder is suddenly being seen by some experts as not quite enough to do the job. Let's explore that a little shall we?

With folders I have always seen them in the DETERRENT category - Sure, they are absolutely effective and deadly. But against multiple armed adversaries they have little authority. And they do FOLD, lock failures can crop up in some instances. Cuttng surfaces on even big folders is still small. That means most of your cuts will not halt a determined killer. Great for a backup knife, a hideout knife. But too small to carry for a protracted street fight with an armed opponent(s). Many of these nutjobs carry machetes hidden under the coat. Your folder is then out matched! Yes, carry a pistol and a knife both. 

What Kind of Knife are we Talking About?
The new carry knife/tool that you choose can be a game changer if the shit goes down on you and yours. This is no longer about collecting or what looks cool. This is about already having or acquiring a quality tool meant for all out combat. Small units need not apply! 
Fixed blade - quality made - the deadly trade - see life fade - you made the grade. On the small side, a six or seven inch blade is best - man or beast 7 inches at least! A guard is smart, single or double - helps the hand when it comes to trouble. A fast draw carry, to thugs you be scary, the draw is fast - polish you skills as the mold is cast. If you can figure a way then carry a Bowie knife. This part is yours, choose wisely. This is now a game of death – play for keeps. Mental adjustments should be made as you ease into this state. The game has changed, the goals have shifted. The boundaries have drifted.

Some Examples of the Knife Types to Consider: Protecting yourself should not give thee feelings of doubt or fear. Protecting yourself banishes fear. Use logic and reason to displace doubt. Listen to your heart. It is the way / let’s choose a weapon together.

I recommend the fixed blades of Blackjack Knives. They have guards, they come in five and seven inch blade lengths. They have the regular handles (like a Randall #1) and they also come with saber style handles. Sharpness is a BIG factor. Cutting though clothes and obstructions is the job of a sharp knife. KaBar: A Marine Corps. favorite for decades and still one of the best fixed blades going. Bowie by design, in the fight they shine. A layer of Steyer and you’ll be fine. Cold Steel – a blade made by one who knows the game. Killing fields, hunting grounds, when shit gets real have a Cold Steel. The Marauder. Oh wow, a right sized Bowie that will act with your welfare in mind. The Taipan and Recon Scout too.

Tactics Change:
Yes, many, many of us in the good heart way long ago opted for “defanging the snake”. Brutal yes, but humanitarian too. No killing blows, defang them and be poised to render aid. Admirable stuff, no doubt about it. The way was to spare them their life while taking away their ability to bring harm. In those times, in that old world it was more than enough. A folder could do the job and then some. Plus, it just makes sense to aim for the offending limb. But ya know, it’s harder to do than many realize. To tag someone’s hand-wrist is certainly do-able. But can that one hack bring enough shock, pain and debilitation to stop todays determined adversaries? Trust me, it won’t provide enough stimulus to halt their assault. In fact they may even “turn it on” harder. Knowing they’ve been wounded, caring not about their own welfare they will fight on. They seek YOUR death by any means at their disposal. Even if it means sacrificing their own life to take yours, this they will do. Be serious, not curious or furious. I am not trying to scare you all. But this is a deadly time to be alive or dead. There really are no friends on a battlefield. “Gentlemen, protect yourself at all times while in the ring” mumbles the aged referee. He means it mate, wake up. We are in the ring, the corrida, the fatal funnel – the Minotaurs labyrinth lair. If the beast don’t get you, the labyrinth itself shall. 

Towards Terminal Play / Killing the willing
If I do not Defang, what then must I do? Ah yes, the next question of the warrior seeker, peace keeper of blood and bone, hearth and home. Good fellow I do understand your concern, this vexes the spirit for you are indeed a good fellow. No one wants these terrible consequences to play out. But it’s death if you tarry, it’s defeat if you shirk. It is a horrible thing to slash open another human being. But honestly it is still better to do that than having it DONE TO YOU! Logic must rule. Yes, we know all know the sad truth that indeed, I am right! (sigh). So let us shift our game to a higher place. That place has been in this game since dawn immemorial. Here are some suggestions, passing thoughts on going from wounding to outright killing. 

The timed thrust. This isn’t a classic knife fight. You may be facing a ball bat, a shovel or machete. Impact weapons are being used a lot in the street warfare we are all watching occur. When facing a group, take time to wound one and the others pile on! No time for wounding, if possible kill. Stop’em cold where they stand. Dammit man, NOW is the time to closely examine the killing blows and to understand why you would do this. One of the best tactics to swiftly shut down an attacker is to place about 7 inches of well tempered steel into their chest cavity and heart. Sure throat strikes work too, but heart is surer. Don’t you remember those old time fencing pictures where each of the players had a heart on the left breast? Why did they do that huh? Because that is the target, the kill, swift and sure is the classic lunge thrust that’s why! But done in time my friend, the proper true timing is your lesson to learn. Learn it well. What else can I employ with blade and boldness you ask? Ok, lets look –

Upwards under the ribs into lung and heart. Slashes and cuts don’t kill. They debilitate. But slash the throat or neck, hmm, that is another story. The trusty kidney strike, banned in boxing, prized by quick fight artists. With a blade the kidney shot is always fatal. Pallasut anyone? The leg has the femoral artery. A rapid bleed out when jabbed correctly with point, the cut must be heavy and deep when using a knife though. Are you getting my drift? You should know how to kill. Kill fast with authority. A good grip is a must, hold on to your buddy-your blade, it’s all you have. Lanyard, there are goods and bads about the lanyard. Know your shit, then YOU decide to either use the lanyard, the pull tug cord (I use a pull) or none. This is about you, making your own judgment calls on matters of life and death! Yes I know, I know, heavy stuff isn’t it? Such is the work of men in troubled times, so bear up O’dear ones.

Breaking rules, Breaking Laws / Do or dont / Tactical Quicksand 
So now you have a knife. One big enough to do what’s needed. Good, bien! You have entertained the study of vital strikes, not to wound, but to kill as swiftly as possible. You understand that you and your knife will face many weapons diverse in nature. Are you prepared and able to do this? Good then! But the laws, oh my those pesky laws that dictate our fate until it’s too late. Do you willfully disobey the laws of your area? Yes my friends, yes! The other side of this is that the criminals are already armed, breaking the laws. If you don’t take some type of action to preserve your territorial integrity then you’ll probably be killed. So the police are one side, might arrest you for illegal carry. But if the criminals catch you then death or severe harm comes to you and yours. There is no reasonable choice other than to carry illegally. But be cool, never flash the tool. Low key for me McGee. The whole mess would be better if it just didn’t happen. But you cannot say when or how your challenge will come. Seems these days that everyone gets a turn in the barrel in some manner. You either step up or be cut down. Breaking the law is serious too, but so is being murdered. This entire situation is in your hands. You decide. You control. Take charge of things at large, vacate the area quickly if things go down and you survive. And oh yeah, as many of you have already been thinking – a gun is best – yep it is and that too is up to you. But the blade is terror, the blade is silent, the blade sends a message unique, the blade is brutal and that is the nature of this game of death. There is no other side. No glamor, no romance, no jive – just alive. That’ll do!